Chapter 17 – Winter is Coming

The real winter came.

The snow has not piled up yet but the considerably cold wind is blowing.

Zabuton shut itself on the tree and rarely shows up. The kuros stayed in their dog house and just waited near the fire the I lit for them.

We’re prepared so there is no particular problem.

But if I need to say something, going to the toilet is troublesome.

Because the toilet is in a different place from my residence, I have to leave several times a day.

It is pretty cold outside.

I shut myself to my residence for thirty days and snow started to pile up.

Though I’m still fine now, if the snow accumulates more, I need to remove it.

After 10 more days.

Even if it snows hard, it will only pile up for about 1 to 2 centimeters.

After that, it melts quickly then disappears.

I was relieved a little.

For the time being, I’ll try making stone mill. I am unsure if I can actually create it.

I should not panic. Let’s do things little by little.

30 more days.

The chilly wind has stopped blowing and I think the weather is already becoming spring-like.

Two days later.

I was surprised by the blizzard.

Snow has piled considerably too.

The spring has yet to come.

Ten days later.

My body was able to sense the rise in temperature.

Although there is still undissolved snow in the shade, I think spring is close.

Five days later.

Yeah, it got warmer and warmer, and the kuros came out to go to the forest.

Unfortunately, they were not able to catch any prey so it can be said that spring has yet to come.

Three days later.

Zabuton, who didn’t show up, showed up for the first time in a long time.

It has been so long so I tried to approach it but I was surprised.

There were a number of fist-size spiders surrounding Zabuton.

…Eh, to, are they her children?

She was female?

Then, where is the male?

I don’t really get it but the spiderlings love potatoes like Zabuton.

The number of my cohabitants increased.


Spring has come.



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