Chapter 206 – The Outbreak of War

In the plains located several kilometers at the border of Rembrandt Kingdom and Immenstadt empire, is an extensive prairie land with few gentle hills.

At that wide prairie, people wearing inorganic armor are lined up.

The horizon is completely filled with people, people, people.

In the western part, not only clothes and equipments, but the allied forces being led by the Rembrandt Kingdom have a variety of races.

On the other hand, in the eastern part, the Immenstadt Imperial Army are wearing dull colored armor with long spears and bows with the mages in black robe at the back.

The Imperial Army has formed a long rectangular formation for its 300,000 men to demonstrate their force. Perhaps they are planning to clash straight against the allied forces to grind them.

The formation of the allied army is rather special. Compared to the imperials, they had two thin rectangular formations that are far from each other.

The kingdom warriors and the beastkins are lining up in the front row while the mages including the elves were arranged at the back.

Though the formation looks like overcrowded, they are arranged as such as it was the best formation for wide-range magic attack.

However, the number of the imperial army and their formation makes it a little troublesome since it will not be as effective if they rush in a straight line.

With such small number of troops, they are supposed to be using the topography advantage. The strength of the alliance is their logistics so by luring the enemy in the mountain or forest and hold a siege battle, they will be able to compete with the opponent even with their number.

But looking at them now, it is impossible to do so.

Anyway, this is the first war of the alliance since it was formed. They must win an overwhelming victory if they want the other countries to join them.

Furthermore, they must make sure that “Einherjar is not the only one who’ll stand out” otherwise it’s meaningless.

All countries of the alliance are participating hence, deepening their unity. The empire exists for them to do so.

However, that is something difficult to accomplish.

Thinking that far, I shrug my shoulders.

「Maa, we’ll manage somehow.」

I murmured so while looking at the battlefield from the sky. I lightly hit dragon form Lagreat in the back.

Lagreat roared as a response to my signal and began descending.

We descended at the middle of the two formations of the allied forces.

To the appearance of the black dragon descending from the sky, cheers can be heard all over the allied forces.

And then, when he saw me getting off the ground, Creivis opened his mouth with a relaxed expression.

「Ohh! We’ve been waiting for you, Your Majesty King Ren!」

「Did I keep you waiting?」

I replied to Creivis and laughed then jumped off Lagreat.

I turned my face to the representatives of Maeas, Finkle, Karedia, and Jiromora, while grinning. I opened my mouth.

「You did well on not escaping while waiting for me. Didn’t you get pressured?」

After I asked, I turned my eyes toward the Imperial army that fills the horizon.

「We would never come to this place if we don’t know Ren-dono’s might.」

When Finkle said so, Jiromora snorted and his body trembled unnaturally.

「Yes, that’s correct. It is 300,000 versus 50,000. Normally, one would think that this is some sort of flashy suicide.」

When Giromora said so sarcastically, Karedia sighed.

「I’ll only come to this kind of battlefield if I’m poisoned. However, other than the soldiers, we must be here. The effect of us being here will greatly show off later.」

When Karedia said so and looked at a certain direction, there are people who definitely are not soldiers.

They are the peddlers of Maeas with their supply wagons. They are located behind the allied forces and are moving as supply convoy. The faces of the peddlers are stiff but they are not running away.

After confirming the situation, I lifted the edge of my mouth and took out my sword from my item box.

「Now, the opponent seems to move soon. King Creivis, I asked for an order.」

When I say so, Creivis stands up straight with his chest stuck out.

「…….affirmative. Then….Hmmmm!」

After Creivis’ prelude, he cleared his throat. The aides standing there fix their postures.

Creivis breath in deeply and tried to open his mouth to issue an order. At the same time, a loud roar can be heard from the empire’s side.

Immediately after that, an earth-shaking war cry was heard. Along with that, the great imperial army started to march simultaneously.

Creivis who completely lose the right timing coughed again. Jiromora disgustedly looked at Creivis.

「What do you think you’re doing…? Creivis-dono, I don’t think that our morale will increase with that.」

When Jiromora said so, Creivis stiffened then stood up straight again.

Looking at Creivis who’s about to issue an order again, I raised one of my hand to stop him with a wry smile.

「It can’t be helped. I will give order using fireworks.」

After saying that, I open my mouth while looking at the marching imperial army.

Blazing Estrea

When I say so, a black shadow that sucks light appears in front of me.

The black shadow rises and extends to the sky turning to a black pillar. Dark lightning cloud pops up and gradually erodes the sky.

Seeing that, not only in the imperial army but unrest also spreads in the allied forces.

And as everyone looked up the sky, a round hole appeared at the middle of the thundercloud and a gigantic burning rock fell from it.

Although it looks like a meteorite, it is really a rock with its surface melted due to high temperature.

When the rock fell in the middle of the allied forces and imperial army, the earth trembled and fire and rock fragments scattered to the surrounding.

「Oh, it feels like it’s about intensity 5.」

I muttered so after feeling the earthquake but the surrounding is in chaos.


「t-th-that thing!?」

「Di-did the god get angry…!?」

While such voices can be heard, Creivis looked at me with a pale face.

「Re-Ren-sama….what on earth…」

「You reverted back to how you used to call me King Creivis.」

When I pointed that out, Creivis hid his mouth with his palm and tried to relax.

I laughed at him and pointed out the silent battlefield.

「Now, raise a war cry. The one who’ll start and finish this war is you, King Creivis.」

When I say so, Creivis knits his eyebrow and lifts his face.

He took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

「… My Rembrandt Kingdom! And our comrades from the international alliance! Stamp the earth and advance! Let’s raise our sword to carry out justice! Nove, devastate our enemies!」

Creivis shouted so loud that my ear became painful. Using wind magic, his voice was heard everywhere.

In response to Creivis’ voice, the allied forces roared.

However, I regretted it a little. I opened my mouth to Creivis.

「… Have you forgotten the strategy? We’re supposed to stop their first strike then counterattack.」

When I said so in a lowered voice, Creivis hurriedly raised his voice again.

「…m-my comrades! The time has come! Now is the time to show your power as brave warriors! Think of not only the enemies you wanted to beat but also the people you wanted to protect! We should not be inhuman! Now, ready your shield and grasp your sword! The enemy is the 300,000 Imperial soldiers! They are not impressive!」

After Creivis raised his voice again, cheers broke out.

「As expected of King Creivis. To think of such words quickly.」

When I say so, Creivis laughs and strokes the back of this head with one hand.

「No, I’ve already prepared for that speech….I just changed it a bit. Hahaha」

When Creivis said so and laughed, Finkle muttered with a small voice.

「….Although the war is about to start, I don’t feel tense at all.」



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