Chapter 177 – Each Country’s Representative was Kidnapped

It is quite tough to be the representative. I, who took over my father’s job, am doing various things as the representative and as well as things for the Barland royal family.

However, I gradually became accustomed to it and was able to distribute the work correctly to my subordinates.

If things go this way, the Barland royal family will properly function in one month.

I have held a large amount of debt because the apostle of god made me the head of the Barland royal family.

I have to repurchase a large number of slaves.

The customer Galland Empire has virtually collapsed but it’s a good thing that they already paid.

Well, the Galland Empire broke into several provinces and entered a civil war state. Though the Barland royal family is making amends for its deficit, we can’t borrow money from other royal families due to lack of money.

TN: I think what he means of lacking money is the lack of physical gold coins. There is no digital money in this world yet so there might be a lack of supply.

Large amount of goods move during war. To be profitable, merchants must understand how to handle goods.

However, large amount of capital is necessary. Anyway, that is the reason for hoarding of goods and selling them to illegal channels.

The current Barland royal family is in a situation where we need to borrow funds to buy supplies in order to profit.

The main problem, for now, is Maeas is a country of merchants. While there are many people taking advantage of war to gain profits, there are only a few that are lending money to the royal family.

Somehow, my first job after taking over is to gather funds.

I have to be more forceful to pay off the debts quickly in order to focus on our original market soon.

This will be the perfect opportunity for the name of the new head, Finkle, to be known.

Though we can certainly temporarily earn a lot of money on the Galland Empire’s civil war, it is more important to tend to normal customers since they are for a long term.

That time, when I was about to restart our business, a VIP that I cannot disregard came.

TN: I am uncertain on several lines up to this point. Unfortunately, it’s already too late for me to watch Spice & Wolf or Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

「Long time no see, Finkle.」

「…I haven’t seen you for a long time, your majesty king of Einherjar.」

When I returned his greeting, Ren-dono raised his one hand and laughed.

「The international alliance will be holding an emergency meeting. You are a compulsory participant.」


I instinctively answered that way because I didn’t understand what Ren-dono has said.

There is also Princess Rihanna beside Ren-dono and she’s smiling bitterly too.

「It would be better if you cooperate. After this, we will also speak with the other representatives of Maeas. If you’re really busy, a good subordinate is acceptable.」

「I-I’m very busy…」

「But didn’t I already say that you are a compulsory participant?」


I screamed after hearing that and saw the apostle of god with an evil smile.

「It will be troublesome if no official representative from Maeas show up. The agenda is about the Rembrandt Kingdom so Maeas must show up this time.」

When Ren-dono said that, I finally was able to guess the content of the international alliance emergency meeting.

I nodded to Ren-dono and sighed.

「…in other words, it is about the tension between Rembrandt Kingdom and Immenstadt Empire?」

When I asked, Ren-dono rounded his eyes and stared at me.

「Oh, it is good that you know.」

「…of course, Maeas pays attention to what is happening to each country. We are also have been doing business to both Rembrandt Kingdom and Immenstadt Empire. Conversely speaking, are you going to take this chance to show the unity of the international alliance…」

I talked up to that point, gave up, and go with Ren-dono.

This is a case where I can’t do anything but go. And, a chance for Maeas to gain profits.

I, who judged so, raised the edge of my mouth.

「I will go! Of course, as the king, I will go myself!」

High elves are considered as phantom existence.

We know they exist but no one has seen them. Right now, I’m doubting my eyes in a different meaning.

After being fortunate enough to be able to go to the country of elves, the image of high elves in my head was shattered.

They are a different existence that has the right to be arrogant. A manifestation of self-confidence, unimaginable knowledge, and experience that they stored for several hundred years.

That is the image of a high elf that is etched in me. Right now, I’m looking at a kneeling high elf who is looking at Ren-dono with intoxicated eyes.

The other representatives of Maeas are also the same. Karedia’s motivation is gone and Jiromora is staring blankly at the spectacle.

「Yoshi, the fifth will be the country of beastkins. After that, let’s dispatch messengers to the three remaining countries. They’ll attend if they can.」

Ren-dono only said that much then shook the hand of the king of the country of elves La Fiesch, Saharoseteri-dono.

「Then, shall I just send a messenger to the country of beastkins?」

Saharoseteri-dono asked while smiling cheerfully. Ren-dono smiles back and opens his mouth.

「Is that so? Then, I asked of you. The meeting place is my country, Einherjar. It will be five days from now, okay?」

「Yes, I accept your order.」

Such insane conversation.

Their country is located on the northern edge, how the hell can they travel to Einherjar that is located in the south-west for five days.

Above all, how were we able to go from Maeas to the country of elves in a short time? My head hurts.

It seems that I have been poisoned by the mythical inhabitants. Though I don’t think that this is quite dangerous for a merchant of this era.

When I was thinking about such a thing, Saharoseteri tilted his beautiful face while looking at Ren-dono. Looking at him like that, I can even mistake him for a woman.

「By the way, what is the agenda of this meeting?」

I almost collapsed on the spot when Saharoseteri-dono asked that question.

You should have asked that first in order to determine if your presence is necessary for the meeting.

However, it seems that Karedia has participated like Saharoseteri-dono. In other words, she didn’t know the agenda too and just participated because of profits.

Ren-dono crossed his arms, groaned, and knitted his eyebrows to Saharoseteri-dono.

「The Rembrandt Kingdom and the Immenstadt Empire collide and it seems that there are disciples of god that appeared on the empire’s side. The situation has become complex because of the Melqart religion and its Saint army. Do you know the existence called disciple of god?」

When Ren-dono asked, Saharoseteri-dono tilted his head.

「Well.. I never heard the word disciple of god before. Since Ren-sama’s presence is already known, they are probably trying to imitate the apostle of god. They are probably just playing words…」

When Saharoseteri-dono says so, Ren-dono nods slightly with a difficult expression.

「Is that so? It will be good if they are not something troublesome.」

The words that Ren-dono muttered forever remained in my ears.



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