Chapter 182 – I Went Out to See the Situation in the Eastern Part of the Kingdom but Was Not Able to

Since I raised a flag, I must break that flag myself.

The first thing I must do is to inspect the enemy’s condition.

I judged that it is the correct action that should be taken so I called the members I’m planning to take.

Sainos, Sunny, and Sedeia are already here but the other members are not here yet.

While waiting for them at the main gate, Dan, Sherry, and Miera showed up.

As usual, Dan is shining because of the armor.

「Ren-sama, I humbly request of you to take Sherry and me. We will definitely be useful.」

「I-I’ll do my best!」

The two of them said so while looking at me.

However, the opponent this time is a little bit spooky. I’m not really sure if these two has the ability to fight them.

When I was thinking of such a thing, Miera looked at me and bowed without saying anything.

Looking at her, I nod and sigh.

「It can’t be helped since Miera requested me too. She always cooks delicious foods. Well then, I allow you to accompany me.」


When the two of them vigorously replied to my consent, the remaining members arrived.

They are Lagreat, Soarer, Io, and Laurel.

Laurel looked at the Dan family and raised his voice.

「Oh, Dan and Sherry are going too? That’s strange because I also plan of asking master to have someone else accompany us for practice.」

Laurel said so and laughed then, a small silhouette appeared at the back of Laurel.

It is a girl will chestnut brown hair and is wearing a light orichalcum armor.

Below her glossy hair are strong looking enthusiastic eyes that are looking at me.

It is the slave girl from Maeas that became Sainos’ apprentice, Anri.

「Anri, are you good to go?」

When Laurel heard my question, he laughed fearlessly.

「Of course, Master. Sainos and I are teaching her how to move and she’s also wearing orichalcum magic items. She’s stronger than she ever was.」

When Laurel said so, Anri took one step forward and opened her mouth.

「…I’ll do everything I can.」

Anri glanced at Sainos for an instant.

…For Sainos?

I think I just saw a little of Anri’s inner heart.

「I see. Then, Sainos will protect Anri. Follow Sainos instructions, okay?」

When I said so, Anri looked up at me with a relieved face and quickly turned her eyes downward and bowed.

It is a warrior’s mercy that I pretended not to notice Anri’s reddening ears.

「Then, let’s depart. Lagreat, transform.」

「yes yes」

When I instructed him to do so, Lagreat replied with a sloppy answer and quickly transformed into a dragon.

Then, some people who don’t know that Lagreat can transform into a dragon froze without being able to say anything but at least they managed to ride on Lagreat’s back.

When all members get on, a total of 10, Lagreat’s groan can be heard.

We went to Val Valhalla castle as it is but soon saw Canaan, the chief of dark elves.

「Re-rererere-Ren-sama!? I-I heard that you gathered all the leaders of each country for a meeting…!?」

Canaan rushed before me with a pale face while saying such a thing.

Ah, is it because I have called for the representatives of each country but did not call for Canaan?

However, the number of dark elves is too few to be called a country and they are presently citizens of Einherjar.

While thinking such a thing, I turned my face to Canaan.

「Canaan is busily working. I’m sorry for not calling for you to that meeting…」

When I tried making a vague excuse, Canaan’s eyes moistened as she looked up at me.

「I have been on rest day since last night…」

It was a thicket

I may have heard it but I’m not interested in Canaan’s schedule. What a bad excuse.

Perhaps this is because of the flag.

While imagining such a frightening reason, I put my hand on Canaan’s head.

「Canaan, aren’t you and I already one in mind and body? Even if you are not in the meeting, your opinion is the same as mine. Just believe and follow me.」

When I said so, Canaan held her breath and put both of her palms on her mouth.

「R-right, I…! Of-of course! We, the dark elves, will follow Ren-sama to the end of the world!」

Canaan said that to me while shedding tears. Sedeia, who was watching us, laughed and murmured.

「I wonder how many people will leader marry.」

I was surprised by Sedeia’s words that it pierced my heart. I think there is something on Sedeia’s expression.

No way, don’t tell me she has guessed something.

Although I was really troubled inside, I somehow managed to reply to Sedeia with a smile.

「W-wh-wh-what are you talking about? Marriage is still too early for me. Hahaha…」

When I laughed so NATURALLY, Sedeia, Canaan, and Sherry’s eyes narrowed as they stared at me.

On the other hand, Soarer is looking at me with a perfect Mona Lisa smile.

「…Is that so? But why is my lord surprised and seemed to be planning on marrying soon?」


I screamed unexpectedly because Soarer seemed to have witnessed everything that happened earlier.

Then, Soarer’s eyes looked at me as if she’s looking something really far.

「Wh-what are you saying Soarer? If I’ll ever get married, I’ll report it to you.」

「Report…? That’s right. We are juusha…you are our lord…」

TN: Soarer is upset because in this marriage talk, instead of talking about them being the brides, Ren only thinks of them as subordinates he has to report to

「N-no, that’s not what I mean. I just don’t want the other countries impression on us to be bad if I marry a number of people…」

When I was struggling to think of an explanation for Soarer, Sherry, who’s standing behind Dan, had shining eyes.

「Galland empire has 50. The Rembrandt Kingdom has the lowest but there are also several queens. For Immenstadt Empire, I heard that there are currently 10 queens…」

When Sherry said so, Soarer deeply nodded as if she won my approval.

「You should definitely choose at least 10 marriage partners. Ah, and don’t worry about us, your juusha. We will follow and support you from the shadows. That is our pride as your juusha.」

When Soarer said so, Sedeia and Io also nodded deeply.

「N-no no…being my juusha is irrelevant on this matter…」

While I’m speaking as if not sure who should I convince, Sunny, who’s been silent until then, tilted her head and opened her mouth.

Master, you’re getting married?」

When they heard Sunny’s straight pitch, everyone looked at me with a piercing gaze.

I nodded while receiving everyone’s eyes.


When I unconsciously answered, the surroundings became turbulent.

With this, I’ll probably have to marry a number of brides.

No, I’m already prepared to marry each one of them in the future.

Am I?



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