Chapter 65 – Mainz the Anaguma

To begin with, the outer wall of this world is not designed for bombardment.

The volunteer troops are firing their five bronze cannons on the base of the hill to the unprotected Lauren city.

「The enemies, are not doing anything…」

The color of impatience appeared on Lyle-sensei’s face for the first time.

「Sensei, why don’t we let Oracle-chan and Kaara to bomb them?」

「I heard from the traitor Garan mercenary group that “the anaguma” is accompanied by an advance mage. We cannot attack them carelessly.」

「So, the famous general is accompanied by a powerful mage.」

「Though the other party is accompanied by an advance mage, that is only a mediocre mage.」

Are, you’re saying like it’s not a big deal.

「That “Ulrich Three Sisters” is an advance mage.」

「Ah, so there are three of them.」

「That’s right, the three of them cooperates as one advance mage. Even if the genius mage Kaara collaborates with the fast flier Oracle, they will likely be shot down from the ground. Air raid is dangerous.」

TN: They are considered as one so they are treated as a singular entity in previous lines.

「I see….」

If you were hit by an attack while flying and lose consciousness, you will fall and die.

After all, even if they are strong mages, they are still humans. So this is one of the reasons why aerial battles are not popular even with advance mages.

「Takeru-dono, do you think that a bundle of advanced mage is dangerous?」

「Yes, of course. I thought that there’s only one.」

「As an advance mage, they are haughty and arrogant. They thought highly of themselves because they have higher magical power. They are the type of people that can be considered as the lowest pieces of s***.」

「Sensei, that is a little…」

I somewhat feel some personal grudge.

「Therefore, all of them should die….Excuse me. Advance magics have longer and wider range and are flashy too but they interfere with each other. Because of that, they dislike cooperating with others.」

「I see, I understand.」

「However, that is not the case for the “Ulrich Three Sisters”. As senior mages, they are ordinary but the three of them can cast joint advance magic. That is their greatest threat. Even pulling my personal feelings aside, they are existence that we must absolutely crush here.」

As I thought, there is some self-interest included.

However, this has become troublesome. There is the veteran Mainz, which specialized in defense, taking in command and there are three advance mages. Moreover, there are 10,000 soldiers stationed in the city.

There might be a way if the other party also attacks but they are not fighting back and are focusing on defending.

If this continues, the reinforcement from the empire might come.

The rain clouds caught my attention since they are somewhat unnatural.

「It’s the enemy’s magic. Mainz exactly knows that water is a weak point of cannons. Stop shooting! Cover the cannons with waterproofing sheet and put a tent on them.」

Rain cloud is an intermediate level water magic.

Lyle-sensei can also use that magic and can act as a magic dispeller.

I wonder why he decided to receive it and pretend that we can’t use the cannon.

The waterproofing sheet is made from the fur of gray ratman. It is a natural water repellant especially when waterproofing magic is applied to it.

It is an impossible task if there is a flood but it can naturally endure rain cloud.

Nevertheless, it will not change the fact that rain is a weak point of the gun powder and the fuse.

「Mainz only knew about firearms and cannons with the information he received. It will be fortunate if he misunderstands that those will be useless with this.」

There are only five bronze cannons here but sensei actually have ten more in other places.

The famous general Mainz and Lyle-sensei are mutually deceiving each other.

This is an intellectual warfare. Compared to the previous medieval fantasy I experienced, you could say that this is the essence of a real fantasy.

「However, we should not continue battling like this. Kaara, meteor strike please.」

Sensei tries to find a way to break the stalemate to the point of using the highest tier magic.

With the wise general Anaguma shutting himself, even sensei doesn’t have many hands to play either.

That is the highest tier magic Kaara is proud of. It will surely overturn the city.

If a meteorite suddenly came down from the sky without making a noise, the city is already dead.

TN: Hokuto no Ken reference.

「Kaara Demonia Demonicus prostrates herself, to the king of darkness that shines far away from the stars, manifest yourself to the valley of time-space, bring everything to ruin!」

The sky suddenly becomes dark and the starry sky spreads to the sky as meteorites sparks pouring down to the city of Lauren.

Cemetery locked on!

Zun(sfx) and heavy sounds shook the air as huge meteorites landed on the ground of the city.

She’s a really scary enemy but also a reassuring ally.

This is simply the strongest and most massive attack of all time.

「There’s still no movement even with this, impossible!」

Sensei cannot hide his surprise.

Even I was surprised.

How much confusion did that meteor strike cause the city of Ox when it was casted on it previously.

Against the highest tier magic, the city where the meteorites fell has been destroyed but the 10,000 troops are still hiding like it was nothing.

Mainz actions can’t be read at all. Sensei who’s holding his wand is meditating deeply in silence until a fast horse messenger came.

After hearing the report, sensei screamed.

「I see, so I was played with!」

The disappointed sensei threw the short want on the strategy map in vexation.

「What happened?」

「How did such…that explains why even using cannons, even after casting meteor strike, there is no reaction from the enemy. The enemy has already escorted Earl Brynie out of the city before we attacked it.」

Sensei grits his teeth in vexation.

「Of course, I’ve also considered that Mainz will escape with Brynie at the early stage of our attack. Therefore, while we were attacking here, I had a detached group to wait for their escape and strike there.」

If they managed to kill Earl Brynie, this war will end.

「However, Mainz let Earl Brynie retreat while being accompanied by the main force of the city of Lauren. There are about 5000 of them including strong knights are troops. It seems that the “Ulrich Three Sisters” are accompanying them too. That is not a scale that can be struck with a detached group.」

In other words, the only ones remaining in the city are those who were weakened by the nymph’s poison and General Mainz. I guess the rain cloud earlier was casted by an intermediate mage.

We were riding on the plan of the old general into attacking this paper mache city.

「Even if we run after them now, we will not make it in time. Mainz used himself, his injured troops, the sick, and the city itself as a decoy and had those healthy troops escort Brynie to retreat splendidly. It is a very good decision, worthy of giving merit…」

「Sensei seems to be enjoying it for some reason.」

Though sensei looks bitter, he seems to be in a good mood.

Because we’ve been acquainted for a long time, I somehow understand him and can point what he can and can’t bear.

「Why wouldn’t I? An experienced general like Mainz was forced to make a strategy where he himself is the decoy, any strategist will be laughing at that. 」

It is a sad thing that no one understands sensei.

For sensei, Mainz the anaguma is someone he can call a mentor he respects. He’s probably glad to have a face-off with that famous old man.

Since there were neither advance mages nor robust soldiers, the city is already a paper mache.

We attacked all gates with a cannon each and broke through the city walls. Our troops invaded the city like an angry wave.

Their detoxification potions were exhausted too so the soldiers in the city of Lauren were not able to stand up straight due to the nymph’s poison. The white flag has been immediately raised.

The treatment of the 5,000 injured and sick soldiers who remained in the city of Lauren was the same as we always do so let’s omit it.

The old general Mainz the anaguma is in the audience of the Lauren Castle. He’s waiting there alone with a cane.

He’s passed 60. He has a long white mustache with short hair, he’s wearing a white cloak over his heavy-looking plate mail, and he looks like a dignified jiisan.

Although his face is heavily wrinkled, his blue eyes, that is filled with color of intellect, are shining.

「Hoho, are you Lyle Laertius? You surprised me a little.」

He’s definitely surprised.

He insists that he is not but sensei is cuter than a girl.

「It’s a pleasure to meet your excellency, Mainz, the anaguma.」

Lyle-sensei knelt on one knee.

Looking at him, he looks like a simple laughing old man but he’s still a famous great general so I also kneeled in a panic.

「I have heard your past activities thoroughly. Lyle-kun will definitely be called the next generation’s great strategist.」

「Giving me that evaluation, I am thankful for your excellency.」

「Sooner or later, it will be impossible for everyone to ignore you. It would be nice if my defeat will be attached to you like a flower for your first war.」

「Is that so? But I’m still too young and will be unnoticed by the public. We may have defeated your excellency this time but we had a really hard time.」

Lyle-sensei smiled with self-ridicule.

However, it seems like he doesn’t feel bad after being praised by the famous general.

「Hoho, right right, age gives you wisdom. I cannot catch up with the youth’s physical movement but I can still swing the baton.」

「You could have withdrawn with the main force. General doesn’t necessarily have to remain in this city.」

「Is that so? But I think Lyle-kun will not be deceived if I were to get out of the castle.」

「Right. I would have noticed if his excellency is not the one giving commands.」

Pretending to have 10,000 soldiers stuffed in the city while what you really have are sick and wounded soldiers.

On top of that, only an experienced leader will be able to remain calm despite being bombarded with the highest tier magic.

「You’ll notice it immediately, you’re dangerous.」

「Do you think so? As soon as I notice it a little, there will still be hands that will clap.」

What’s wrong with these two’s conversation? I don’t get it.

「By the way, it was good to meet a young person like you at my time of death.」

「Are you not going to declare submission?」

Sensei raises his face for being a little surprised.

「I have already been in the battlefield since I had a rosy face like you. It has been forty years already. I am indebted to the present emperor, His Majesty Conrad. However, ever since the crown prince, the young lion, grips the military authority, he disapproved me for being old-fashioned. I thought that this is a good time.」

The smiling gray mustached general knelt on the spot and presented his neck.

Because we said that anyone who will not submit will be killed.

「I’m over sixty and can be considered as half dead due to age. Though this is something you can’t be proud of that much, I’ll be grateful if you pridefully receive it.」


I like this old general. I think that we should spare his life here.

Even sensei doesn’t want to kill him because sensei is a person who understands his talent(cheat).

「That’s why, your excellency Mainz, I must absolutely kill you here …」

Sensei grasps his wand hard and muttered so in a cold voice.

The other party is a great general who lost the match but won the game against sensei.

How dangerous will it be to let such an enemy live? If you think with reason, you’ll understand.


「Sensei, let’s utilize General Mainz.」

「Again? Takeru-dono, will you tell me your reason?」

Even if you asked me that, I haven’t thought about the reason.

「Let’s give this to Mainz as a loan. He is the type of general who’s willing to die for the old emperor Conrad because he’s indebted to him. If we save his life here as a favor, I’m sure he’ll return it in the future.」

When I said so, the white-mustached general raised his face in surprise.

He widened his small eyes and stared at me like a horse.

「Indescribable…You’ll let go of this senile grandfather who will probably die sooner or later just because you want me to return this grace?」

「My apologies Your Excellency Mainz. Our hero-dono is such a person.」

Sensei closed his eyes in amazement and pressed his forehead with his fingers.

Well, I guess I said something strange.

「Hohoho, that’s funny. I can’t read what this young lord is thinking. Lyle is probably having a hard time.」

「Yeah, just a bit …….」

Is sensei having a hard time because of me? Maa, let it be.

「Sounds good. You are the victor. You are free to utilize the head of this defeated army including the general. Do what you want with me.」

「I think it would be better to behead him. However, I’m just a strategist and must obey the order of the commander I serve or there is no military rule.」

Sensei quickly lowered the grasp of his wand.

「Sorry sensei.」

「It’s alright. Your military officers are here to only provide the best options under certain conditions. At the end of the day, Takeru-dono will be the one to decide.」

Sensei looks glad so I guess this is good.

For a strategist, my decision is inadequate.

「Good good. I thought that this old man would be able to enjoy his last service. It seems like the world has plans on its own.」

The kneeling old general Mainz, who’s wearing a heavy armor with a cane in his hands, stood up as if a ceremony has ended.

「Well well, Silesie’s Hero Takeru-dono, this dying old man will return your kindness. Before I die, I’ll make sure to have an opportunity to return your grace…」

The white-mustached general says that as if he feels unpleasant for not returning a favor.

He blends with the knights who are returning to their respective territories.

The old man left the city of Lauren on unsteady steps with his cane.



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