Chapter 178 – Every Member Gathers at the Meeting!

At the Val Valhalla castle, the three representatives of Maeas, the king of the country of elves, and finally, the king of the country of beastkins, who were fetched by the elf mages, are hospitably received.

「It has been a while, Ren-sama.」

That said, Fuuten bends his large body to bow.

「Oh Fuuten, you arrived earlier than I thought.」

When I said that with a smile, Fuuten lifted his head and laughed cheerfully.

When Fuuten and I are having such a conversation, an elven country mage approached me.

The mage is wearing a white robe with a hood that covers its face.

The mage kneeled in front of me and took off its hood.

Long blonde hair flows and her pale yellow eyes stare up me.

「It has been a while, Ren-sama.」

「Alicequiteria, are you to the one who fetches Fuuten?」

When I asked so and looked at Alicequiteria’s face, she smiled and nodded.

「Fufufu, why would I overlook such a good opportunity? Even if the meeting ends, I will not return.」

TN: I guess the 100 butt slaps are super effective.

Alicequiteria declared so and moved to the side by making light steps.

We are currently in the throne room. Even though there are chairs for the lord of the castle and for the guests, everyone is talking while standing.

「Now, the rest are the representatives of Taki, Solemn, and Narsagel. Though Princess Rihanna usually gets in touch with them, I wonder if they will send their countries representative given the immediate notice? 」

I crossed my arms and said that but Karedia shook her head slowly to deny it.

Even though she already can be considered as one of the elderly, she is calm and elegant.

「No matter what the circumstances are, it is impossible for them to not show their presence to the world’s greatest power. To a small country, they will at least send their king or someone similar to represent them. 」

When Karedia said so, Jiromora shrugged his shoulders and agreed.

「Though the agenda of this meeting is significant, even if that is not the agenda, I will surely attend. I want to talk about the air transport.」

When Jiromora said so, everyone’s eyes are focused on me.

Actually, the exchanges about the air transport are quite heavy especially with the representatives of Maeas.

In any case, we’ll talk about that after the discussion about the clash of Rembrandt Kingdom and Immenstadt Empire.

If the topic expands after the meeting, we might as well consider what aid should each country get.

Well, Princess Rihanna is currently talking to the representatives of each country as the representative of Rembrandt Kingdom. She’s doing it with a smile so there is no sense of crisis.

When I thought of such a thing when I saw everyone’s face, a silhouette of a person arrived at the throne room.

It is a slim man with black hair who has an eye patch in his left eye. He is wearing black clothes that only has embroidery on the collar and hem. He is also wearing a long brown muffler.

He is about 40 years old and has a long beard on his chin.

The man looked at everyone with penetrating gaze and opened his mouth.

「This is the first time we meet… I am the fuhrer of Taki, my name is Togou.」

TN: He’s basically FMA’s Bradly who’s mustache turned into beard.

To the man who introduces himself as Togou, Fuuten, who is nearest to him, turned and opened his mouth.

「I am the representative of the country of beastkins, Hinomoto. My name is Fuuten. Nice to meet you, Togou-dono.」

When Fuuten greeted him, Togou lightly nodded.

After verifying the representatives of each country, he looked at me and opened his mouth.

「…Are you the one called Ren who founded the country Einherjar?」

「Hou, so you know of me. I am indeed Ren. Nice to meet you.」

When I replied to Togou’s question, he glared at me.

「…I heard that you are the apostle of god. How can you prove it?」

「It is up to you whether to believe or not. This one will not ask you to believe it.」

To Togou’s sudden question, I replied with a smile.

Togou did not move while receiving everyone’s gaze. He finally nodded and breath out with his nose.

「… I will ascertain it.」

After saying that, Togou moved to the side and sat silently on a chair.

He seems to be a difficult to deal with kind of person. He doesn’t seem to care too much about the other country’s representative.

Should I communicate with him more? No, he sat on a remote location and seemed to not intend to get along with others.

While thinking of such a thing when I say Togou sat and closed his eyes, I felt that a new guest has come.

「It is here.」

Two men appeared as they are guided by one of the maid troops. One of them is a tall man with gray hair and the other one is a fat man with round hat.

The gray-haired man, who’s wearing light blue clothes, combed his short gray hair with his hand.

The man wearing a round hat is wearing strange brown clothes.

The gray-haired man is in his forties while the man in round hat seems to be in his fifties.

As they entered the throne room, everyone looked at them. The gray-haired man opened his mouth first.

「Solemn’s representative, Joseph.」

After the gray-haired man introduced himself, the man in round hat opened his mouth.

「I am the king of Narsagel Kingdom, King Kaishek. Everyone, nice to meet you…」

When Kaishek finished his self-introduction, he took off his hat with one hand and narrowed his eyes.

Under that hat is a skinhead that splendidly shines.

I looked at the two of them, nodded shallowly and returned their greeting.

「I am the king of Einherjar, Ren. My best regards.」

When I introduced myself, the others introduced themselves in turns.

Maeas’ Finkle, Karedia, and Jiromora.

Rembrandt Kingdom’s Rihanna.

Country of elves’, La Fiech, Saharoseteri.

Country of beastkins’, Hinomoto, Fuuten.

Country of elves’ mage Alicequiteria and Soft Silver March’s leader, Somasa.

Counting the three who arrived and I, there are eleven.

This is the historic first meeting of the international alliance.

All members have gathered.

By the way, the escort Sunny and Sainos are not counted.

Sainos aside, if the extremist Sunny speaks in the meeting, it might get dangerous…



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