Chapter 191 – Gathering Mercenaries

I looked at Rihanna and opened my mouth.

「Will it be easy to gather mercenaries in this place? Sherry, Dan, Anri, use flight magic and bring the leader Somasa of silver march here.」

When I said so, Sherry looked at me apologetically.

「I-I’m sorry but I can only cast flight magic on myself…」

When Sherry said that, I handed her one magic item.

「Use this. It is possible to carry 10 individuals using this.」

I told that to Sherry while pointing the sage wand. Sherry nodded with a smile.

「After this, let’s gather mercenaries here. The more people we have, the easier it is to find Hastur. It is a game of numbers.」

When I said that while looking at everybody, everyone replied.

I am quite satisfied since I manage to make my first step for the boss hunt. Keira looked at me and opened her mouth.

「Many mercenaries in the neighborhood are monitoring the development of the war. If it’s me and Attarate, we can speak with most of the mercenary groups in 3 hours.」


After Keira proposed that, Ataratte raised a strange voice and looked at Keira.

In the previous information gathering, Ataratte had gathered as much information as Keira but it seems like negotiating with mercenaries is a different story.

It seems like that is beyond the ability of a scout.

「No, you can go with everyone, Ataratte.」

When I looked at Ataratte and said that, she knitted her eyebrows, looked at Keira then looked at me.

「I-I’ll do it! I’ll gather more mercenaries than Keira!」

「O, ohh…is that so?」

When Ataratte declared that full of spirit, I replied in spite of confusion.

And, the two of them quickly went outside the shop.

I went to see them off. I looked at Rihanna and opened my mouth after that.

「…is it unusual for Keira to be competitive?」

Upon hearing that, Rihanna widened her eyes and nodded.

「Th-that’s right…she probably recognized Ataratte-sama’s ability.」

When Rihanna and I are having such a conversation, Brunhilde looked at Meldia and opened her mouth.

「Never thought that Ataratte will be this much excited. 」

「She’s pretty conscious of Keira-san. 」

Apparently, Ataratte is also burning with sense of rivalry against Keira.

「Maa, at least they are not fighting. 」

When I concluded so, I decided to order more drinks.

Three hours later.

Keira and Ataratte brought a big group of ossan that occupied most seats in the bar.

「…Sand Castle mercenary group. They are all the mercenary groups we gathered. 」

Keira said so and bowed before me.

Looking at it, there are about 100 stern men queued up.

Yes, in only three hours.

In that amount of time, Keira and Ataratte gathered more than 50 mercenaries together.

TN: Ren said 100 as a first impression estimate.

「…these two are monsters. 」

When I said that with half amazement, Ataratte glared Keira with vexation.

「…I got 20. 」

When Ataratte said so, Keira nodded with a calm face.

「I gathered 35 so it’s not that different. 」

「You think that’s not that different at all? 」

After watching the exchange of the two, I looked at the leader, vice-leader, and members of the mercenary groups.

It’s just like a yakuza meeting.

I rise from my seat while holding such an impression and open my mouth.

「Everyone, the international alliance wants your refined mercenary group to handler our simple request.」

As I said so, a man opened his mouth in the quiet bar.

He’s a tough looking man with black hair.

「… Are you a representative of the International alliance?」

When the man said so, the other me looked at me too.

「Yes, I’m precisely one of the representatives.」

As I said so, the man narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at me.

「According to the rumor, the apostle of god lost to the disciple of god. The international alliance still functions despite that?」

The man said so and looked at me.

He seems to be a very smart man. He immediately presented his concern clearly.

「… No, the enemy is an existence called evil god. I have not met the other party who introduces themselves as disciples of god yet.」

When I answered so while looking at the man straight, the man tilted his neck.

It became turbulent when the other men heard the words evil god from my mouth but it became quiet again when I opened my mouth.

「… We did not lose. It’s just a temporary retreat.」

When I said that and curved my lips into the shape of a smile, the man quietly raised the edge of his mouth.

「I see. In the rumors, I heard that two major powers participated in the international alliance and even the Einherjar, the country who crushed the Galland Empire, and the country of elves joined. If all of those countries move against the Immenstadt Empire, isn’t our power unnecessary?」

When the man asked me so, the surrounding men looked at each other and became noisy again.

Maa, if it’s the usual, I think so too.

「No, the problem is the threat of the evil god. Unfortunately, because of the action of the evil god, it will be difficult for the mages of the country of elves to move. Because of that, I need to defeat the evil god before the war between the international alliance and the empire commence.」

When I answered, the man gave out a short groan and nodded.

「… Against the existence called evil god, can you win?」

「Of course. In fact, I have won against it once before.」

When I answered the man’s question, voices of admiration sounded.

The man rested his back on the chair and pulled in his chin.

「I understand. We’ll accept the request…we’ll withdraw if it’s too dangerous.」

When the man said so, someone else offering cooperation has appeared.

It’s a man with dark green hair.

「My apologies but, can I ask a question?」

「What is it?」

When I permit the man’s question, he somewhat calmed down and asked the question.

「Upon accepting this request, what will we do?」

「Search for the evil god.」

「That, isn’t that dangerous?」

When I answer the man ‘s question, the man replies with another question.

Then, some men around changed their complexion.

I shook my head to the left and right and looked at the man.

「You’re just going to search for it so it’s not dangerous. You’ll be safe as long as you don’t attack.」

When I answer so, the man falls silent for a while then looks at me.

「…Steel Lizard mercenary group will accept the request.」

The man said so and laughed.

I thought that he’ll refuse so I unknitted my eyebrows after hearing his answer.

「May I know why you accepted it?」

When I asked him, the man laughed out loud and nodded.

「I feel that you were not lying. I usually believe in my intuition. Well, my members often get angry with me because of that.」

When the man said so and laughed, several mercenary groups also accepted the request.

The remaining ones are about half of their original number.

Most of them have a troubled atmosphere.

Do they need a last push?

When I thought of that, newcomers arrived at the bar.

They are Dan, Sherry, and Anri.

Behind them is the leader of silver march, Somasa.

Somasa stands in front of Dan and the others, looks at me, and opens his mouth.

「Silver March will also accept the request.」

When Somasa said so, the bar became noisy.

I greatly nod and reply.

「Good. It is reassuring if the silver march participates.」

When I said so, Somasa replied with a manly smile.

After that exchange, the remaining mercenary groups rush to accept the request.

Apparently, because of the letter sent by the empire, the mercenaries are having difficulty in participating in the war.

They don’t want to be on the empire’s side but they are likely to be crushed if they are hostile against the empire.

One letter sent by one of the major powers is enough to limit the action of the mercenaries.

However, thanks to the fact that the majority of the mercenaries including silver march sided with the international alliance, the other mercenaries also accepted the request.

With this, I can finally find Hastur.

TN: Images of Sedeia, Lagreat, and Mira added at the glossary.



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