Chapter 201 – Guild Member’s Revival

Along with the dazzling light, Sainos, Sedeai, Soarer, Io, Laurel, Rosa, Canaan, and Lagreat, who’s in his black dragon form, began to move.

Sainos dubiously knits his eyebrows as he looks to the right and left.

「….oya? Where are we….」

When Sainos mutters so, everyone else also looks at the astonished spectators are looking up at them.

「….it seems like we were not able to protect my master.」

When Laurel said that, everyone’s face stiffens. Lagreat groaned in his not usual tone when he heard what Laurel has said.

「Wh-what happened?」

Canaan, who was not able to figure out anything, asked that question. Soarer, who’s looking down, opens her mouth.

「We didn’t fight it before so I don’t know the details but in the past, my lord has subdued a raid boss by himself….It was an evil god and I assume that we have been sealed.」

Soarer said that while shaking her tail but she’s obviously in a bad mood. Canaan looked around with a pale face and spoke again.

「Se-sealed….!? Th-then, could we possibly have been sealed for a number of years…?」

The atmosphere became remarkably heavy. Although Canaan has no intention to do so, she received everyone’s anger.

「…Either way, since we were unsealed, my lord might have exterminated all four Hasturs.」

When Sainos mutters so in a low voice,  he loudly asks one of the spectators surrounding them.

「Do you know where the beautiful man with splendid black hair that is known to be the apostle of god is?」

When Sainos asked so, the plump man in question seemed to panic. He looked around first to verify if he’s the one being asked then answered in a moderate voice.

「Pe-perhaps he went that way…」

When the man answered so, Sunny, who heard it, immediately turns downward and opened her mouth.


When Sunny called him, Lagreat roared and flapped his wings.

The moment I saw something black flying in the sky, I had a feeling that it is Lagreat.

And as it approaches, I finally recognize its figure. I also saw the faces I know well lined up on its back. I feel relieved.

Somewhere in my mind, I’m thinking of the possibility of the seal not being removed.

Looking at my members waving their hands towards me, my sense of tension loosened and I finally smiled.

「My lord!」

Lagreat is still descending but everyone already jumps down and raises their voice.

「Yo-you’re safe!」

I shrugged my shoulder and shook my head to the left and right to what Sainos said.

「I’m already at my limit. I’m taking this opportunity to recover then chase the saint and saintess of the empire’s religion in order to exterminate them.」

I said that as a joke. Everyone’s eyes change color.

「Leave it to me! I will chop all of the enemies of my lord!」

「Oi, don’t leave me out.」

「Master, can you also leave it to me?」

「….burn them.」

「I will make them regret that they were born.」

To my joke, everyone shouted in high spirit to the point Lagreat spewed fire in the air.

Rihanna’s group, who were waiting a bit behind, were frightened by everyone’s anger.

Incidentally, the saint army collapsed like a puppet who’s thread was cut off when Tiamoe fainted.

「This is our best chance. However, the place is the enemy’s stronghold. We should crush the saint army without fail.」

When I said so, Rihanna mysteriously looked at me.

「If we were able to neutralize the saints, will the war with the empire ends?」

「That is possible but I would like to use the empire as a material to unify the international alliance.」

When I answered Rihanna ‘s question, Oguma groaned.

「I see. Then let’s reduce the war potential of the other party before the decisive battle with the allied forces.」

「Ah. Removing the treat in order for the international alliance to achieve overwhelming victory and use it as an advertisement later.」

I say so and laugh then turn my face to everyone.

「Now, let’s go to battle.」

When I told them so, the sealed people roared.

—Immenstadt Empire・Imperial Capital—

In a hall with white walls, high ceilings, and semicircular large windows.

Laying on the floor is a blue carpet, a lot of gorgeous flags on the wall, and the door of the wall is big as if designed for giants.

Four huge chandeliers brightly lights up the hall.

There is a long table in the center of the hall and there are 14 people surrounding it.

It is quiet since none of them is speaking. Finally, the man sitting at the innermost part opens his mouth.

「…So, Hastur has been exterminated.」

Though it is a little bit hoarse, he has a young voice.

As he speaks, the eyes of everyone else gather on him.

It is a young man with long blond hair. Though his ears are short, he is a beautiful boy that can be mistaken for an elf. He has a pure-white skin and an eye-catching armor.

「Indeed, Hastur was exterminated. Well, it’s just a surplus war potential.」

A woman with pink hair replied to the man and shrugged her shoulders.

「This is outside of our expectations. But it can’t be helped since there are 10 of them.」

The man sitting on the other side of the table was displeased with the two’s conversation.

That man has a long black hair and black clothes, Navaro.

「…Like what I said earlier, we have sealed off that man’s subordinates but we were still defeated. Our chance of winning is small.」

Navaro said that with a tire expression. The pink haired woman looked at him with eyes of disdain.

「Navaro and Tia-chan fought against 10 people. You only lost because it is two against 10 but you are saying it as if we were also defeated.  Navaro, are you stupid?」

The woman says so as she snorts. The man sitting on the other side sighs and opens his mouth.

「If you also count those who were turned into statue by Hastur, they might have about 20 to 25 people. There 13 of us, Tiamoe, the weakest of us, can fight against two of them so I think we are superior.」

Navaro knitted his eyebrows to the man’s line and shook his head to the left and right.

「What a shallow consideration. From the information we received, we were told that he was walking around with four to five followers on his side but now he has more than 20. The possibility of him having more is high.」

「Is that so? Do you think that it is right to consider those as their maximum potential in the upcoming decisive battle? Wasn’t it just the first half of them were sealed then the other half were those who came in later? Should we also consider that the ability of the master is superior to us and our ability is only on par with his subordinates?」

「I think that guy is really dangerous. I think we should think about the other party’s standpoint and device strategy against each of…」

When Navaro was making a negative comment to the man’s guess, the woman who heard it clicked her tongue and glared Navaro.

「What strategy? Do you think this is shogi? This is reality and not a game. Think about it, the necromancer Tia-chan is winning until that man came close, right? If that is the case, they are not our opponent either. Also, those 10 subordinates of his are of similar ability, right? Now, did any of those I said wrong?」

When the woman said so as if to make him a fool, Navaro nods with a bitter expression.

「Everything you said is correct. However, for example, if the 10 people he brought back them were local resident of this world, our assumption is far from correct…」


The woman utters such voice after hearing Navaro.

The woman glared at Navaro and seemed to be ready to shout any moment. To control the situation, the man opens his mouth.

「We already crushed the two called the highest peak of S rank adventurers and they were not a threat. Or, are you saying that the level of adventurers in the kingdom is completely different compared to the empire?」

When the man gently denied Navaro’s opinion, Navaro stood up in silence and turned his back on everyone.

Aiming at his back, the man muttered with a smile.

「…Unlike chess, there are times when your shogi piece becomes an enemy piece, right?」

When the man mutter so, the woman exaggeratedly hid her mouth with both of her hand and made a surprise pose.

「No way, not fighting with is no different than betraying us!?」

When the woman said such a line, Navaro sighed and left the hall.



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