Chapter 209 – Are You the Last Boss?

Carpet bombing with magic from the front and back is pretty effective. The enemy was not able to counterattack. It seems like this will end with me not stepping in.

It’s a good thing that the disciples of god were annihilated beforehand. There’s no longer a threat.

When I looked at the battlefield while thinking about such a thing, an incident occurred. The Imperial army is sandwiched on both sides so they are collapsing as planned.

However, at the center of the imperial army where their main force is, has decreased only a little.

No, rather than that, they are still fresh.

「There is something…….」

I mutter so and look back at Creivis.

「I’ll come out for a moment.」

「Y-yes, a-affirmative…?」

When I told him so, Creivis replied with a puzzled expression.

「Even if I’m not here, there is no one they can break through so be relieved.」

After saying that, I left and head for the empire’s army.

On the way, Soarer noticed me and called me out.

「My lord, why are you here?」

「There’s something bothering me. Would you like to accompany me?」

「Is it alright? Then, I’ll accompany you.」

Thus, Soarer accompanied me. I also found Sherry on the way but I did not call her our.

When we arrived at the battlefront, I saw Sainos swinging his sword.

「My liege, why are you here?」

When he saw me, his tension rises so I lightly raise my hand.

「Ano, is Sainos going to come with us too…?」

「He’s going to continue battling in the front line. Even though he’s alone, at least I can be sure that our defensive line will not be broken.」

I said that to convince myself then turn my eyes towards the imperial army.

Why are the soldiers of the empire lose their fighting spirit already? Did they feel that I’m someone they can’t mess up with? The imperial soldiers rank broke apart to the left and right.

However, because there are too many of them, they only created a pathway of about 1 to 2 meters in width but that is enough for me and Soarer to walk in.

Occasionally, some motivated soldiers tried to attack me but they were immediately wrapped with a pillar of fire.

After advancing for more than 100 meters, I halt. Then, Soarer behind me opened her mouth while looking around.

「My lord, the soldiers…」

「…fumu. They are similar to the saint army.」

I mutter so and pose with my sword on my shoulder.

Looking far ahead, I saw astonished soldiers mixed up with the doll-like-soldiers that don’t have any expressions.

There are only a few people there and they are outnumbered by the soldiers who are similar to the saint army. Far behind them is a big horse carriage.

「Anyone who doesn’t want to die should leave.」

When I say so as I move one of my feet forward, some soldiers took distance in a haste.

On the other hand, the doll-like-soldiers silently run towards me with their swords.

「It’s good that you understand.」

I mutter so while smiling. I swing down my sword and activate a skill.


When I said so, a vacuum blade of white light was launched along with my swing trajectory.

A huge light sword cuts every obstacle on the way including the doll-like soldiers.

That light blade disperses after traveling for over 100 meters.

I repeated that several times. Soarer and I managed to reach the destination easily.

The doll-like soldiers are standing around the carriage keeping everyone else away.

The carriage looked like a big portable shrine. It is big enough to accommodate 10 people and it seems like it needs eight horses to pull it.

I stand before the personalized carriage and set up my sword.

Flame tongue

And swung my sword at the same time I said the skill name.

Though the carriage was only poked by the tip of my sword, red light flashed from a moment then a crimson pillar sprouted.

The fire pillar swallowed the whole carriage and severe heat wave can be felt around.

「Y-your Majesty!」

Screams like that resounded from the surroundings. However, fire flew out from the carriage but it was prevented by Soarer’s barrier.

Meanwhile, as the fire pillar gradually settle, a silhouette came out from the horse-drawn carriage.

A black shadow is now before the burnt carriage.

It is somewhat painful to describe it, it is more like a distorted black lump. The imperial soldiers who saw that swallowed their breath and stopped trying to attack us.

Black shadow. It was something that they had never seen before but I recalled a similar existence from my memory.

「….Why is Nyarlathotep still alive?」

When I muttered so, Soarer, who was staring at the black shadow, was startled.

The black shadow began to wiggle. Its size increases from 2 meters to nearly double.

In the middle of the black object, something round opened.

One eye appeared.

The black part of that eye does not reflect light and its vein that should have been red is black.

Seeing that big, weird, monstrous thing, scream filled the surrounding.

When the eye of the black object caught me, it started shaking its body and countless of tentacles extended from it.

The tentacles pierced the body of the surrounding soldiers. All of the surrounding soldiers were thrown away after.

A wide space opens up in a moment. The only ones who remained are me, Soarer, and the black object.

I looked at the eye at the center of the black object.

The black object before me is obviously different from the Nyarlathotep I know from the game.

In addition to its shape, size, and behavioral pattern, I felt a sense of discomfort knowing that it led the imperial army instead of the emperor.

So, what is this black object?

Because I don’t know about it, I decided to ask it directly.

「… Who are you?」

Though I asked it a question, I’m already prepared for it not replying. The black object blinks its eye several times then narrow it.

「… I am the god that lurks in the dark…. Nyarlathotep de aru….」

A low, heavy voice reverberated as if it originated from a narrow cave.

I don’t know how far its voice can be heard but I saw the soldiers who have weapons in their hands staring at each other in a confused state.

「In other words, the Nyarlathotep I defeated is a clone.」

When I said that, the black object who introduces itself as Nyarlathotep makes its tentacles wiggle.

「…… I do not have followers…thus….I made a clone…from the emperor’s corpse….」

「The emperor…」

After hearing Nyarlathotep, I murmured with an exhausted expression. The surrounding became tumultuous but I just sighed.

Anyway, the empire is virtually already defeated. The top has died already and the soldiers are all dancing in the palm of Nyarlathotep with the dead ones turned to something similar to the saint troop.

Thinking about it, the emperor was probably already dead when the saint army was mobilized.

However, I have one question.

「….Nyarlathotep, what is the reason for transforming into the emperor and waging war?」



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