Chapter 179 – Meeting with Teasing!

I look at the character written on the whiteboard and tilted my neck.

「There. Just put international alliance meeting. No need for subheading.」

「Ah, I understand.」

When I said so, Sainos erases the mysterious part he wrote about crushing the empire with a whiteboard eraser.

「… that instrument is quite interesting」

One of the three Maeas representatives seemed to be fascinated by the whiteboard and is staring at it intensely. That person is Finkle.

I guess he never saw a whiteboard before.

Well, I guess it’s impossible since the whiteboard is part of the office set I purchased when I was making G.I.Jou.

In other words, there are only five of it existing now. I carried this one to Val Valhalla from G.I.Jou.

「Is it?」

When I said so, Alicequiteria disregarded the Maeas’ representative and bent her body forward while looking at the whiteboard interestingly.

「…It is made of a material I’ve never seen before, what material is it?」

Alicequiteria asked me that question but even I don’t know.

It looks like it is coated with iron but I’m not really sure. I also don’t think that this is plastic.

「It’s a secret. It’s even more valuable than orichalcum.」

When I said that as a temporary answer, not only Alicequiteria, but Saharoseteri and Fuuten were also astonished.

Let’s assume that it is since it is not really a lie.

I tried returning to the topic so I opened my mouth while looking everyone who’s sitting around a rectangular table.

「Now, should we start the meeting?」

When I said so, I heard everyone’s acknowledgment.

「Okay then, we will start the international alliance emergency meeting. The requestor is the Rembrandt Kingdom and the venue this time is Einherjar so I will act as the chairperson. Does anyone has an objection?」

When I asked that, Saharoseteri, Fuuten, and Rihanna nodded. It seems that the three representative’s of Maeas noticed my plan but still acknowledge it.

However, the representatives of the three small countries were different.

「…I just have one question. From what you have said earlier, the host country will be the chairperson because he has the support of the requestor?」

Togou asked that question while staring at me.

I nodded and looked at Rihanna.

「That’s what has happened this time. Although our rules for a situation like this is unclear, with this type of emergency meeting, I think it is good to give in to the requestor’s request. During an emergency, won’t the meeting requestor be uneasy if the chairperson is not very friendly?」

After saying that, I raised the edge of my mouth. Togou seemed to have muttered something but I already removed my gaze from him.

Consequently, Joseph crossed his arms and groaned.

「Of course, it will be different once regular meeting has commenced, right? To all members of the international alliance, this is an important issue.」

「Regular meetings will be scheduled to run in each country in turns. The chairperson will be the host country.」

After I answered Joseph’s question, I looked at Kaishek who seemed to want to say something.

「Let’s create rules regarding that at the next meeting. Let us first discuss the agenda today. Then, may I call in the requestor of today’s meeting, Rembrandt Kingdom’s Princess Rihanna?」

When I said that and looked at her, Rihanna stood up on the spot.

「Yes, I am the Rembrandt Kingdom’s representative, Rihanna. This time, my Rembrandt Kingdom has proposed a ceasefire to Immenstadt Empire after being in war for a long time. The empire sent an acknowledgment letter regarding that, however, the other day, the Immenstadt Empire has sent their army to the Rembrandt Kingdom.」

When Rihanna reported so, Finkle lifted his face.

「I heard about the ceasefire… does that mean that there is a battle occurring in the border of the kingdom and the empire?」

「Yes, one fortress on our eastern border has already fallen into the hands of the empire…」

After Rihanna replied to Finkle’s question, Jiromora lifted one of his eyebrows and opened his mouth next.

「How did it fall? Is it a surprise attack? What is the current status of your counteroffensive?」

「No…after capturing the fortress, the empire seemed to have abandoned it and withdrawn to the border again.」


To Rihanna’s explanation, Jiromora looked at me with a suspicious face. Why are you looking at me?

When I was looking back at Jiromora, Saharoseteri lifted one of his hands.

「Excuse my impoliteness but…does Immenstadt Empire know about the international alliance?」

To Saharoseteri’s question, Jiromora had a disgusted face.

「That’s impossible. Maeas has severely advertised the international alliance.」

When Jiromora said that, Saharoseteri looked at Jiromora with a dubious face.

「Then, why did they attack the Rembrandt Kingdom? Even if they are skeptical of Ren-sama’s existence, they will be enemies of Maeas, the country of elves, and the country of beastkins…」

When Saharoseteri asked that, Jiromora tried to talk but was not able to so he just kept silent.

After a moment of silence, Fuuten opened his mouth.

「…Maybe they are confident on winning even if the other party has the help of other countries.」

「But…they surely have known how the Galland Empire suffered a crushing defeat…」

To Fuuten’s opinion, the perplexed Karedia murmured.

Looking at them, Kaishek spoke while making a strange face.

「…I don’t know why nobody is saying it but, isn’t there a possibility that the one who attacks is the Rembrandt Kingdom?」


To Kaishek’s words, Rihanna lost her expression.

While receiving everyone’s gaze, Rihanna stands up with a blood-drawn face.

「Th-that’s impossible. We’re the one who proposed cease-fire.」

When Rihanna tried to appeal, Joseph turned his skeptical eyes to Rihanna.

「…as the one who proposed the ceasefire, the surprise attack will definitely succeed. There is also that possibility.」

When Joseph agreed with Kaishek’s opinion, Rihanna looked at him as if seeing something unbelievable.

Then, Togou who’s sitting next to him breaths out and nods.

「Making such surprise attack is a good strategy. Since the international alliance is not that established yet, it will be good for the Rembrandt Kingdom to use it to cut away the territory of the empire.」

「That’s! Our country will not do such a thing!」

Rihanna, who received the negative opinion of the three, yelled loudly.

Looking at that, Jiromora knits his eyebrows.

「No, that’s a groundless accusation. The young lady understands and knows that her country will not do such a thing. It is true that the Rembrandt Kingdom was the one attacking other countries a while ago, however, I heard that the current king is a moderate. Other countries might still be doubtful since you don’t know what is happening internally. 」

Jiromora said that to persuade the others but Rihanna is already upset.

Rihanna’s eyes are moistening. She’s biting her lips and stops moving.

Seeing that Rihanna is about to cry, I decided to send a rescue boat.

「…For the time being, I can guarantee King Creivis of Rembrandt Kingdom. King Creivis has no intention of attacking the Immenstadt Empire.」

When I said so, Rihanna looked at me joyfully.

While the representatives of other countries are silent, Kaishek shrugs his shoulder and makes a wry smile.

「Princess Rihanna, what we are saying is not necessarily groundless. How about the lord in the eastern part of the Rembrandt Kingdom? Do you know what kind of person he is, Princess Rihanna? 」

When Kaishek said so, Rihanna was startled and froze.

I breathe out, look at Kaishek and open my mouth.

「That is a fruitless argument. If the kingdom and the empire were made to fight by that eastern lord, the lord just have to be executed and have his head and some ransom presented to the empire. Now, let’s talk about the main agenda of this meeting.」

When I said so, Joseph knitted his eyebrows and looked up.

「The war between the kingdom and the empire was not the main agenda?」

When Joseph asked so, I shrugged my shoulders.

「The main agenda is how much assistance can each country provide.」

After I answered, I looked around and lifted the edge of my mouth.

「Have you heard about the walking corpse army?」

When I asked, everyone’s eyes widened.



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