Chapter 181 – The Meeting Ends and a Flag was Raised

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「…Walking corpse army? What an amusing story.」

Togou mutters. Everyone stopped moving and turned their eyes to Togou.

「Amusing …?」

When someone repeats a word that Togou said, Togou places one of his elbows on the table, puts his palm on the edge of the table and opens his mouth.

「…In this battle, our country will send soldiers. That will be our aid to the alliance.」

When Togou said so, Joseph put his weight on the backrest of his chair and lifted his face.

「Then, my country will also do the same.」

「Ah, as for me, I’ll send our mages…」

After hearing Joseph, Kaishek said such a thing.

This is something a member of the international alliance should do. Provide assistance to each other to the best they could.

However, I never expected these three small countries to provide soldiers.

While I’m secretly surprised, Finkle looked at Karedia and Jiromora and opened his mouth.

「We, Maeas, will provide the supply, including the wagons, and supply troops…」

When Finkle said so, Jiromora had a surprised expression.

「It’s not like we don’t want to provide an army but, it is better for us to stick to our specialties. The only soldiers Maeas can spare are hired mercenaries and adventurers.」

When Jiromora said so, Karedia nodded while smiling wryly. She looked at me and opened her mouth.

「Exactly. In addition, since our supply troops will be able to meet important personalities from different countries, our supply troops will surely birth good profit in the future.」

Karedia said that with a smile.

I see. Certainly, those guys can expand their market.

However, do they really need to tell that this time while everyone can hear that their purpose is mainly obtaining profits?

It seems that they have plan that from the beginning while lurking in the word cooperation. I felt like I just caught a glimpse of Karedia’s worldwide business plan.

「Then, Hinomoto, the country of beastkins, will dispatch 10,000 soldiers.」

It seems like Fuuten doesn’t mind Maeas’ plan and says that.

And when Saharoseteri heard him, he lifted his face.

「The country of elves will dispatch mixed mages and warriors. 1,000 of them.」

At the end of Saharoseteri’s line, when most countries have said what help they’ll provide, Rihanna stood up and lowered her head deeply.

「Everyone, thank you very much. With the power borrowed from everyone, the quarrel with the empire will surely be settled by all means.」

Rihanna said so and raised her face.

However, after Rihanna’s dialogue, the three representatives of Maeas looked at each other as if they are in trouble.

It is probably because of Rihanna’s full of purity reaction.

Well, it can not be helped.

Though they promised to provide war aids, they also have profit in mind and were bold enough to say it. Well, everyone cooperated with that in mind.

In this case, judging from what the kingdom had said, the empire is the one invading.

That will give them a just cause to unite and smash the arrogant empire.

After the war, it will be a discussion about dividing the empire’s territory or remarkably reducing the empire’s territory in addition to getting ransoms from prisoners of war.

Rihanna is thinking that defeating the saint army and the melqart religion founder will settle everything.

As I’m thinking of such a thing, Togou narrowed his eyes while looking at Rihanna then looked at me.

「…Then, this is probably the end of the meeting…? This time, it is quite meaningful. Then, I should return to my country. It will take two days to gather soldiers so take them using flight magic after.」

「…Ah, I’ll have the dark elves do that. I will also ask one of my subordinates.」

While talking to Togou, I was surprised because he did not say anything to Rihanna.

Indeed, Togou surely wants his small country of Taki to obtain money and widen their territory.

No, maybe they don’t want to widen their county.

Though it will be for the best if they don’t compete for profits.

「…Yoshi, then the international alliance emergency meeting is over. Those who need to return to the country immediately will be sent off at once.」

When I said so, Kaishek knitted his eyebrows and looked at me.

「Oya…? I have not heard what aid Einherjar will provide…」

When Kaishek muttered so, everyone’s eyes gathered at me.

I cross my arms and open my mouth.

「For Einherjar, it will be me and 10 of my subordinates.」

When I said so, Joseph raised one of his eyebrows and looked at me.

「…All in all, 11? I thought you have a large army but you’re going to participate as clerks?」

Joseph coldly said so.

Kaishek, on the other hand, looks like a balloon that is about to blow out.

Togou did not move. Even his eyes didn’t move to gaze at me.

I looked at the three representatives of Maeas who burst into laughter and nodded at Joseph.

「We’ll ride a dragon and get off in the middle of the battlefield. Clerical work indeed.」

When I said that and raised the edge of my mouth, deep wrinkles were carved in the middle of Joseph’s forehead.

I sent off everyone after the meeting. I have them sent off to each of their countries. I returned to G.I.Jou and met Eleanor.

「Then, please leave everything here to me while you’re away, master.」

「Ah, I asked of you.」

After saying so, I turned my back to Eleanor and stopped.

I opened my mouth without looking at Eleanor.

「…Once this war is over, the international alliance would have fully demonstrated its existence.」

「…? Yes, That’s right.」

When I said that, I felt a sign that Eleanor tilted her neck behind me. There is also confusion mixed in her voice.

I vomited a short breath, raised my face, and looked at the door.

「Once this is settled, I’ll get married.」


To the words that I said, Eleanor has returned a vague answer.

Though I feel like faltering due to embarrassment, I manage to continue talking.

「Rihanna can’t be my bride for a certain reason.」

When I said that, I heard Eleanor’s surprised voice.

「Th-then, to me!?」

「No one else but you…When this war is over, will you marry me?」

I said that and smiled wryly.

「… Master, that proposal is a flag …」

When Eleanor said that, I frowned and looked towards my back.

「Don’t tease me. I’m already pretty embarrassed.」

Looking back at Eleanor, Eleanor smiled while her tears pour down.

Looking at her flood like tears, I open my mouth in amazement.

「… you’ll look bad in the picture.」

「…Master’s proposal is really bad.」

Eleanor and I complained at each other then burst into laughter.

「From now on, I’ll be in your care. 」

「Likewise, my best regards.」

Eleanor replied so and cried out loud.

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If this is not Eleanor, he would have to start at level one again…!



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