Chapter 183 – Scouting at Last…!?

I managed to change the topic so we head out to scout with Canaan and Rosa who’s the representative of Val Valhalla castle.

We head for the eastern part of Rembrandt Kingdom.

「That is the city in the report. That is the place where the Marquis Prevan resides. He has the largest fraction of land in the eastern territory.」

After Rosa said that, I looked down at the city from the sky.

From the top view, the city street looks clean. I cannot see any damage or burns from a siege weapon.

「This city hasn’t become a battlefield yet?」

When I asked so, Rosa lightly nods.

「From what I heard from yesterday’s report, there is nothing special in this city. Do you have some business here boss? 」

When Rosa asked that while tilting her head, I shrugged my shoulders and sighed.

「I want to speak with the lord for the time being. Creivis will probably don’t mind if I make the lord of this place my acquaintance. In addition, we are people from another country.」

When I say so, Laurel laughed out loud.

「We went here in a dragon without a prior notice. What will the other party think?」

Laurel laughs more while holding his tummy.

「Laurel, seiza.」

「I have to do that too!?」

When Sainos heard Laurel’s punishment, he joyfully smiled.


It seems that Sainos is trying to hold in his laughter but he looks quite disgusting doing that.

「Sainos seiza too.」


「Because we need to balance the other side.」

「That’s nonsense!」

While we’re doing some night show skit, we descended to the city where the eastern feudal lord resides.


「A dragon has come!」

「It’s a black dragon!」

Dragon, dragon. Every citizen was shouting dragon in contrast to the soldiers and adventurers who are making their combat formation.

A dragon has raided the second most populous city in the kingdom. It is a disaster.

However, when the dragon lowered its altitude in front of Marquis Prevan’s castle, someone shouted.

「Pe-people! There are people on the dragon!」

The one who said that doesn’t seem to be drunk. The loud terrified voices of the people are now mixed with cheers of joy.

When the dragon landed in the front gate of the castle, the cries of the people has changed completely to cheers of joy.

「L-look! That superb mithril…」

「Oohh! That is the apostle of god…He feels really different!?」

「Oohh! The gentleman in mithril armor is indeed something else!」

While everyone is saying their opinions, a carriage appeared. A middle age man, who’s wearing black clothes and deep green mantle, get off the carriage.

The man glares at the dragon as he gets on the ground. He looked at the silhouette of several people who are on the dragon.

After deliberately verifying each of them, the man turned his gaze to the four armored man before the carriage.


When the man said so, the four armored men silently started walking towards the dragon.

There is no hint of hesitation or fear in their movement and they are walking artificially like dolls.

The first one who noticed the presence of the four is the oddly tall woman on the back of the dragon.

「Leader! Strange ones are coming!」

The tall woman shouted and took out two daggers from somewhere.

Immediately afterward, those who are also riding the dragon turned their gazes to where the woman is looking at but the four armored men are already at the immediate side of the dragon.

「Something’s weird…」

The moment someone said that, the four armored men are already surrounding the dragon on four sides.

The next moment, countless number of cephalopods like tentacles appeared from the mouth of the four armored men. The man wearing black leather armor who saw that made a bloodshot expression and shouted.

「Gorgon…No, they are four hastur!? No way…!」

TN:ハスタ(Hasuta) – hastur is from Cthulhu Mythos and yes it has tentacles. Thanks for Kei and Nematoda for the info.

At the same time as the man’s shout, arcs of lights from the tentacles wrapped around the dragon.

That light dyed the surrounding white at once.

After about 10 seconds, the light dissipated. The crowd who were deprived of the sights due to the light began to raise voices of surprise.

Before the surprised crowd, in front of the gate of the castle, a white stone statue of a dragon can be seen.

At the back of the dragon statue are similar stone figures but there are also men and women who started moving.

「Im-impossible…This is… No way…」

In the center is a man wearing black leather armor with a stunned face.

Most of the figures on the back of the dragon had turned into white statues and only a few of them were safe.

There are only four of them, a woman in a black robe, a man in black leather armor, a man in white silver armor, and a girl in reddish gold armor.


When the woman in black robe calls the name of the man in black leather armor, the man called Ren face distorts. He clenches his teeth and looked around.

Seeing that the figure of the four armored men disappeared, he moved his mouth.

「Retreat at once!」

The man signaled the four of them to fly in the sky.

「Eh, a-ano! But the others…!?」

When the woman in black robe seems to have panicked, the man knitted his eyebrows and sighed deeply.

「…They are in a special kind of seal and there is nothing we can do about it for now. There is no choice but to retreat and do something about it later…」

When the man answered so, he took the other three and disappeared into the sky.

「…I made the first move.」

When I muttered so, I looked up at the sky and raised my right arm.

I looked at the black pattern that is drawn in my arm and clasped my fist to the sky.

「Now, first round is over. Should I attack or defend…my first move is attack. How about the opponent…? Are you going to take the risk of attacking…? Or are you going to hide in the shadow…?」

I moved my hand on my head and think of the next move of the opponent.

「…Until the other party strikes back, I’ll continue to be on offensive for fun…」

I, who finished forecasting, raised the edge of my mouth.

AN: The phase slowed down so I’ll increase it as I originally planned.

TN: Ren got rekt.



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