Chapter 173 – Report About the Outbreak of War

Ceasefire was confirmed. Yuta is currently running around frantically in order to in order to adjust to the rules of the international alliance that were founded by the dragon knight of the country Einherjar.

Without war, they can concentrate on domestic affairs and concentrate to recover their dampened national strength.

However, this time, they are coping with the rules of the international alliance as its member.

The most important points are handling slaves and taking care of the homeless and orphans on the streets.

Since these rules are forced to all member countries, it is impossible to become a member without consenting to these.

Thought their king, Creivis, has been able to build a satisfactory relationship with the king of Einherjar, the possibility of them becoming a member is still not that high.

Thinking about it made Yuta to continuously investigate the problems occurring in several cities as received from the messengers.

Of course, Yuta is not doing it alone. Every time they received a news, his secretary’s eyes saddened more.

That day, Yuta is pressed by document works all day.

The lords who govern border territory has a lot of power so they are unlikely to obey Yuta’s instructions.

They are partially exempted from tax because they are the first line of defense. They are also given budget by the kingdom during an emergency.

With such privilege, the lords of the borders have gathered more strength than other nobles. Of course, that is not something negative especially during war with a neighboring country.

Right now, Yuta is especially bothered with the message he received from the east border lord.

In that message, the lord said that everything has been dealt with but according to the report that Yuta received, he did nothing at all.

The lord should have noticed that Yuta has investigated his territory but his reply is the same.

After that two roundtrip of exchange, Yuta, who saw the document, becomes irritated.

When Yuta was about to put the tip of his pen on the paper, the door of his office was violently knocked and opened.


It is not his secretary but a soldier. Yuta lifted his face and gave him a sad face.

The tip of his pen stopped trying to write in the document.

… What happened?

When Yuta asked with a tired voice, the soldier straightened his back with a tense look and raised his voice.

The Immenstadt Empire has launched an attack! Although it was a never been seen before army, they have the banner of the empire. They already conquered two bases and burnt a town! After that, that army returned to the empire!

… the eastern base fell? The impregnable fort?


When Yuta verified the report of the soldier, the soldier replied with a cramped face.

Yuta twists his head, takes the document, tears it, and throws it in a square trash box.

To agree with the cease-fire then suddenly launching a surprise attack. This might be good. However, the base has fallen without being able to report that they are attacked? Also, conquering a base then leaving without utilizing it, I don’t understand.

Utah muttered so with a small voice and looked at the soldier’s face.

So, what about Marqui Prevan?

When Yuta asked, the soldier removed his gaze from Yuta and unwillingly opened his mouth.

Yes! Marquis Prevan lead an army the next day when the fort fell! His destination is the border of the Immenstadt Empire!

When the soldier reported so, he straightened his back and froze.

Yuta blinked because of the soldier’s report. He picked his ears with his little finger and looked at the soldier’s face.

Sorry? I did not hear it well. Where did you say Marquis Prevan headed to?

Ye-yes! To the border of the Immenstadt Empire!

To the question of Yuta, the soldier answered so while being puzzled.

Yuta covers his face with both of this palm and sighs.

….Marquis Prevan…that idiot…

To the words leaked by  Yuta who’s voice is getting hoarse, the soldier stared at him.

Yuta’s shoulder trembled slightly and the soldier looked at him sadly.

When the soldier tried to open his mouth to say something, the hands covering Yuta’s face hit the desk.

I can’t take it anymore! Did that fool really knows what he’s doing!? Last time, when the empire strikes back, we managed to hold them down because his majesty took command himself! That is something only he can do! Ahh! Infuriating!

Yuta raved and screamed as he already reached the limit of his stress. The soldier who came to report was stunned by Yuta’s behavior.

Yuta glared at the soldier, he smiled while having a dark expression.

…Anyway, when he was about to rally, did he say something like, there is no point in seizing the fort so we have to go out and strike back?

When Yuta said so, the soldier opened his eyes wide in astonishment and nodded.

Th-that’s right! It is as Yuta-sama said!

Hora! As expected! Only idiots can confidently say that! Ah, infuriating! The east, although it enriched our finances, when the former king died and Creivis-sama was enthroned, they became rebellious again! Creivis-sama is a good commander in a battlefield but he’s incomparable to the last king in terms of warfare! His Majesty’s head is not enough to think of multiple battlefields at the same time!

Yuta vents his dissatisfaction to the soldier.

While looking at the circumstances, the soldier cramped his face and laughed.

I’ll talk to his majesty! You must go!

Eh? Where?

Yuta said he’s the one who’s going to report to the king and stood from his seat. The soldier was puzzled on where he should go and looked out the window.

It is already dark outside and the moon is shining brightly.

Yuta begins to walk and talks anxiously.

It is an emergency! You have to work!

Wh-where exactly?

Ask the international alliance for help.

Eh!? But the international alliance is not that established yet…

It is almost established. This is an emergency. We can’t do this by ourselves. Even before the international alliance, Einherjar is our ally. Even if the king of Einherjar didn’t give me mithril…Really, why only me..?

Yuta said so and left his office.

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