Chapter 203 – Wild Saints and Saintesses Appeared!

「They are hiding in several places around.」

I received Sedeia’s report and I somewhat agree with them.

They are confident because of their ikkitousen capability. In fact, I would have done the same if I were to face against the troops of other countries.

However, the problem is, we are also ikkitousen.

When I thought about such a thing and smiled, Sainos made a terrible, scary face and opened his mouth.

「My liege! Please, give us the chance to redeem ourselves!」

When Sainos says so, every one of them lowers their heads.

「Do you know the number of the other party including those who are still hiding?」

「There are 12 of them.」

Rosa answered my question.

There is not much difference between 100 against 102 but it will be a tough battle for 9 versus 12.

Well, my guild has won against another in a 1000 versus 200 war but the possibility of dying permanently now is high. We can’t lose.

I looked at Rihanna’s group thinking where should I take them then Lagreat roared.

Hearing that, Soarer opens her mouth.

「My lord….there is no need to worry. Just like what Lagreat said, the eight of us will never lose. Please relax and watch our battle.」

Eh? I’m not included?

I was dumbfounded with Soarer’s line. Sunny nodded with burning eyes.

「Leave it to me. I’ll make sure to dispose and incinerate them properly that they won’t leave anything.」

Dispose and incinerate? They are not garbage.

I am amazed with everyone’s motivation so I decided to steel myself.

「…okay. Then do it. I’m sure that that blonde is a decoy and the opponents are surrounding him. Sainos will take care of that blonde. Laurel, Lagreat, Sedeia, and Rosa will take care of those around. Sunny and Io will cover you and Soarer will assist.」

Everyone replied with a loud voice when I told them the strategy.

「Re-Ren-sama!? How about me!?」

Canaan who remained silent until now interrupted us. By the way, Canaan was also sealed so she probably wants to redeem herself too.

However, her ability is not sufficient.

「…okay. Canaan will protect Soarer. You will serve as her guard. Do your best.」


Not noticing the meaning behind my order, Canaan replied.

I feel like I’m a club adviser of a club participating in the national competition. I nodded generously to my command.

「Let’s get it on!」

<Saints and Saintesses POV>

It is quite late. They are still not taking any actions, are they still wary of traps?

「That’s probably the reason why they’re still not moving.」

After talking to myself, I paid more attention to the surrounding.

The surrounding was blown away by wind, ice, fire, and lightning magic. Using that much magic, all traps would have been activated already.

While I was considering the opponent’s actions, they started moving at last. Silhouette of approximately 10 people has fallen from the sky.

「….let’s wait and see」

I muttered so while looking at the people descending on the ground.

Only nine came down. It seems like more than half are waiting at the sky.

Maa, it might be a good decision that only I showed up. They sent only nine. This will end up in battle for sure.

Item box, sword of the supreme king of truth.」

I took out my favorite weapon from the item box.

Red and gold blade, black guard and handle. It is an orichalcum sword with magic carved seal. This unparalleled beauty can be considered as the best work of art.

I turn the tip of my sword to the nine young men and women and open my mouth.

「My name is Eisenstein. Some call me golden knight. I am simply the strongest….now, now. I’ll show you our difference in strength.」

When I say so, a beastkin male raised the edge of his mouth and pulled out his sword.

「Interesting. I’m Sainos. I am the strongest subordinate of my liege. I accept your kind offer so teach me our difference in strength.」

The tall beastkin who introduces himself as Sainos raises the tip of this sword to the height of my face. No way, is he going to fight with me alone?

I’m not sure if he’s crazy or overconfident.

「This will be easy. Allow me to hunt quickly…!」

At the same time I said that, I held my sword and kicked the ground.

I pushed my sword straight at Sainos’ neck.

This is the fastest dash and the fastest thrust.

Using this, I had various enemies….



I instinctively gave out a surprised voice because of the numbness of my hand. I never thought that my unstoppable blow was repelled.

While looking at my face, Sainos turns the tip of his sword to me.

「Well….are you done with your startup test? Hora, please show me our difference in strength now.」

To use my words to make fun of me, I felt intense irritation.

I turn my sword and open my mouth.


Using a skill, I raised my physical ability to the limit.

「With this, both of my power and speed went up one level. You’ll regret making fun of me.」

As I said so, Sainos nodded happily for some reason.

「Now that you’re serious, let’s do it.」

Sainos slightly dropped his waist as he shook his tail.

What a fool…!

「Ten flash strike….!」

I used my strongest single skill. After raising my power and speed, I now used my strongest continuous attack skill.

Like the name of the skill, various flash of strike simultaneously rammed down to Sainos.

「Nuh nuh! Quite good speed!」

However, Sainos repelled all of those slash.


The moment I expressed my surprised because my sword was repelled, Sainos came to my side in an instant.


At the same time, I thought of that, the sword that I’m holding with both of my hands inclines.

I’m sure that my stance is okay to defend against an attack and I’m also sure that I’m holding it firmly, why did my sword incline?

Thinking of it, I slowly drop my eyes to find the reason.

My left hand holding my sword was gone from the wrist.


It has been cut off!

My hand!

Impossible! I have been chosen by god to go into this world and correct that things that I thought was wrong…there must be some mistake!

「Ah-ahhh…! Blood, the blood’s not stopping…! Item box, elixir!」

I picked up my left hand and attached it on my wrist in a hurry. I applied the elixir from the item box to quickly treat it.

I finally calmed down after seeing that my hand had recovered.

Then, I heard the cold voice of the hateful insect.

「…I thought you were strong but you’re just a coward.」

To that line of Sainos, blood quickly gets up to my head.

「Are you joking!? To cut off my hand!? Do you think I’ll let you die? I will chop off each of your fingers to let you know what true pain is!」

When I shouted in anger, Sainos made a funny face as if not interested in me and looked around.

「You don’t have to worry about the surrounding. We’ll take care of it quickly.」

I heard a woman’s voice.

Then, Sainos shallowly nods and turns his attention to me.

「Apparently Mr. Main decoy, your companions will be attacked and die before you. Although you might hate it, I’ll finish this quickly.」

Sainos apologetically said that and turned his sword to me.



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