Chapter 189 – Changes that Occurred in the East


It is a loud and lively place where bright laughter can be heard.

There, not only you can drink alcohol but you can also chat with old friends.

…or it should have been something like that.

Thought the illumination is somewhat okay because of the lights coming from the high windows, it is still a bit dim.

The boards on the wall and floors are already darkened and the wooden chairs and tables have cracks.

There is also a drunk bearded ossan who is desperately wooing a young girl.

The man on the counter, who seems to be the owner, doesn’t mind it and keeps his mouth shut.

Yes, it’s chaotic.

The usual guests are looking at us with dubious eyes the moment we entered.

「We’ll seat there.」

When I told that to the guy on the counter who seemed used to it, he nodded silently.

Brunhilde checked it out and nodded after sending me an eye contact. We moved inside away from the door.

Even if she didn’t say my name, I’m still doubtful.

Well, it is probably alright since a guy spending his time on a bar is normal.

Despite of thinking such a thing, we followed Brunhilde and sat down on the chair surrounding the long table.

「The bird barbeque here is delicious.」

When we sat down on the table, Marina said such a thing while pointing at a table a little far away.

It is a table where a young woman and a man in his late twenties are seating.

On the table is a half eaten bird barbeque.

It is slightly black but it looks like a Christmas turkey.

「Then let’s have it too. What will be the drinks?」

After hearing that, I looked for a menu but I can’t find one.

「The drinks will be…if it is this shop then it should be mead. Fruit wine here is good too.」

When Marina says so, Meldia nods.

「It’s sweet and delicious.」


Burnt bird meat and sweet liquor? Interesting.

I am satisfied with the suggestion of the two.

「Then, since the mead here seems to be special that will  be my order. Rihanna, Sherry, Dan, Anri how about you? It’s my treat.」

When I said that, the four raised their heads.

「Is it okay!?」

「Will it be okay for me to drink alcohol?」

Sherry and Dan replied while Anri looked at me and open her mouth.

「…  I want to drink the fruit wine, desu」

When Anri replied immediately, the others were surprised and looked at her.

「Okay, how about the others?」

「Ah, jaa, mead for me.」

「Fruit wine, please.」

Dan and Sherry decided what to order. I nodded and smiled then looked at Rihanna.

「I’ll also have mead but I will pay with my own money.」

When Rihanna said so, I smiled and shook my head to the left and right.

「Maa, don’t worry about it.」

When I answer so, Oguma nods and opens his mouth.

「Are you also going to pay for our eating and drinking expenses…」

「Are you an idiot? We already charged a request fee.」

「Nuu… Adventurers has families too and we are betting our lives. Because of that, I think we should have adequate compensation and assistance.」

「This time, your request fee will have surplus even after subtracting the equipment rental charge. I will publicly announce the amount of remuneration. Be relieved since your request fee will be according to your rank. The lives of your young one’s will be guaranteed by it.」

TN: Charging fees for the equipment he lend them is simply a formality since Ren will pay them enough for their families lives to be okay even if they fall from the raid boss.

When I said that, Oguma went silent and did not say anything.

Seeing what happened, Meldia nodded while looking at Oguma.

「Yeah, we earned a lot of money this time. Even considering the repair of our equipments, we still have 500,000 dinars left.」

TN: Meldia is talking about their equipments here and not the one Ren rented them.

「Hn? Only 500,000? It costs that much to repair?」

When I asked her, Meldia smiled as if she’s in trouble.

「Our equipments can only be repaired by the best blacksmith… Though we managed to get cheat equipments from the forest of abyss, they will be useless soon enough if they are not repaired.」

When Meldia said that, I nodded and sighed.

I feel sorry for them after hearing that repair charges for their equipments are more than 400 million.

「It can’t be helped. I’ll also take care of the inn fee. After this, I’ll give you the consumables you need for this quest.」

「Eh, but…」

「Thank you very much.」

Though Meldia is having a difficult expression, Oguma thanked me immediately.

If it comes to money, Oguma is really fast.

I’m amazed and looked at Oguma. Before I noticed it, Brunhilde is already ordering the waiter.

Brunhilde is also fast.

Unexpectedly, it seems that S-rank adventurers are really troubled with money.

The roasted bird is unexpectedly good and I enjoyed it with mead that has a thick honey flavor. I heard a strange story incidentally.

It is from two men who are sitting beside the wall.

「Do you know what happened to the lord?」

「About Marquis Prevan?」

「Ah, yeah. The reason why he sided with the empire.」

「I heard about it, is there something wrong?」

「Yes, there is. The marquis originally headed to the border with a strong desire to fight against the empire.」

「What you said is true since he’s a noble from the kingdom.」

「Ah, no…I wonder how should I say it? Indeed, he was really going to fight the empire as a noble of the kingdom. Even so, after heading towards the border, he came back immediately and declared independence.  And, the next moment, he instantly said that he’s supporting the empire.」

「…Is it because the empire’s army is too strong?」

「No, it’s not like that. They have never fought. He spoke with a messenger from the empire for about half a day after that, he’s already on the empire’s side.」

「What’s with that? Is the condition presented that good?」

「Idiot. Even if the condition is good, he will be in the frontline, will he really betray the kingdom and ally with the empire?」

「Yes, right. His territory will become the battlefield. How can he simply betray his ally for the empire?」

「I don’t really know either but there are a lot of rumors flowing around. I wonder if the disciples of god that appeared on the empire were the real deal. To tell you the truth, I think that the apostle of god actually pretended to be defeated to lure out the disciples of god.」

「No no, he lost unwillingly. Haven’t you seen it? The dragon, the handsome men, and beautiful women  became statues. I didn’t see it because it happened in an instant.」

「He really came aboard a dragon so he’s a real dragon knight..oh well. I don’t know if Marquis Preven knew about it so he decided to become hostile with the kingdom. Also, he never comes out from his private room.」

「Wa? Really? Is he afraid of being assassinated?」

「No, he seems to be in his private room since yesterday. Even if the guards changed, he’s still sitting on a chair in his private room all day and night. Moreover, it seems like his eyes don’t even move and are continuously open.」

「…That’s disgusting.」

Hearing the conversation of those two, I sighed.

Then, Rihanna who was looking at me tilted her head.

「…What can you say about their conversation?」

To Rihanna’s question, I opened my mouth.

「Perhaps Marquis Prevan has already been killed.」

When I muttered so, everyone around me widened their eyes and froze.



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