Chapter 21 – Field Expansion

I have to expand the field because the number of mouths to feed increased.

The completion of the waterway is still far away.

Presently, we can survive with what we presently have now but I have to plan various things especially when I thought about winter.

Also, when they gave birth, the amount of food consumption will increase.

When I first met Kuro and Yuki, they managed to eat a big boar with just the two of them.

It will not hurt to be prepared.

On the south of the current field, I made a four by four field which is similar to the size of the dog area.

Let’s call it new field area.

I’m already used to field works. First step is to use hoe to make ridges on regular intervals then water them.

Zabuton and her spiderlings play an active part in bird and pest extermination.

By the way, Zabuton’s spiderlings and Kuroichi and the gang’s partners get along well.

I was surprised when I saw Zabuton’s spiderlings getting on the back of Aris.

Aris seems to be helping Zabuton’s spiderlings on moving around.

I thought Aris is eating them at first so let’s keep that a secret.

I’ll utilize this one as a whole field.

However, I plan on using it mainly for experiments.

If I plow even if I don’t have a clear image, will anything grow there?

What will happen if I plant seeds and seedlings to the place I plowed?

Those are some things I want to experiment on.

The crops have grown in the new field area.

There are fruit-bearing trees but they don’t have fruits yet although they now have flowers.

It is impossible to expect anything this year but it will perhaps have something next year.

Zabuton’s spiderlings also helped with harvesting.

They can’t harvest any root crops because they can’t pull them out. They help harvesting tomatoes, eggplants, and cucumbers.

Moreover, they put it in a box that I prepared.

I occasionally see them steal eating but I overlook it. I’m grateful for their help.

Upon seeing Zabuton’s spiderlings helping the harvest, the Kuro’s tried to help too….

However, they can only use their mouth to harvest. Moreover, I feel like they are eating more than they harvest.

They gave up after eating grandly.

Of course, I got angry.

I find the reflecting appearance of the kuro’s interesting when I yelled at them.

The waterway building has not advanced.

Maa, it was because my time was taken by the dog area and the new field area. In addition to those, Yuki and the others are going to give birth soon.

As Yuki and the other’s stomach became obvious, the female camp began to stop hunting.

On the other hand, the male camp works harder in hunting since the appetite of the females who are about to give birth is high.

They hunt and hunt until they can catch no more.

The large amount of fur goes to Zabuton. With that amount, even a part of the floor of my residence has fur covering it.

In any case, it took some of my time to dismantle the prey they hunted.

Even though the kuros can eat it as it was, they asked me to dismantle them. I guess they got accustomed to the taste of processed meat without blood.

When the big stomach females come to me with begging faces, it becomes impossible for me to refuse.

I was treated like a butcher of the prey the male camp has hunted.

The rush delivery came.

The first one was Eris.

She gave birth to four pups then Aris began giving birth.

After that, Kurosan, Yuki, and Iris also gave birth in a dash.

Until now, we usually eat near my residence but aside from Yuki, the others gave birth to their sheds in the dog area so it becomes impossible for us to be together in a while.

Because of that, I decided to set tables in two different places.

The kuros prefer cooked meat rather than raw meat.

That was unexpected.

I have an image of them liking raw meat….

Well, when I first met them, they were fascinated by the meat of the wild boar.

It seems that Uno began to look manly when his pups are born.

That’s what I thought because he hunted a huge wild boar alone.


He managed to hunt it but he came to call for me to carry it.

I went fishing in the river for a change.

It is because I wanted to eat fish.

I discovered a certain fact there.

The AFT can’t transform into a fishing rod.


Perhaps there are rules?

For fishing, an “All-purpose Fishing Tool” is needed.

Although this seems to be a wake-up call, I did not mind it and became apologetic to the AFT.

It had helped me sufficiently so far.

I don’t have any complaint about it.

Besides, although I can’t transform it into a fishing rod, I can make traps using the hoe or shovel to catch fish.

There is no problem at all.


Other than the thing that I was not able to catch any fish.

Feeling defeated, I assumed that fishing activity is beyond me.

It seems I can’t catch different world fishes unless they are in a place without water.

It seems like I can’t use my common sense here with regards to fishes.

Also, there were fishes with fangs.

I was scared a little.

Several days later, I improved my trap and caught several 30cm long fishes.

I ate them right away and it was bad.

They smell like mud.

When I caught a fish, the kuros did not show any interest at all so I thought that it was strange…

Mou, regrettable.


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