Chapter 199 – Native Inhabitants vs. Saintess

Dan and Brunhilde dashed to approach Tiamoe who seems to be in a disadvantageous position.

「I will strike first!」

When Dan screamed so without looking back at Brunhilde,  the sword wielding Brunhilde replied.

「Affirmative! Don’t push yourself!」

When Brunhilde says so, she reduces her speed and hides behind Dan.

On the other hand, Dan increases his running speed, leaving marks on the ground, towards Tiamoe.

When Dan cuts down his distance with Tiamoe to nearly 10 meters, Tiamoe raises her face and narrows her eyes towards Dan and Brunhilde behind him.

And shook her staff towards Dan.

Immediately afterwards, after being blocked by something invisible, Dan retreated and set up his shield.

He stabilized his posture and bend his upper body. He also stabs his sword on the ground with his other hand in order to not fall down.

Because they were not able to get close, Brunhilde, who’s watching from behind, instinctively hesitated to attack.

Tiamoe looks at Dan, who’s glaring at her, with eyes of irritation.

「To think that small fries will be thrown….even if you’re disposable pawns, how much time do the two of you think you can buy?」

When Tiamoe mutters so, she shook her staff several times to the left and right.

When Dan’s body shook from an impact, Dan sets up his shield in a panic.

Dan, who’s confronting Tiamoe, holds the sword he stabs on the ground tightly and clenches his teeth.

The next instant, five shield bending shocks hit Dan’s shield. On the sixth impact, Brunhilde, who lowered her posture behind Dan, opened her mouth.

「I’ll go behind her! After that, approach her from this side too!」

Brunhilde shouted and jumped out the moment Dan was hit again by another impact.

Thanks to the magic items with magic carved seal, Brunhilde was able to run as fast as the wind. A smile appeared on Tiamoe’s face as she chases her with her eyes.

「You’re quite fast. However, if you can’t approach me, you can’t be my opponent.」

Tiamoe shook her staff twice.

The first one is a shot aiming at Brunhilde and the second one is aimed at Dan who just injured all her previous shots.

With just that two moves, Brunhilde was devastated and Dan was sewn to the ground.

「Wh, wha-what has hit me!?」

Unlike the heavily armored Dan, though Brunhilde’s light armor is of good quality, she can’t endure such attack.

When Tiamoe noticed that they can’t approach her, she chuckled and raised the staff over her head.

「I will have you leave quickly….”sickle of the god of death”」

When Tiamoe said so, black fog sprouted over her head.

That fog has taken shape into a person’s upper body and in the part that looks like hands formed a sickle made of black fog.

Dan and Brunhilde held their breath upon seeing that spectacle. The sickle shook horizontally as if mowing grass.

Up to that moment, all the attack they received came in front. This attack came from the side and is approaching in an overwhelming speed.

Seeing the action of the sickle fog, the two were able to respond in the last minute and were able to defend themselves with shields.

However, not just the speed, but the power of that fog sickle is beyond their imagination. The two of them were blown off like balls.

They rolled many times on the ground. When they managed to raise their upper body, they are already 50 meters away from Tiamoe.

When Tiamoe noticed that the two of them are still alive, she knitted her eyebrows.

「Aren’t you unexpectedly sturdy…? Maa, it doesn’t change a thing. Insects will still die if they are crushed.」

After saying that, Tiamoe uses the “sickle of the god of death” skill again.

Seeing that, Brunhilde stood up and supported the shield in her left arm with her right hand.

「Fast…it is hard to react against that. Should roll on the ground or jump to evade it?」

「That might not be possible. The only thing we can do with our power is to put all our might to our shield…」

Dan replies to Brunhilde’s idea with a frowning face. Brunhilde sighs and sets up her shield.

「….Then, why don’t you try your luck with me?」

「Try my luck?」

「One of us will roll on the ground and the other will jump. If the two of us separate from up and down at the same time, maybe it will only target one.」

To Brunhilde’s proposal, Dan knitted his eyebrows and sighed.

「…I’m the tougher than you so I might still be okay even if it hits my back when I roll. On the other hand, if you can’t stabilize your shield when you jump, you might be split in two.」

When Dan said that as if joking around, Brunhilde’s face twitched and glanced at Dan.

「…that’s not funny at all.」

Brunhilde replies as she turns to Tiamoe and lowers her stance.

「Let’s split up as it approached us.」


When Dan says that to Brunhilde, the two of them started running towards Tiamoe.

Seeing the two charging people, Tiamoe laughed then shook her staff.

At that moment, when Tiamoe shook her staff from the right to the left, Dan and Brunhilde split up to the up and down to evade but they were hit by something.

Because they were attacked while running, they fell to the ground and raised voice of agony.

Seeing the two who are unable to get up, Tiamoe clears her throat.

「You thought that I can’t move when I summon this child, right? That might be the reason why you decided that move.」

Tiamoe muttered so and walked down the two fallen people.

Brunhilde put her hand on the ground and raised her face. She opens her mouth while coughing.

「…In-indeed. We never thought that you can attack at the same time…」

Brunhilde said that with a pale face. Dan snorted as he shook his head to the left and right.

Blood flows out from the edge of their mouth.

When they saw the black fog floating above Tiamoe’s head ready to attack them, an unexpected gust of wind attacked Tiamoe.

「….! This!」

Tiamoe lowered her posture in order to not be blown away b the gust of wind and looked at the direction where the gust of wind came from.

On the other hand, Brunhilde and Dan looked at each other’s face then stood up and started running.

They are already focused on attacking with all their heart and don’t mind making a suicide attack.

However, the black fog sickle was not affected by the gust of wind. It will attack them any moment.

10 meters remaining.

Tiamoe finally turned her eyes to the two of them. At their distance, they can even see Tiamoe’s long eyelashes.

Tiamoe recognized the two as she widens her eyes a little. She smiles then shakes her staff.


The moment Brunhilde shouts so, Dan slides and rolls on the ground while Brunhilde jumps to approach Tiamoe.

Because Brunhilde suddenly jumped, Tiamoe unexpectedly delayed her attack a little.


Using that little time, Dan kicked the ground to shorten their distance and pierced his sword towards Tiamoe’s abdomen.


At the same time, Brunhilde slashed her sword from above towards Tiamoe’s head.

But just before their swords touch Tiamoe’s body, they were stopped by something.

Seeing that, the two of them were astonished. Tiamoe smiled and laughed.

「Fu, fufufu….small fries are small fries after all. Die.」

When Tiamoe said that, the black fog above her head started moving.

However, at the time when the black fog shook its sickle, the two moved behind Tiamoe.

Dan and Brunhilde were not attacked by the fog. It seems like the range limit of the attack is from the left and right of the caster.

「..! Curse you!」

Along with Tiamoe’s angry voice, is a shock wave from Tiamoe’s staff. She was able to hit Dan, who managed to set up his shield, without looking at him.

Brunhilde, on the other hand, shook her sword towards Tiamoe’s back and opens her mouth.

Difenari Blade!」

Brunhilde, who shook the sword with all her might towards Tiamoe’s head, shouted so.

In response to her voice, Tiamoe started to turn around to look back at Brunhilde. However, Brunhilde doesn’t care. She grits her teeth and put all her power to her hand.

Just before the sword emits light, Brunhilde’s sword broke through Tiamoe’s barrier and hits her right shoulder.

Brunhilde’s sword shines as she cuts Tiamoe’s right shoulder when Tiamoe was about to turn around.

「Kuh, ah….!?」

Although she did not suffer a deep wound, Tiamoe widened her eyes as if she can’t believe that she was scratched.

That moment, the effect of Brunhilde’s long sword was activated.

Along with the thunder and impact that shakes the atmosphere, Tiamoe was swallowed by a white light.



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