Chapter 168 – Wolf, the City’s Big Shot

AN: Last chapter of Wolf’s story arc!

As I approached the castle, two guards ran towards me.

The two young men were villagers of Grado village. Now, they are knights of a house.

「It’s Wolf-dono! Why have you come?」

For some reason, including these guys, the soldiers of this city always ran towards me whenever they see me. They’re like pet dogs.

Perhaps because it is because of what his majesty king Ren said. When King Ren brought a large amount of slaves in this city, he told them that whenever they are troubled, they should go and ask the Mayor Denma or Wolf.

I’ll have him treat me some sake.

I looked at the two guards and opened my mouth.

「I have some business with the lord of the castle-sama.」

When I said so, the guards delightfully saluted to me and one of them ran and disappeared into the castle.

The one who was left behind is looking up at me with sparkling eyes.

「He’s already gone to the castle to ask for permission, please wait for a while!」

「O, oohh, you can take your time.」

When I said so, the guard answered in a loud voice and returned to his gate-keeping duty.

「They admire you.」

When I was looking at the castle, Canaan said something from behind but I did not dare to reply.

After a while, a beautiful maid appeared from the castle to pick up me and Canaan.

Though I just noticed it lately, if a beautiful woman or handsome man appears, he/she is probably Ren’s direct subordinate.

In other words, this young beautiful maid must be a monster that can crush me with one hand.

I know well the power of the brave from the stories and I also know that they are not exaggerations. It is exasperating.

「Here please.」

The girl said so in a lovely, bell-like voice and knocked on the door.

It is a godly stunning door that is awfully decorated.

When the girl knocks on the door, the door opened from the inside without a sound.

And a breathtaking luxurious spectacle spreads in front of me.

Stunning walls, pillars, and windows. The ceiling is high enough to look up. Even a king will hesitate to step on the carpet laid on the floor.

In the interior of the throne room, there was a figure of a dignified bearded man. It is the king’s proxy, the lord of this castle, Cartas.

「Oh, you came. Can you tell me why?」

Cartas looked at me and Canaan and said so. He crossed his arms and laughed fearlessly.

Canaan, who’s standing beside me, showed signs of tension. Cartas didn’t seem to be angry as if already expecting Canaan’s reaction.

Nevertheless, he’s the lord of this castle, the one who is entrusted to take care of the castle of this mythical country.

I have to be careful with my words. By the way, how did I, a normal man, had to have a conversation with such a great man?

「Cartas-sama, I would like to ask a little favor.」

When I began talking with a sullen face, Cartas burst into laughter.

「It is obvious that you are not used to polite words. It is alright to speak comfortably. What is your wish?」

Cartas is rubbing his beard while laughing and looked at me.

I shrugged my shoulders and vomited a sigh then pointed at Canaan.

「With his majesty’s order, I am now taking care of the dark elves who just became adventurers. I would like to have a banquet as a welcome party in order to deepen our relationship.」

「Hou, that’s good. Are you having fund issues?」

After Cartas heard my story, he raised one of his eyebrows but I smiled and shook my head.

「No, since all of the dark elves are skillful, we have earned more than enough money with the monster materials we got today.」

When I said that, Cartas nodded and stopped laughing.

「Then, it is about the location. Indeed, I heard that the 5,000 dark elves are all here now. I will arrange the banquet hall in the garden.」

「No, there are only 300….hnn? 5,000? 5,000 dark elves?」

To the words of Cartas, I replied instinctively.

Then, Cartas looked at my face with relish.

「What? Are you not informed? Didn’t you hear that 5,000 dark elves, 10,000 elves, and 10,000 beastkins will come? Don’t worry, not everyone will be adventurers so your load will not increase very much. But, it will certainly increase more than what you have now. Wahahaha!」

As I looked at Cartas who’s bursting into laughter, I’m thinking of what have I done to Ren for this to happen.

We borrowed a corner of the large garden of the Val Valhalla castle, we were stunned at how the venue was being prepared.

I heard that Cartas called for the braves in the castle with production job to make the venue.

So, the banquet will be tomorrow? I was standing on the edge of the garden thinking so. The other adventurers are watching with interest while the dark elves are lined up and not making a single movement.

Certainly, I heard the story of the city being built in an instant but I only understand the true meaning of it by witnessing it with my own eyes.

Anyway, a huge stone stage was built in an instant.

Then, the doors and windows were made and the architecture is similar to the nearby luxurious castle. The interior seems to be made just now. The building was completed as fast as one cooks his food.

This is so unbelievable that I seem to be paralyzed and can’t move.

I can only react with dry laugh with what I saw.

「Oh, it seems to be complete now.」

Cartas looked at us as he said that and laughed.

Certainly, the people with production job came out from the inside and returned to the castle while sending Cartas a signal.

Cartas looked at everyone, raised the edge of this mouth, and opened his mouth while pointing at the just created banquet hall.

「Now everyone, enter. It won’t collapse so you don’t have to worry about anything.」

When Cartas said so, the adventurers hurriedly go the building at once like an avalanche.

The dark elves go inside in a line.

「What’s wrong? Don’t you want to go in?」

When Cartas asked me, I nodded, sighed and stepped towards the entrance of the building.

As I move towards the door, I saw the high ceiling and the splendid lighting from the outside.

Which adventurer’s banquet hall has a chandelier?

Can this be considered as a banquet hall? The stone floor is polished and is giving a beautiful luster.

On the round pillar, there is something like an oil lamp that emits light installed. Hoisted flags can also be seen.

As for the inside, a lot of chairs and tables are lined up. This can really accommodate 300 people.

While I’m looking around at the venue, Cartas came to my side and opened his mouth.

「How is it?」

When Cartas asked me, I knitted my eyebrows and looked at him sideways.

「No one’s going to complain. This place is overly sufficient.」

When I said so, Cartas laughed, hit my shoulders, turned around, and started walking.

「You should relax, I’ll bring the food.」

Cartas said so and left the venue.

When the figure of Cartas can no longer be seen, the adventurers rushed at me.

「A-amazing Wolf-san! I never thought that one can borrow the castle garden!」

「True! How did you do it!?」

「Buhaha! Wolf-san is amazing!」

I warded off the adventurers lightly. I vomited a sigh and sat on a suitable chair.

I did not do anything.

While thinking about such a thing, Canaan casually sat in the chair in front of me.

「Well, you are really admired.」

「… why are you sitting here?」

When I asked so, Canaan looked at me while making a meaningful smile.

「To deepen our relationship? I wanted to hear adventurer’s story from Wolf-dono by all means that’s why I decided to sit here without permission. Also, my daughter wanted to sit here too.」


I frowned to Canaan’s line and felt that someone is staring at me nearby.

「He-hello. I’m Mina. My best regards.」

The one who said that is the dark elf girl who hunted with me this morning.

I can’t follow what’s happening. I spoke with her as I spoke with new adventurers who are picking a fight.

I nodded and replied to the daughter called Mina while knitting my eyebrows.

By the way, the food and liquor that were served we so delicious to make our eyes pop out.

It goes without saying that majority of the adventurers and the dark elves had a hangover next day.



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