Chapter 204 – Overwhelming

Just a few sword exchange and Eisenstein is already bloody.

「H-help! Everyone, quick…!」

Eisenstein cried out with a pale face. He is desperately protecting himself from Sainos’ attacks. The other saints and saintesses immediately headed to where Eisenstein is.

A pink haired woman lowers her spear and kicks the ground. She dashes like she’s flying.

Seeing the woman, Sunny casted a wall of fire in front of her.

Though the woman momentarily hesitated, she managed to change direction and evaded the wall of flame.

However, the moment she evaded that flame wall, the woman’s body blew away as if she were hit by an invisible car.

She fell down face first and rolled 10 meters on the ground.


Unable to raise a decent voice, the woman moaned while lying on the ground.

The woman managed to fight the pain in her body and rise. She then saw a rain of arrow coming from Sainos’ group.

「W-what is…? E-Eisenstein…!」

The woman looked at Eisenstein, which is on the opposite side of Sainos, as arrows pour down on him.

She can no longer recognize Eisenstein’s appearance. She recognized him because he’s the one fighting Sainos with a sword in his hand. Eisenstein looks like he was “carved” by Sainos.

The woman was not able to move as if she froze. Sunny pours all the arrow on her companion’s barrier and the woman was only able to stare at them in blank surprise.

And when the light returns on the woman’s eyes, a fireball of several meters in diameter is already approaching.

The pink haired woman was burnt alive like she was sent to hell. Those who were not attacked by Sunny were magically attacked by Io and Canaan.

A heavy-armored black knight with a sword longer than his body is one of them.

However, as soon as the heavy armored knight approaches 10 meters before Sainos’ battlefield, Sedeia and Rosa threw knives on his body.

The armored knight stopped moving forward and put his large sword in front of him like a shield.

He might have selected the heavy armored knight job as a mistake.

He’s already in a bind because Sedeia and Rosa’s knives are penetrating his armor then Laurel appeared. The heavy armored knight did not react upon seeing the slow Laurel approaching him.

Laurel approaches the armored knight in a relaxed manner and cuts off the obviously confused knight.

With only one blow, the upper body of the heavy armored knight parted with his lower body.

If one will look at the battle from the sky, he’ll see that Sainos’ is attacked from different directions but the saints and saintesses who are supposed to be on offensive fall down one after another.

Watching it, RenRen seemed to be puzzled.

<RenRen’s POV>


I mutter so with empty feelings as I tilt my head.

The decoy knight who was fighting with Sainos was slashed and killed by Sainos for about a minute.

Because he has moderate defensive power, he lost one arm first but there is a cool down before you can fully utilize your body given that situation. He was cut viciously and decapitated in the end.

Their level is probably around seventy to eighty. I was pretty cautious of them because they were able to defeat Nyarlathotep but they are too weak.

I also saw a figure that seems to be Tiamoe but she was blown off by a block of ice from Io’s magic. She might have died instantly.


「So this is their true power….」

Rihanna and Brunhilde spoke voices of astonishment but I just shrugged my shoulders.

Even the belligerent Lagreat is only standing looking uninterested. He might have thought that the other party is lacking.

There are six remaining. Is it over? At the time I thought so, I felt the sign of someone approaching this place from the sky.

The sound of wind colliding against metal and barrier can be heard.

Hearing that sound, I raise my face.

Quietly looking at us are a pair of black eyes. I looked up at the eyes and raised one of my eyebrows.

「…If I’m not mistaken, you’re Navaro. I never thought that you are the type who double cross or one who does nothing but, do you think you can win given the present situation?」

When I asked him so, Navaro grips his kodachi with a steep face.

And uttered a low voice.

「There is no certainty in achieving victory. However, I don’t want to watch my companions who I walked together with die in vain….since I was not able to stop them, the things I can do alone is limited.」

Navaro murmured and shook his kodachi. He nailed his kodachi to my barrier and opened his mouth again.

「Though we are surely be annihilated, if I can kill you, our death won’t be useless…!」

When Navaro said so, his mouth moved without sound and used a skill to increase speed.

He has now a silver aura. Navaro flies in the air at lightning speed.

Seeing Rihanna’s group in panic, I set up my sword and open my mouth.

「You must be really regretful for having your plan fail. After all you’ve done, you are still unable to deal with me.」

When I told him that to provoke him, I heard Navaro’s heavy voice from my back.

「…we kindled the flame of war on the empire’s side by damaging the empire. Each country that we did not approach until now has a cooperative relationship…we used the empire as a bait. Our main purpose is to lure out the apostle of god.」

To those words of Navaro, I raised the edge of my mouth.

「In other words, the original plan is to have the saint army and Hastur withdraw to the empire’s territory at a certain time. Then, even if I know that it is a trap, I will have to head there on my own. Finally, smash me using all the saints, saintesses, and Nyarlathotep.」

When I predicted Navaro’s words, he snorted.

Looking down, Sainos slashed the last person.

「…this might be a howling of a loser. After all, there is no point in telling the failed strategy. The strategy was sweet but it resulted in our last war.」

Navaro, who lost all his friends on the ground, answers sadly and activates a skill.

I waved my sword to repel all his attacks with various speed. Depending on their cooperation, they would have been a threat if his companions are still here.

While thinking of such a thing, I exchange sword with Navaro. Then, the moment I was waiting for came, Navaro’s body momentarily stiffen.

「Five stage slash」

Navaro parried my first blow with his kodachi and used his leg to block the second blow.

He was not able to do anything on the third blow and it deeply tore his abdomen.

And with the last two slash, Navaro’s fire of life was completely extinguished.



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