Chapter 187 – To the Rembrandt Kingdom

We, who are now fully equipped, are heading for the Rembrandt Kingdom.

Upon arriving at the castle, we were immediately guided to Creivis’ office. The lot of us went to Creivis’ office.

Yes, Creivis is working in the office.

This is a rare spectacle so I’ll burn it in my eyes.

While thinking so, we arrived at Creivis’ office.

However, I can’t find the words to say.

Creivis is the energetic type but now he is not moving while his head is tilted diagonally with only white in his eyes.

Did he faint or is he dead?

「Oi, King Creivis!」

When I said that while approaching Creivis, he moved his neck and looked at me.

His eyes are still half white.

「Oh, your majesty king Ren. You came here to Rembrandt Kingdom. No, this is embarrassing. To see me like this…」

Creivis said that and made a forced laughter.

His eyes are still half white.

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「No, I don’t mind how you look. By the way…somehow, your eyes are white…No, why are you so wasted?」

After hearing me, Creivis straightened his back and stood up from the chair.

Of course, his eyes are still white.

「I needed to handle the work that the prime minister left…there are a lot of things that only the king or the prime minister should deal with…」

While saying that, Creivis turned his white eyes to the window.

「…Thinking about it now, all of these documents are taken care of by Yuta himself as the prime minister. Only the most important matters are being sent to me. If Yuta comes back, I’ll reward him for his hard work…」

After Creivis said that, a soldier opened the door of the office without knocking.

「E-excuse for my impoliteness!」

Looking at the soldier’s eyes and the way he speaks, you can trace impatience. Everyone in the room is now looking at him.

The soldier’s body stiffened momentarily as if he was frightened but continued to report.

「Prime Minister Yuta has returned!」


After hearing the soldier’s report, Creivis raised his voice while approaching the soldier.

「Where is he!?」

When Creivis shouted with all his might, the soldier cowered in fear and looked at the door.

Then, from behind the soldier, there is Yuta, who’s wearing a white robe instead of his usual clothes.

「…I have returned just now Your Majesty. I will accept any punishment. I…」

While Yuta is saying such a thing, Creivis just shook his head and walked towards Yuta.

「It is good that you’re back! I’m sorry, Yuta! Your hard work, your contribution to the country! I knew nothing!」

That said, Creivis put both of his hands on Yuta’s shoulders and shed tears.

Looking at it, Yuta also has tears in the corner of his eyes.

「… What are you saying? This is not just because of my obligation to the country or my desire, I just want to serve his majesty. His Majesty was honest and gentle since childhood …it is simply because of his majesty…」

That said, the two of them sob.

Looking at the two, the soldiers are moved and teared too.

「Oh, oohh! His Majesty’s eyes…! What happened to his majesty’s eyes…!」

「… It must have been washed away by pure tears … kuh」

What is this guy saying?

The soldier said that when he saw Creivis’ white eyes.

Okay, let’s leave it that way.

「I have shown you something embarrassing.」

When Yuta said so, I nodded deeply.

「Don’t mind it.」

When I said that, the embarrassed Creivis looked at Yuta while laughing.

「From now on, let’s work together for the future development of our country.」

「You look like a married couple who just reconciled.」

When I said that, Creivis and Yuta laughed happily.

ReconciaRiating from a previous fuss is good but it is slightly disturbing seeing the two of them laughing and smiling.

Is it alright to leave the country to these two?

「…  For the time being, let’s get down to business.」

I talked about what happened to Creivis in detail.

The atmosphere earlier disappeared and Yuta now has a stern expression.

「…  It will be troublesome if that story spreads too much, especially to other countries…」

「Hnn? Will it trouble the countries who joined the international alliance?」

When I said that, Yuta groaned.

「To say it clearly, the essence of the international alliance is the new major power Einherjar and Ren-sama. Your persuasive power is a result of your one-sided crushing of the Galland Empire.」

「In other words…doubting my and Einherjar’s power will lead to the international alliance’s disintegration?」

「…that is possible.」

When Yuta said so, I knitted my eyebrows.

「To a politician’s perspective, the advantages of the international alliance is obvious. Seeing that an existence appeared and crushed the Galland Empire is surely tempting to allied with. 」

When I said that, Yuta showed a difficult expression.

「Of course, the other countries think so too. However, countries that didn’t see it that way also exists. But it is only a matter of time since they’ll see the advantages of the air transport industry. 」

When Yuta says so, Creivis opens his mouth while smiling bitterly.

「I never doubted the power of His Majesty King Ren so the problem lies in those guys. In addition, Rembrandt Kingdom, Maeas, the country of elves, and the country of beastkins are united so the international alliance is as solid as a rock. 」

Creivis said that and looked at Yuta but Yuta did not respond.

「The problems are that in the Immenstadt Empire, one of the major powers, there are people who claim to be disciple of god.」

Yuta said that and turned his face to me.

「The elves and the beastkins will be unable to fight this time, right?」

When Yuta tries to confirm, I nod.

I understood what he wanted to say.

「In other words, this time, the war between Rembrandt Kingdom and Immenstadt empire will be joined by two other organizations that have either god’s disciple or apostle. It is pointless to add Maeas in the equation.」

When I muttered so, Yuta nodded in approval.

「Allow me to add something, there is also the thing that it can be thought that the kingdom is weaker than the empire because Creivis-sama ascended.」

「Wh-what!? Gunununu…」

To Yuta’s honest words, Creivis moaned and Yuta sighed.

「In addition, the apostle of god, Ren-sama’s defeat. There is also the thing where the supposed to be invincible braves are sealed…Ren-sama’s genuinety as an apostle of god will be in question and some will probably say that those in the empire are the real thing…those are the possibilities.」


I instinctively said so after hearing Yuta’s dialogue.

Indeed, I hardly show power in front of the small countries and the general public.

This means that I should not lose again in this war.

However, the other party is an aggressive boss monster in the game.

Can I fight it without losing?

This time, I’m thinking about how to resolve this matter.

However, on the very next day, the eastern Rembrandt Kingdom declares independence from the country and announces its vassalage to the empire.

It seems like the empire is the one shaping the outcome again.



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