Chapter 174 – Rice Appeared!

AN: This time, it’s rather short.

The morning came.

I turned around to the right side of the bed and saw a beautiful woman quietly sleeping.

I touched the fascinating blonde hair of the beautiful woman sleeping next to me with my finger and smiled as I felt its smoothness.

I also touched the sleeping Eleanor’s cheeks.

Why? Today is a very good morning.

The weather is nice and it makes me feel fresh.

I received the report from Eleanor at the throne room and brought everyone out to the roof.

I’m with Eleanor, Sainos, Sedeia, and Sunny.

From the rooftop, mountains, forest, and flocks of wyverns can be seen dancing in the distant sky… Every direction can show the beauty of nature.

When I stretched out and took a deep breath, Sedeia looked at the front gate and opened her mouth.

…hn? Dignity?

As Sedeia tilted her neck, I changed the direction of the gaze from the beauty of nature to where she is looking at.

There, I saw Dignity’s figure flying towards us.

It seems like my other guild members, who went to the country of beastkins with Dignity to carry out my order, have tired faces.

It seems like Dignity overwork them greatly.

Did something happen?

I haven’t received a detailed report from them yet…from the looks of it, it seems that they immediately went back after finishing their mission.

Eleanor responded to my question with doubt.

Fumu…Let’s hear from him for the time being.

When I said that while groaning, I saw Dignity waving his hands towards us.

What? For some reason, he’s having a shining smile.

Dignity, who descended at the roof, gave out a shocking, opening words.

Boss! There’s rice!

Wh-what!? Where!? Where is it!?

At the country of Beastkins, Hinomoto, near the northern part of the Immenstadt Empire!

…Really! Then, does it mean that the country of beastkins is wider than the country of elves? So the reason why they are near a water source is because of rice paddies?

Eh? Is that so? As expected of….

Sainos, seiza!


I punished Sainos for bothering my conversation with Dignity.

So, where is the rice!?

When Dignity heard that,  he spreads both of his hands while making a fearless smile.

Item box, 1 bag of rice!

The moment Dignity said so, light shines brightly and one bag of rice appeared before Dignity.

Oh, oooohhhhh!

It’s really 1 bag of rice. This knitted straw bag is shaped like a cylinder and is likely to have about 60 kilos of rice.

I gave out a cry of admiration and approached the rice bag in front of me.

I smell the fragrance of rice.

Boss, should I give it to the cook? This one is rice seed for planting. I also brought a large amount of rice for us to eat!

Wh-what did you say…! Wonderful! You did wonderful, Dignity! Thank you!

I was so touched that I hugged Dignity while crying.

Dignity’s body stiffens as he moans.

Hi-hiyaaa!? Bo-boss…!

While Dignity was moaning due to my hot embrace, I heard Sunny and Sedeia saying something while looking at the rice bag.

This is rice?

Rice. Can this really be eaten?

If you cook it, it will be soft like bread.

Eh? Is that so?

You should not eat rice in that bag as it is.

I asked Dignity to bring it to the kitchen. I am now staring at the direction of the kitchen as my body trembles.

Eleanor is standing beside me too.

…Is it ready?

A little more, master.

I wonder how many times have I asked that question to Eleanor?

My sense of hunger is already on a certain level.

I am currently waiting while my arms are folded in front of my chest. Finally, the wait is over.

I have kept you waiting! I have made a full course of rice dishes! Proudia, Miera!

Fu-full course!?

Dignity said that as he enters the dining room. I instinctively shouted.

Dignity, Proudia, and Miera brought a large amount of dishes with a smile.

A diversity of dishes are now lined up at my table.

It includes cooked rice, fried rice, omurice, curry rice and there’s also a seaweed like thing.

Let’s get it on!


When I issue an order, everyone around took each dish on several small plates while Proudia and Miera put plate, chopsticks, spoon, fork, and knife in front of me.

I don’t need a knife and fork. I’ll start with the omurice.



Everyone said that before a meal and put rice in their mouth.

As I took a bite, tears came out of my eyes.

Delicious. My chest is full of nostalgic feelings.


I put down the chopstick and said so.

I thought about looking for a method to return to Japan for the first time.

The reminiscent of nostalgia from the taste of rice affected me that much.

I thought of such a thing after a long time. I realized that I totally forgot about it.

Several months have passed before I noticed it.

AN: Next chapter, the story will progress!



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