Chapter 188 – Move for Recapture

The next day I began preparing for the eastern capture strategy.

Thinking about what Yuta had told me, I sent messengers to contact other countries from Einherjar.

I need to inform them about the appearance of an evil god that can seal the existence of pure elves, beastkins and dark elves at the Rembrandt Kingdom.

The battle at the eastern part of the Rembrandt Kingdom is currently in an unfavorable situation.

Therefore, I would like them to have a solid preparation first then have them gather at the capital of Rembrandt Kingdom.

I wrote those in letters and given them to the messengers before leaving for the eastern part of the kingdom immediately.

It will take a considerable amount of time before the rumor about my defeat in the eastern part of the Rembrandt Kingdom flows to other countries.

That means I need to do something to reset the battle situation.

In other words, I need to recapture the eastern part of the kingdom.

First thing first, I handed equipments to Rihanna and Keira in the capital.

Though tension is obvious, Rihanna is somewhat excited, no, definitely excited to wear the equipments she received from me after checking them out.

By the way, though Rihanna is a mage, I judge that she needs to increase her defense so I gave her orichalcum dress armor. The rest of her equipments are mage equipments made of mithril.

Keira is wearing light dragon leather armor so she can use her speed. Her other equipments and accessories are for physical strength enhancement.

After confirming the equipments of the two of them, I opened my mouth while facing the other members.

「First of all, we need to verify the situation in the east.」

As I said so, Dan and Brunhilde straightened their postures.

Looking at them, I spoke about the plan.

「I do not know the situation in the east yet. One of the dark elves who remained there until the last minute came back shortly after hearing the declaration of independence and submission to the empire of the lord. For the time being, we will infiltrate and gather information.」

I looked around and saw Oguma nodding and said something.

「…fumu. If it’s about gathering information, we can use Ataratte. She’s good at it and is very perceptive. Though if you want another person to do it there is no problem.」

When Oguma said so, Rihanna proudly stuck out her chest and pointed at her servant.

「Oguma-sama! Keira can accomplish that duty!」

When Rihanna says so, Oguma looks back towards Keira.

「fumu. I thought that miss female knight was here to protect the princess, am I wrong?」

Even though she was asked while being stared at by the skeleton warrior Oguma, Keira bowed quietly expressionlessly.

「Please leave it to me. I will give you result by all means.」

When Keira replied indifferently, Oguma sent a bewildered looked at Keira then laughed out loud.

「Fu, fufufu…! I like it. Please do it Keira.」

While the women are turned off to the laughing Oguma, who’s helmet is made of goat’s skull that is currently shaking, I looked at the others and nodded.

Ataratted and Keira will be the scout.

Brunhilde, Oguma, Dan, and Anri will be the vanguard.

The mages Meldia, Rihanna, and Sherry will be the rear guard.

The healing mage is Marina.

Last is the all-rounder, me.

The party is balanced unexpectedly.

Moreover, all our equipments can be considered to be of the highest grade.

「Good. Then let’s go.」

I am satisfied because our line up can be said to be the best it can be.



Everyone silently nodded except for Rihanna and Sherry who replied to me.

We landed at a place a little far away from the city in order not to be noticed. We move forward to the biggest city in the eastern part of the kingdom.

However, it seems that the gatekeeper severely checks everyone who enters the city, which is common. We saw it from a place somewhat far from the city.

Since Hastur is in the city, going in the city using flight magic is not good.

Then, what should we do?

I feel like something like this happened before but I can’t remember.

「It can’t be helped. I’ll try to do something.」

When I was troubled of what to do next, Oguma stood up and said so.

「Will it be alright?」

「Please leave it to me.」

After such brief interaction, Oguma walks towards the gatekeeper quickly.

It seems like his negotiation with the gatekeeper is surprisingly effective. He came back after less than 10 minutes.

「You’re going to be included as a member of the silver wind.」

「Oh, thank you. Then I have to follow the leader and the senpai’s. Right, Oguma-senpai?」

When I said that and laughed to thank Oguma, Oguma frowned unpleasantly and nodded.

After entering the city, it is hard to move since all attentions are gathered to the skeleton warrior Oguma.

「Ah, they are silver wind…」

「How abominable…」

「Such frightening armor will surely daunt monsters.」

「That ojisan is scary!」

Oguma’s overpowering intimidation even made a child cry.

It will be impossible to scout because Oguma is attracting a lot of attention.

Well, it’s me who chose his equipment.

「Ataratte, Keira. Gather information in the city. We will be checking for rumors in the bar.」

When I said that, they nodded.

「Please leave it to me.」

「Leave it to me.」

After they replied, they turned around at once and disappeared into the city.

「Yoshi, why don’t we go to the bar for the time being?」

「Yes. It’s over there.」

When I said so, Brunhilde walked as if she’s accustomed to the city.

After turning from the main street, we advanced fast in a narrow road.

We arrived at a tavern like wooden dining hall place that has a vintage atmosphere.

Although it’s still daytime, the customer’s bustle can be heard from the outside.

「…Is this a popular bar?」

When I asked, Brunhilde smiled with confidence.

「Yes, I think that this is the best bar in this city.」

As she said that, Brunhilde went into the store and asked for available seats.

As expected of an S rank adventurer.

She’s quite particular to the bar.

I feel like drinking but I guess I won’t say it out.



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