Chapter 27 – The Number of Residents Increases

This has been the tenth day since Tier started living with us.

She experienced everything Loo experienced and everything was settled now.

TN: I apologize but I can’t really find the “details” of that said experience no matter where I look.

She also fainted upon seeing Zabuton. Is it normal for women to faint upon seeing Zabuton?

She’s not that scary.

「Your body certainly won’t last with that. 」

「Right. I was saved when you came. 」

The two of them, who got along rapidly, are eating cucumber and tomato savorily.

Tier seems to like cucumber and she’s munching it crunchily…

Tier looks erotic while Loo doesn’t look suited for cucumber.

「You can escape via lolification but I don’t have the ability to do that… we need to consider other methods….like increasing the number of partners.」

「You know husband’s character. We want to increase our numbers but he’ll definitely get mad if we kidnap someone.」

「Right. But don’t worry. We don’t need to kidnap someone.」

「What’s on your mind?」

「Eeehh. I happened to see some before coming here. I’ll take a leave for a while.」

「… If you run away, I will chase after you.」

「I will not run away because my husband is here.」

Tier, after calling me in various ways, like Loo, called me “husband”.

Several days after Tier went out for business, Kuroichi and the others’ pups started to return.

Some of them were tattered.

Uhn, do your best.

The dogs who got here for the first time shows vigilance against me and Loo but became friendly when the kuros mediated.

There is no trouble at all.

One of the returning pups is a little special.

He brought back three partners.


It is one of the male pups of Iris.

The three partners he brought home are all females.

He looks weak but he doesn’t have any injuries.

It seems like he gets along well with the three he brought back.

I thought they are strictly one man one wife…am I wrong?

Maa, as long as there will be no trouble I will not say anything.

Like Fubuki, I also named him.


It is the main character of a rom-com, battle manga from my previous world.

TN: Reference? No idea.

He never decided who his partner will be and in the end, he impregnated all the female characters. It made a big commotion in the net.

The legendary man of harem, Masayuki.

I don’t yearn to be like him because it will take too much vigor.



Don’t I already like that with Loo and Tier…


I decided not to think about it.

When all of Kuroichi and the others’ pups returned safely, it feels like density rose up in a dash.

It seems like the tenement-style sheds I prepared was not that bad.

Well, it is better than sleeping outside.

And breeding will probably start.

They go out to the periphery of the forest to hunt together and come back with prey on their mouth.

I became busy with taking out blood and dismantling internal organs.

In addition, they knocked down boars several times and called me to carry it back.

Since I still need to take care of the fields, I’ve been working hard every day.

Tier came back.

Accompanying her were seven women.



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