Chapter 193 – RenRen vs Hastur

To me who started running to the left side of the opponent, Hastur raised one of its hand parallel to the ground.

Its hand extends to my direction. Hastur’s face also turned to where I am.

However, it’s too slow.

「…”Di Mento”」

Hastur said that in a low hoarse voice. It can be barely recognizable as a person’s word.

Immediately after, a pillar of black light that stretches to the sky shows up from my previous location with a sound of screaming people.

The black light column spreads to about 10 meters in diameter and melted the surface of the earth with a rumbling noise.

「Suddenly casting a range magic.」

I had a strange feeling with Hastur’s conduct but I quickly approached Hastur and swung my sword.

The sword I use was the long sword of flame prison. It has the most offensive power against boss type monsters.

When I swung my blade towards Hastur’s neck, a dark red line was caused the overflowing flame from the sword’s blade.

Hastur receives the sword with its left wrist to prevent the blow to its neck.

However, the long sword of flame prison slashed Hastur’s wrist with that blow. Then, the longsword of flame prison’s additional effect was activated.

The invoked additional effect is a tornado flame rising from Hastur’s feet.

The tornado flame size is enough for Hastur to fit in but its power is enormous.

When the furious tornado flame gradually disappears, a groan can be heard. Hastur who has one of his hand raise up showed up.

The Hastur that appeared was already not in a shape of a person.

Half of its face already melted and countless of tentacles are wriggling here and there,


Our eyes met….I’m not really sure if we did but Hastur turned to me and casted magic.

A torrent of huge black light of about 2 meters was shot aiming at me.


I received the attack using the fuller of the sword and it disperses into three.

While I was defending against it, Hastur began moving to where I am. It moves strangely as if sliding on the ground.

Looking at it, it no longer has feet but tentacles instead.

Hastur silently shook its tentacle arm and its tentacles extended aiming at me.

I evade the tentacle by jumping to the side.

The sound of cutting the wind and shattering the earth roars simultaneously. A deep fissure broke from the place where I was standing.

I looked at it and raised the edge of my mouth.

「…As expected. Can I really take care of this alone? I need to concentrate on attacking since its durability is high.」

I muttered so and saw the tentacle moving towards me again.

While evading the tentacle, I dash towards Hastur.

—Sherry’s POV—


When Oguma said so, Brunhilde looked at it too.

「Evading and earning time are the top priority…Silver Wind will take charge of the front line. Rihanna-sama and the others will be behind us and you need to keep moving.」

As Brunhilde-sama says so, Rihanna-sama, who was near me, nodded and opened her mouth.

「Got it. We’ll also attack from here as soon as we see a chance so please don’t push yourself.」

When Rihanna-sama said so, Brunhilde-sama starts moving towards Hastur.

Hastur is slowly moving and it seems to be looking at the place where Ren-sama fights.

Although Brunhilde-sama and the others are moving around it, it looks like Hastur is taking them for granted.

「…What’s this? It seems like the monsters in the forest of abyss are stronger.」

When I muttered so instinctively, shook his head to the left and right and set out his shield.

「Carelessness is a powerful enemy. We’ll also move behind Hastur.」

As father said so, I grasped my wand and nodded.

「Un, that’s right.」

「Right. Dan-san and Anri-san are vanguards personally trained by Sainos-sama.」

When Rihanna-sama said so and smiled at father, father cleared his throat and averted his gaze.

I saw father being embarrassed as he nodded to Rihanna-sama. I decided to report it to mother later.

When we moved to about a hundred meters behind Hastur, every one of the silver wind are already in their respective position on the other side.

「Let’s begin.」

When Rihanna-sama said so, I looked at father’s back.

Because he’s wearing the amazing armor he received from Ren-sama, he looks more reliable than usual.

No, I should feel bad thinking such a thing.

Father and I, both of us were trained to fight against monsters we never thought we could fight with.

However, Sainos-sama who’s always together with us is not here.

I renewed my determination and decided to hold my wand. I saw a white light behind Hastur.

「They started to move.」

Keira-san muttered those words, at the same time, light shines around Hastur.

When the white light penetrated Hastur’s arm, it raised a sound as if it’s hurt.

Then, it explodes. Hastur’s left arm flies.


「Amazing! What is that magic…!?」

Father and Rihanna-sama shout with joy. I was so surprised that I was not able to utter a word.

However, a long wiggling tentacle pops out of its lost arm. Everyone was not able to say a word.


Anri mutters so and I nod in agreement.

Hastur turned its remaining right hand to the direction of silver wind.

The next moment, a black pillar of light appeared.

「Wh-what’s that!?」

Thinking about it, the black pillar of light appeared immediately without time lag when Hastur raised its hand.

It is impossible to avoid such a thing.

「…So that is the reason for the instruction of moving around?」

「Father, this is not the time to make such a remark!」

I, who was upset by my father’s soliloquy, instinctively screamed.

「No, as expected of silver wind. Every one of them evaded.」

When I started moving as I panic, Keira-san said that while pointing at the left side of Hastur.

As I looked at that place, I saw every member of silver wind moving at the left side of Hastur.

Brunhilde-sama is provoking Hastur while Oguma-sama is protecting the two rearguards.

And Ataratte-sama is running while throwing small knives to Hastur.

Although Hastur is attacking with magic from time to time, every member of silver wind is avoiding them with room to spare.

However, Keira-san narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth.

「…With the way things are going, they’ll be hit by an attack sooner or later.」

When Keira-san says so, father nodded silently.

I raised my voice in a hurry.

「Th-then, we must do something soon…!」

When I said that, Rihanna-sama nodded and looked at me.

「I agree. Let’s attack from here as well. As rear guards, let us cast magic as much and as fast as possible.」

Rihanna-sama said that and turned her eyes to Hastur.

In response to Rihanna-sama’s words, I desperately chase Hastur’s movement with my eyes.

Though I can cast magic surprisingly fast, my body can’t follow.

After a short while, I was finally able to catch Hastur with my eyes.

「…Here it goes! Water shot!」

At the moment I said that, five water balls pop out from the tip of my wand in front of my chest.

The water balls were shot at Hastur at high speed and hit it as if being sucked.

Although it has little power, it is the fastest magic that I learned.

If I that can take its attention towards us….

Immediately after I thought of that, Hastur slightly changes the direction it was facing at and shook the tentacle that grew from its former arm.

The tentacle swayed like a whip in a fast speed that can’t be seen by my eyes that makes me unable to react.


There is nothing I can do but breath in, close my eyes, and harden my body in preparation for the upcoming impact.

The next moment, an intense sound like hard objects colliding sounded that makes me duck my body.

「Wind! Gather and become my power to blow everything! Tormentor!」

Fear gathers inside me. It seems like the sound of despair shatters my body. I heard the melodious voice of Rihanna-sama chanting.

When I finally opened my eyes, the windstorm is the only thing I can hear. I saw the figure of my father with his shield in front of us glaring at Hastur.


When I called my father with my screaming voice, he glanced at me and nodded.

「It was a good shot.」

After father said that, he shielded Rihanna-sama from the tentacle this time.

With a roaring should that’s enough to shake my body, father retreated greatly because of the impact.

「A-are you alright!?」

As I raised my voice, father nodded shallowly and opened his mouth.

「Ah…I’ve been beaten by some men with attack of that level to their heart’s content. There’s no problem.」

「That’s a big problem!」

I yelled unintentionally because of my father’s bluff.

Then, Keira-san stood in front of me and Rihanna-sama and nodded.

「As Ren-sama said, that moment your feet stop moving, it will cast magic so we should keep moving as much as possible. Defending such attack is much more difficult than evading.」


Listening to Keira-san’s advice, I started running towards Hastur’s back.

So that’s why. Because I did not move around, father has to protect me from that attack.

Now, I’ll keep my eyes open even if it’s scary!

Because I have a father I can rely on!



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