Chapter 196 – Advent of the Saintess

Stone floors and wooden walls.

The wall is decorated with a green flag and there is a lamp hanging nearby.

The outside is bright and sunlight is coming from the square window to light up the dim room. The sunlight that enters the window is lighting feet.

Sitting on a sofa with her feet on the floor where the sunlight shines is a woman. She shook her silver hair and opened her mouth while looking puzzled.

「…so, there is only one remaining Hastur? You have given a miserable report. I felt something on my chest.」

The one who said that in a theatrical manner is the saintess Tiamoe. She spreads her hand exaggeratedly and looked up the sky.

TN: Can’t translate her line in a theatrical manner. Error: translator’s english not working.

In the depths of the room, in a place where the sunlight doesn’t reach, is a silhouette of a man sitting on a chair. He opens his mouth.

「There is only one Hastur remaining. Someone from this place lays his hands on it. Let’s move forward and move as planned.」

The voice unexpectedly came from a young man.

When the man replies to Tiamoe, he puts his weight at the backrest of the chair making it creak.

「Have you prepared carefully? He might be someone in this city or someone concealing itself nearby…have you found him already?」

When Tiamoe asked that while sighing, the man shrugged his shoulders.

「He never used flight magic so we have not discovered who it is yet. However, he hired mercenaries to help him search Hastur so he’s surely in the city.」

When the man reports so, Tiamoe knits her eyebrows and opens her mouth.

「Are you stupid? He’s someone who defeated Hastur. Not only that, he defeated three Hastur really fast. Such information is baseless.」

「No, it is meaningful. From the rumors we collected from the mercenaries who came back to the city, he seems to have been looking for Hastur while camping outside. However, now, they are hiding and left the search to the mercenaries.」

「Then, in this city or a nearby village….wait a minute. They? Did you just say they? Isn’t there only one apostle of god?」

To the man’s answer, Tiamoe, whose eyebrows are knit, asked back.

Then, the man shallowly nods.

「From what we heard, the apostle of god is “someone” called Ren. However, he is presently taking action with ten other people including an S rank party of adventurers.」

When the man said so, Tiamoe widened her eyes for a moment, stopped moving, and started laughing.

「Fu, fufu! Ahahahah! Adventurers! They are normal people that can’t do anything!」

When Tiamoe said so and laughed, the man groaned.

「….though they are just pawn, they have various uses. They can block the escape route and they can also act as bait. They will do anything for money.」

When the man muttered so and looked at Tiamoe, Tiamoe gently smiled and lifted her butt from the sofa.

「I don’t care if they are pawn or if they all want is money, all I know is they can’t win against my soldiers. Let’s smoke them out quickly and crush them.」

Tiamoe says so as she turns her back to the man and began walking. The man lets out a shallow sigh and turns his sight to the window.

In the city that became suddenly noisy.

A man who seemed to be a mercenary came to report to us who are in the bar.

「Mercenary from Fire Lizard’s Fang! Soldiers are overflowing the city! All of them are from the saint army!」

When the man reported so excitedly, he stood up there straight without moving to wait for my words.

「….saint army. They came to look for me after all.」

I said so and got up from the chair.

「….we didn’t make it in time.」

Rihanna said so in vexation and Sherry nodded.

「Even though there is only one left….」

After Sherry says that, Brunhilde’s group rise from their seat and open their mouth.

「Since it becomes like this, we have to choice but to face those soldiers.」

「I agree. Ren-sama, please concentrate on the saintess.」

When Brunhilde and Meldia said those, I replied.

「Ah. First of all, we have to move to a place where we can fight. In addition, most of the mercenaries are outside the city. They probably need permission to enter the city now.」

When I said so, Oguma knitted his eyebrows and looked at me.

「….we all know that the saint army are already inside the city but, are we going to fight them inside the city?」

「No, it’s not that. I’m sick of sleeping in camps outside to the point that I need to restore my spirit.」

「…Indeed. We’ll certainly feel rested here than in a tent.」

When Oguma answers reluctantly, the intense atmosphere loosened slightly.

I turned my back on everyone and opened my mouth to the mercenary who brought the report.

「Investigate the schedule of the main unit of the imperial army. Also, though you already know it, inform me once you find out the location of Hastur.」

「Y-yes! We will inform all mercenary groups!」

After receiving my instruction, the mercenaries ran outside in a haste.

After confirming that, I turned again to everyone.

「Now, strategic retreat. But this is only temporary.」

I said so and laughed.

The main street of the city is full of heavily armed soldiers who don’t speak nor has expressions.

That scenery was quite different from its usual lively appearance.

Most people are now hiding indoors and the only ones walking on the streets are merchants and adventurers.

To such heavy atmosphere, a flashy group of people attracted everyone’s attention.

That strange group includes someone with shining silver armor and a warrior wearing a skeletal motif armor.

The man leading the group is a truly beautiful young man whose appearance seemed like a piece of art that is carefully made.

The young man with raven black hair and black eyes is walking straight calmly on that main street.

All the soldiers walking on the main street directed their gaze to him who has a dignified attitude.

「We came out after all.」

When the young man says so as he raises the edge of his mouth, the amazed man wearing skeletal armor opens his mouth.

「Of course. No way, did you think that the status quo will be maintained?」

When the armored man said so, the soldiers made a signal and gathered around that group.

The young man laughed and raised one of his hands.

Gale Broad

The young man murmured those words and whirling wind that can take down buildings gushed on the main street.

As the result of that storm, the heavy armored soldiers in the main street were not able to move and nearly half of them collapsed and hit the ground.

The sudden occurrence of that gust of wind did not affect the young man and his surroundings. The young man even walked without his hair moving.

「I’ve already decided to fight. Then, after it comes out, we’ll withdraw magnificently.」

When the young man said so as he walked, the skeletal armored man, who’s following him, opened his mouth in amazement again.

「Where are we going to withdraw…?」

The man muttered so as it mixed with the raging wind.



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