Chapter 180 – Walking Corpse Army

「Walking corpse…? Not a group of weak skeletons?」

To my words, Finkle asked back with a dubious face.

I nod and turn my gaze to Somasa who’s sitting on the very end of the table.

「About that, let’s have the someone from the mercenary corps talk. Leader Somasa of Soft Silver March, what can you say?」

When I say that and call for Somasa, Somasa hurriedly lifts his face. Why is he panicking?

「Oh, ohhh! I’m Somasa of soft silver march. I feel like I don’t belong here but I will tell you every information I know…first of all, about the letters sent by the empire to the mercenaries…」

Somasa talked about his exchanges with the empire and about the mercenary groups who changed their allegiance from the empire to the kingdom. Everyone who heard those is confused.

「That’s… too confident…」

「No, that’s recklessness. How on earth do they plan to fight without depending on mercenaries? Even a one on one battle against the kingdom will be grave.」

While Finkle and Jiromora are having such a conversation, Fuuten gave out a low groan.

His groan is resonating so he attracts everyone’s attention.

Fuuten who noticed everyone’s glance looked around, put his hand on his forehead, and knitted his eyebrows.

「…I feel that something is wrong. I feel like this situation is quite similar to something I know.」

When Fuuten muttered so, Saharoseteri tilted his head.

「…Are you saying?」

When Saharoseteri asked, Fuuten nodded shallowly with a difficult face.

「…Our country was hit by a monster flood.」

「Monster flood? Such a thing occurred?」

When Fuuten answered with a stern face, Karedia immediately asked that.

Fuuten nods at Karedia and looked at me.

「At that time, we were saved because Ren-sama, his juusha-dono’s, the elves, and the dark elf happened to visit our country. Perhaps if it is just us, our country might have been destroyed.」

When Fuuten reports so, noise started at the meeting.

「…a monster flood occurred recently? Such a big incident happened…」

「Even so, to say that a country will collapse just because of a monster flood…」

When Togou heard that, he raised one of his eyebrows and looked at Fuuten.

「The monster flood and the confidence of the empire… how are they similar?」

When Togou asked, Fuuten narrowed his eyes and stared back at Togou.

「If it’s just a normal monster flood, we can annihilate them without relying to the elves. We have no problem even if its a crowd of cyclops or a crowd of trolls. But that time, in addition to Ren-sama, there are also Alicequiteria, the elves’ strongest mage, and Canaan, the dark elves’ chief. If not for their terrific magic that annihilated the monsters in one shot, we’re doomed.」

When Fuuten said so, voices of astonishment can be heard.

The three Maeas representatives are making a cranky smile but Somasa is so surprised that his eyes almost pop out.

Under such circumstances, Togou crossed his arms and wait for the continuation of Fuuten’s story.

「…Even under such overwhelming power, far from being daunted, the monsters strengthened their pressure and advanced. I don’t know the details because I’m not on the front line but thinking about it, it is definitely abnormal. And the reason for that is there is an evil god that is controlling the monsters.」

When Fuuten said so, the room suddenly became noisy. Jiromora raised a dry laughed and opened his mouth.

「Evil god…? Is it a wicked god? What is it?」

When Jiromora inquired, Fuuten vomited a deep breath and knitted his eyebrows.

「I heard that it is called Apophis, a giant serpent. Monsters and humanoid army…there are many other similarities but these are most obvious. Though the empire can boast that they have long been known as a major power, it is something abnormal for them to pick a fight with the kingdom and the international alliance without the help of mercenaries…I will not be surprised is something is controlling the empire from the shadows.」

When Fuuten said so, Joseph knitted his eyebrows and pulled in his chin.

「…In other words, a monster is manipulating the country? If that is true then we must also doubt the members of this alliance.」

When Joseph said so, everyone looked at the face of their seatmates.

Seeing everyone’s state, I crossed my arms and groaned.

There is no such boss in the game.

There were some enemies that can inflict confusion but none of them can manipulate someone.

On the contrary, during guild wars, players can manipulate NPC characters but since the emperor of the empire is not an NPC, he can’t be manipulated by players.

No, I better think that information from the game is unreliable just in case.

When I thought so, I raised my face and saw Joseph looking at me.

「…What? Are you anxious about something?」

Joseph narrowed his eyes as if trying to see through me.

Before I noticed it, everyone is already looking at me so I open my mouth.

「The one moving behind the scene is the religion called Melqart religion. The walking corpse army that we are currently discussing seems to be very similar to the saint army that is about to attack Rembrandt Kingdom.」

「Saint army? Are you saying that the saint army is composed of dead people? Interesting story indeed.」

When I gave that information, Jiromora knitted his face and said his impression.

「Well, their leaders, the saints and saintesses, claimed that they are disciples of god. They will probably claim that they intend to wage war to reform the world.」

When I gave that answer, Jiromora looked at me with a disgusted expression.

No, don’t look at me like that. I’m not a melqart believer.

While I was dissatisfied with the way Jiromora looked at me, Kaishek tilted his neck.

「I know that the one who established the saint army is the melqart religion but how do they move? I mean, I think that an army of undead is a strong army that has received god’s blessing.」

「Received god’s blessing? It’s an army that marches without talking. According to my spy, even if the person inside was cut down, they don’t show any reaction. They also don’t move unless instructed to so they are basically dolls.」

When I answered Kaishek’s doubt, Kaishek showed an unpleasant expression.

「…but, what if they really received god’s blessing?」

When Kaishek said so, Karedia frowned.

「They might look like humans but they are nightmares…As far as I hear, it is an army of undead.」

Hearing Karedia’s words, Rihanna nodded with a relieved face.

「…In other words, god rules god’s troop, and evil god rules undead…」

When Rihanna muttered so, noise spreads at the throne room.

…Rihanna, I wanted to say that line.

AN: Next chapter, the meeting will end!



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