Chapter 200 – The Saintess and Another One

A smile floated on my lips when I saw the thunder effect of Brunhilde’s long sword.

It is a good miscalculation.

Dan and Brunhilde’s strength is higher than expected. Or, is that saintess not that strong?

Either way, they are fighting well against Tiamoe.

I am not sure if it is related to the controller but Nyarlathotep is also dying.

His game version is much stronger but is it because he’s manipulated?

「Maa, it’s pointless to think of it. I’ll finish this off quickly.」

I dash to start our battle again. I used my consecutive combo skill that I can continuously use.

「Five stage slash!」

I have already activated that skill a number of times.

Since Nyarlathotep is already losing, it received all my attack with its body.

All its limbs including its neck were dismembered. Nyarlathotep fell to the ground without being able to do anything and turned into sand before disappearing.

During the game, I concentrate too much on battling Nyarlathotep that I have often fought it in nearly an hour.

But this time, did I really fought against Nyarlathotep?

I tilted my head while considering why Nyarlathotep has become considerably weaker than expected. After that, I turned my face to the direction of the saint army.

Because of my battle against Nyarlathotep, the saint army surrounding us were annihilated. Rihanna’s group is now overrunning them with magic.

The soldiers who were not hit by the rain of fire were taken care of by Keira and Oguma while Ataratte and Anri are protecting the mages.

Marina is there for support too so the wall of eight was not broken through.

While I was carefully checking the surrounding, I begun to run to assist Dan and Brunhilde’s battle against Tiamoe.

Tiamoe, who is now cautious against Brunhilde’s attack, is now taking distance from here. Dan took this chance to go behind Tiamoe and hits her with his sword with all his might.

Dan’s blow tears up Tiamoe’s barrier and managed to slash her from her shoulder to her waist.


Tiamoe’s scream echoed. I knitted my eyebrows and set up my sword.

This will be a battle between the players who controlled Nyarlathotep and the one who defeated it.

I’m currently waiting for Dan and Brunhilde to go for the final blow.

A necromancer is not enough to beat a high-rank last boss monster so she must have a companion.

I noticed something so I looked behind me.

Then, I saw a blade of a sword appeared in front of me. My intuition was right.

I shook my sword to defend and looked at the owner of the sword.

「As expected, you’re her guardian?」

When I said that, the man, whose emotion is noticeable, clicked his tongue and set up his sword again.

It is a man with long black hair and sharp eyes. He’s wearing a simple kind of black armor that is made up of leather and metal.

His weapon is a kodachi. He turned the blade of his longer than a short sword but shorter than a sword weapon to me.

The man looks at my face for a moment then kicks the ground and flies to the side and quickly runs towards Tiamoe.

I immediately chased after the man. The man set up his sword as he cuts his distance with Dan and Brunhilde.

The man managed to move to Tiamoe’s side with minimum necessary movement and managed to parry Brunhilde’s sword that was about to pierce Tiamoe.

The man also managed to block Dan with his small sword while Tiamoe, who received numerous wounds, fell to the ground and panted.

「Another one!」

Dan shouted and raises his sword. Brunhilde, who recovered from her surprise turned the tip of her sword to the man.

「Saint and saintess, if you want me to let you leave, tell me where the last Hastur is.」

When I said that, the man looked at me and opened his mouth.

「….you didn’t meet it? You might not have an opportunity to do so anymore.」

To the words the man said in a low voice, I shrugged my shoulders and looked at the man.

「If that woman there is a necromancer, there is a limit to the number of people she can manipulate. Assuming that she’s manipulating Nyarlathotep and Hastur, won’t Hastur be able to freely move if I kill that woman?」

When I inform him so, the man knitted his eyebrows and glared at me.

Looking back at them, the man’s hand and Tiamoe’s body are emitting light.

It looks like the recovery skill of a holy knight, “treatment”.

Tiamoe, who’s shallowly wounded, is slightly healed. Her rough breathing gradually stabilized.

「Stop that. She wouldn’t die with something like that. If you treat her further….」

When I uttered that to stop what the man is doing, he stopped using “treatment”.

「….It seems like you’re not a feminist.

The man murmured so and put down his sword.

「You want to know where Hastur is? It’s in the imperial capital. Can you let us go now?」

「…Imperial capital? No, that can’t be.」

When I heard the man, I instinctively denied what he said for a moment. It seems like Tiamoe has recovered at that moment and looked at me with eyes full of hatred.

「I-isn’t the apostle of god supposed to be one man…? Y-you’re nothing but an impostor that cleverly set up this tricky trap…!」

Tiamoe said that with a disgusted face then murmured something as she put power to her staff.

Then, the man changed his expression for the first time and looked at Tiamoe.


The man shouted to stop Tiamoe while Dan and Brunhilde turn their swords at Tiamoe as a precaution.

At that time, a black shadow spreads on the ground.

For a moment, I thought that something is coming from above but I deny that possibility after seeing the strange shadow extended.


When I said that and looked down at the shadow, Tiamoe looked at the man with ridicule.

「Navaro! Kill that woman! I will kill this guy! We won’t lose if its one on one!」

Tiamoe stood up and looked at Dan.

The man called Navaro gritted his teeth and stared at Tiamoe. He quickly hit the back of Tiamoe’s head with the handle of his kodachi that makes her lose consciousness.

「…there’s no way we can execute that plan….No, it was my fault that I miscalculated what she’s thinking.」

The man mutters so as he catches Tiamoe by her waist.

「Do you think you can escape!?」

When Dan roared as he thrust his sword against the man, Navaro pointed at the black shadow spreading on the ground and opened his mouth.

「Do you think you have time to take care of me?」

Navaro said that while looking at the ground with a calm expression.

The shadow converged rapidly and became a three-dimensional being by having a height.

What appeared was Hastur who’s hiding its face within its robe.


While Dan raised a voice of surprise as he turned his sword towards Hastur, Navaro, who’s carrying Tiamoe, looked at me.

「…I admit defeat. This is something for you.」

After saying that, Navaro surprisingly ran away with grace.

My initial motion was too late as I was surprised by Navaro’s too natural retreat. Meanwhile, the solidified Hastur started to move in front of me.

「Are you going to chase them!?」

When Brunhilde asked, I shook my head to the left and right and sighed.

「It will be meaningless since the two of you no longer has strength. We have found Hastur, our primary target. Let’s settle it first.」

I answered and took Hastur’s magic attack with my barriers.



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