Chapter 202 – War with the Empire・Preliminary Skirmish

Flying in the blue sky while listening to the sound of the wind.

Until a minute ago, impatience was visible in my face but now, it has calmed down.

I’ll be fighting again with my comrade-at-arms for many years. This fact makes me at ease.

While thinking of such a thing, I looked at my companions below me.

I had Rihanna’s group ride on Lagreat’s back and my guild members including me, fly with flight magic.

Sedeia, Rosa, and Sainos are watching the surroundings while Io and Sunny are holding wands in their hands in order to be able to cast magic anytime while flying.

In the middle is Laurel. He’s absentmindedly looking at everyone.

Soarer is speaking with Canaan. Canaan is obviously nervous and is behaving poorly so she’s trying to make her relax.

Rihanna doesn’t seem to be bothered but seeing the faces of my guild members, I’m sure she’s not that calm.

While thinking of such a thing, Rosa turned her face to me.

「Oh, boss! I found an army troop that seems to be the imperial army there!」

When Rosa reported that, I paid more attention to the ground. We have entered the empire’s territory for a while now and we finally saw them.

Looking at it, they are currently in ranks in the form of a distorted quadrangle. The soldiers are on a meadow where there are few obstacles.

However, their number is few so they are clearly not for war purposes.

「They are not really prepared. It’s all thanks to leader’s quick action.」

When Sedeia said that, Sunny looked up at me and opened her mouth.

「Shall I do it, master?」

Sunny asked that while restlessly moving the wand in her hand. Because of her line, everyone now is on moderate tension.

However, I lightly shake my head and point to the ground.

「According to the report, the invasion troop to the Rembrandt Kingdom includes the saint army. We have to confirm it first. One should advance from the city you just occupied using the route with the shortest distance. I don’t think there is any advantage from advancing from their controlled fortress or towns while making a detour….that said, I can’t think of the reason why they are not in a hurry.」

When I said that, Soarer knitted her eyebrows and looked up at me.

「In other words, it is a trap?」

「I don’t think so. I also don’t think that they are marching or will be preparing to eat either. Are they forming their ranks with the purpose of attacking us?」

Continuing after Soarer, Laurel tried to read my words.

I already shifted my thoughts form event boss battle to guild war.

After all, I am familiar with all the defensive technique for base protection.

I pointed my finger towards the soldiers on the ground and explained.

「Look at them, isn’t the number of soldiers moving only 10? The others are clay dolls. They are wearing cheap armor but they are definitely just a decoy.」

「Eh!? Those are dolls!?」

Ataratte reacted with a shout to my words.

Her loud voice attracted everyone’s eyes so she hurriedly closed her mouth. Looking at it, I smiled wryly.

「Yes, dolls. And, if you attack those dolls, a trap will be activated. The most common type will be attack reflection or travel restriction. The reflection type will reflect even the highest tier magic after 10 seconds.」

TN: Travel restriction means you can still move but are forced to stay at that place. Can’t think of a better term.

When I told them so, those who already experienced those from the game’s guild wars did not react but Rihanna’s group were visibly stiffened.

「There are various variations of that type of trap. They made a detour after setting up a trap and once it’s activated, we might have to face a pincer attack.」

After saying so, I stood still in the air.

Seeing that I stopped, everyone reduces their speed and looked at me.

「In that case, I’ll show you what needs to be done to deal with any variations of that trap.」

After saying so, I raised my hand aiming for the ground.

There is not much cloud and we are about two kilometers away from the imperial troops-like trap.

This is the right distance.

「Io, Sunny, counter the reflect. Don’t overdo it since there are two of you. Just accurately cancel it.」

When I gave them instructions, they both replied.

And I cast the magic.

「Boreas Tormenta」

When I muttered so, the magic was casted.

The shape of the surrounding clouds changes due to the converging wind and the sky changes color to black.

Thunder rang and white crystal flew around the air.

The crystals grew bigger to lumps of ice as the wind blew them.

A storm with destructive power, lumps of ice falling down, and lightning strikes can be seen.

The range is wide and it covers over a radius of one kilometer.

Rihanna’s group widened their eyes and were at a loss for words as they saw the highest tier natural disaster magic.

「Though it has the greatest range and power, it will take nearly 10 seconds to be fully activated.」

When I muttered so, Meldia looked at me as if looking something incredible.

And, when I was looking around the icy lightning storm, a part of the ground glittered like there is a round glass over it.

「Io, Sunny」

After confirming it, I call the name of the two. The nod lightly while holding their wand.

「Gale Euros」

「Diablo Flame」

They instantly casted magic and shoot flames and winds to the storm shooting at us.

The two of them splendidly adjusted the power and range of their magic to be enough just to cancel the storm.

White fog came in as the by-product of the trap and the countermagic but it was cleared by natural winds in about a few seconds.


Someone mutters such word.

Maa, it can’t be helped.

Anyway, the road was blown off along with the surrounding meadow and forest.

It looks like a scene from a movie after a hurricane passes. I give order to Sedeia and Rosa.

「The other party did not know that their trap has failed and are probably on their way. Search around the sky for signs of surprise attack.」


They search around after answering.

This is not the game so if they are killed, they might really die.

TN: Not sure if NPC = people.

Perhaps the danger of facing them upfront has passed and I should expect them to attack from the rear.

Also, there is a high possibility of them hiding around the vicinity.

As I think of such a thing and look down at the ground, I, unexpectedly, see a movement from the clay doll trap.


I heard Sedeia’s voice as a square-like lid rises from the ground.

And, a man in white armor with golden hair showed up.

Looking at it, Sedeia’s group started to find out who the hiding person is with a dissatisfied face.

「The insect has come out.」

「Ah, so it’s an insect. Let’s crush it.」

The two of them has such a dark conversation in addition to their dark smiles.



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