Chapter 205 – Movement of the Empire

After losing their war potential called saints and saintesses, Emperor Lysias Artinas voluntarily lead his army of 300,000.

That move made the majority of the people tensioned and information regarding the great war that involves most countries of the world starts.

However, that move of the empire only makes the king of the directly confronted country, the Rembrandt Kingdom, tilts his neck.

The place is the city in the eastern part of the kingdom. The one that the empire occupied until the other day. The imperial army withdrew at the same time as the annihilation of the saint army and now, the representatives of the international alliance along with 30,000 allied forces are gathered here.

「To go further offensive in this situation …」

When Creivis said so, Finkle, one of the three representatives of Maeas, looked at him.

「Did Melqart religion concealed what happened to the saints to its people?」

「It seems like the emperor also did not know how powerful those saints and Ren-dono are. The idea of fighting someone like them is too unreasonable.」

Jiromora, one of Maeas representative, backs up Finkle’s guess.

Then, Togou, the representative of the small country called Taki who’s listening to the talk, knits his eyebrows and lifts his face.

「….you are saying as if we have the greater number. Compared to the number of the empire’s army, we are inferior. The empire is seriously waging war to the point of gathering an unprecedented number of troops, 300,000 to be exact.」

When Togou says that, Joseph, the representative of another small country called Solemn, nods.

「I heard that the Rembrandt Kingdom sent 30,000….a little over 2,000 from Solemn, 1,500 from Taki, 100 mages from Narsagel, and 10,000 soldiers from Hinomoto. We barely reach 45,000….With the help of money, we can surely increase our number.」

When Joseph muttered so as he turned his sharp gaze at Creivis, Creivis shook his head to the left and right and smiled fearlessly.

「What are you saying? Ren-dono’s war potential alone is already excessive, therefore, there is no need to hire mercenaries. Since this is a big deal and our alliance already gathered our forces, I decided to inform all of the countries involved.」

When Creivis explained so, Togou and Joseph knitted their eyebrows and groaned. On the other hand, the king of Narsagel, Kaishek, opens his mouth.

「….since King Creivis is the commander-in-chief said so, this one will not say anything. However, this one has various doubts. I propose an ability inspection.」

Kaishek said so and looked around.

In the center of the hall with high ceiling, Kaishek looked at everyone sitting around the wide table and tilted his neck.

「By the way, why can’t I find Ren-dono? I wanted to see the ten elite that Ren-dono brought by all means.」

When Kaishek said so, everyone there looked at an empty chair.

Nobody is sitting there but they all acted as if someone is sitting there. Looking at it, Saharoseteri, the king of elves, opens his mouth.

「The decisive battle is approaching. You will be convinced when the time comes. You’ll see the power of the braves.」

When Saharoseteri says so, King Fuuten, the king of the beastkin, nodded silently.

<Immenstadt Empire・Emperor Lycias Artinus>

「There is no enemy sighting in our destination, the fort Westa, the westernmost fort.」

A report came in and I quietly moved my head forward. The me on the carriage paid more attention outside.

I looked at my well-trained empire soldiers then turned my gaze to the border.

A little further is the place of battle.

Thinking about it, the edge of my mouth went up.

King Creivis should have realized it already. I will show you how this empire fights.

……..Rembrandt Kingdom……..Rembrandt Kingdom

An unsightly country.

The fated enemy of the empire that we’re fighting with ever since.

The former king made me swallow boiling water but in this war, I’ll return the favor.

For my soldiers and people who had been killed so far, I will annihilate every soldier and people of the kingdom.

I will lay King Creivis head in the castle gate and let it rot.

「… It is almost time」

I murmured so and shook my hazy head slightly.

Though it is a good idea, it is something against my nature.

But I understand clearly what I should do.

It’s a mysterious feeling.

This might be a road that the god has shown me.

The Immenstadt Empire will crush the Rembrandt Kingdom and assumes hegemony to the world.

This, it is the mission that is assigned to me.

With an absurd feeling of elation, I smiled.

「Now, let’s begin the holy war that will destroy everything.」

When I muttered so as if singing, a man in black robe, who’s sitting next to me, laughed.

「That’s right Lysias. You are the emperor chosen by god. Swallow everything and become the god of the new world.」

The man in black robe’s cloudy yellow eyes shines as he talks in a sweet voice.

Listening to the voice of the man in black robe, I nodded deeply.

「There is no need to say that……This is the path I’ll take.」

I mutter so as I feel my rising temperature.



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