Chapter 176 – Towards the International alliance Emergency Meeting

After giving Creivis my light greeting, I looked at the skinhead man.

「This is the first time we meet. I am Ren.」

When I said so, the dumbfounded skinhead man panicked and bowed his head.

「Gre-greetings…I am Somasa. I am a leader of a mercenary group.」

「Fumu, mercenary group…? You seem to be strong.」

When I said so, Somasa’s face bloomed.

「No, haha…we have just participated in war in quite a long time. We’ll display it by all means this time, let’s fight together.」

Somasa said so and bowed deeply.

Somasa did that not only because the other party is a king of a country but because he can feel some sort of power in his chest.

That power unexpectedly doesn’t give him an unpleasant feeling.

Well, it’s not like Ren did actually do something.

I nodded lordly and removed my glance from Somasa. This time, I looked again at Creivis.

「For now, I’ve gathered some information before holding the international alliance meeting.」

「E!? Already!?」

To my remark, Creivis looked at me with astonishment.

「Since a war has started, information should be gathered.」

When I laughed and said that, Creivis looked at me with an amaze face.

「But Einherjar is on the western edge and Immenstadt Empire is on the eastern edge…」

Creivis seemed to have noticed something and said that.

There is no telephone, radio, and internet in this world. Even if we can use flight magic, it will take weeks to gather information on some countries.

I consented to what Creivis wanted to say but seeing him a fidgeting a little is a bit irritating.

「Ah, my bad my bad. Although I said that we gathered information, it is just the exchange between Rembrandt Kingdom and Immenstadt Empire at the border. The first one is that the empire is saying that the kingdom had offered a ceasefire and said that they’ll retract their troops but had launched a surprise attack. On the contrary, the kingdom side said that the troops the withdrew from the border because of the ceasefire were attacked by the imperial soldiers…Well, I’m saying something you already know.」

When I said so, both Creivis and Somasa nodded with a delicate face.

Apparently, they seem to be dissatisfied with the amount of information.

I, who had guessed what they are thinking, smiled.

「After that, a black armored infantry, which number seems to be lesser than 2,000, attacked both countries. Perhaps because they only attacked for a short period of time, there is a possibility of the black armored troops having several units. The problem is both the empire and the kingdom have not been able to defeat the black armored corps, not even a single infantry.」

When I said that, the two rounded their eyes and looked at me.

「Bl-black armored corps?」

「Wa-wait a minute! If that is the case, then there is a third party that is trying to make the empire and the kingdom fight each other…!」

Creivis said so in astonishment but I lifted one of my hands to stop him from speaking.

「I have been investigating that for some time. Though they did not enter deep enough, it seems that the black armored infantry comes from the capital of the Immenstadt Empire. The problem is that they are probably member of the Melqart Religion.」

「…No way, so they are the rumored Saint Army?」

Hearing my story, Somasa asked me thoughtlessly.

I gently nodded to Somasa and kept talking while my arms are crossed.

「The official Saint Army is marching from the imperial capital to the kingdom but that group is wearing steel armors. However, the characteristics of the black armor corps are similar to the saint army corps.」


To my assumption, Creivis raised a question mark on his head.

「Ah, both are walking corpse armies.」

When I answered so, Creivis’ face cramped as he groaned.


I nodded to Creivis’ mutter. I lightly shook my head and shrugged my shoulder.

「Either way, we only have vague information. First of all, we will hold an international alliance emergency meeting. Will Leader Somasa come too as the mercenary’s representative?」

「M-me!? I heard rumors about the international alliance…do I have to go to that meeting…」

The skinhead Somasa looked up at me with a frightened expression.

I laughed at him and tapped his shoulder with my hand.

「You’re someone who can give better information so you better come along.」

When I said that, Creivis nodded with a bright face.

「Oh! We’ll finally hold a meeting!? I’ll go too!」

Creivis said so as he raised his fist. I opened my mouth while looking at him.

「Is it alright for you to go…? What about your work? If you have a lot of things to do, the king doesn’t have to go himself.」

When I say so, Creivis spreads his hands roughly.

「I’ll go no matter what! Yuta, why is Yuta not here!?」

When Creivis said so, he began looking for Yuta.

Below Creivis, one of the soldiers ran with some kind of document.

He kneeled in front of Creivis and raised the document towards Creivis respectfully.

After receiving the document, Creivis face went pale after reading its content.

「What happened?」

When I asked him so, Creivis’ lips trembled as he looked at me.

「Yu-Yuta disappeared…」


Somasa was shocked to the words of Creivis.

I knitted my eyebrows and looked at Creivis.

「…Did he got involved in some sort of crime?」

「No, he’s always here in the royal castle. Besides, Yuta has reached his age without someone targeting him…」

「Ah, is that so?」

After having such a conversation, the soldier who had come to report the disappearance of Yuta opened his mouth apologetically.

「Your Majesty… since Yuta-sama isn’t here, you can’t leave the country…」


In response to the soldier’s advice, Creivis was shocked and raised his voice like a scream.

Still, Creivis doesn’t seem to give up so the soldier lowered his head deeply and opened his mouth.

「Your Majesty! Now that Yuta-sama isn’t here, the Rembrandt Kingdom can only depend on His Majesty! Please! Please! Your Majesty, please stay in the castle and take charge of the country!」

Looking down on the soldier who shouted a petition from his soul, Creavis groaned with a sour expression.

The soldier has a point and Creivis doesn’t really have to come himself.

The authority will fall a little but other member of the royal family is acceptable.

「Creivis, give up this time. Rihanna will be your representative.」


Despite being in the presence of others, Creivis fell with both of his hand on the floor while making a bizarre cry.

Is this country going to be okay?

AN: Before the Corporate Slave Dungeon Master Noticed It, He is Already Being Called the Worst Demon King in History…

I’ll update this and that alternately.

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