Chapter 210 – The Existence Called Nyarlathotep

To the question I asked, the Nyarlathotep turned its eyeball around as if checked the surrounding.

After that, it utters its voice.

「….. I am an observer …the apostle of the great ancient god….I have descended thousands of times to thousands of different worlds…..」

「…. apostle of god?」

After saying several disturbing words, I narrowed my eyes while staring at Nyarlathotep.

Then, Nyarlathotep begins to float slowly.

「…. I observe each world….depending on what is happening in that world….I will lay my hands if necessary…..」

Nyarlathotep said that and looked down on me. He’s already floating for about 10 meters from the ground.

「Lay your hands? In other words, there is a reason why you started a war. What is that reason?」

As I looked up at Nyarlathotep and asked, Nyarlathotep stared at me and extended its tentacles.

Its tentacles now look like the hair of a long-haired woman underwater. Soarer, who’s diagonally behind me, holds her breath.

Looking from where we are, countless of tentacles are covering the sky. No matter who sees it will feel eerie.

The soldiers around were not able to stand up. Nyarlathotep answers quietly.

「…. This world deviated from causality several times already… was altered from its predetermined route….therefore….to correct the intention of the great existence…..I laid my hands on it….」

「Causality? Isn’t it the same as destiny? Jaa, there is a god or something which rule the destiny of this wolrd and since things are not going on as planned, you’re here to correct it…is that it?」

While I tilted my neck when I heard that, Nyarlathotep blinked to affirm.

「….all worlds were created by the great ancient god….this world was also born from causality….if it breaks….then it means that it is destined to be….however, this world has deviated from causality….」

Nyarlathotep informed us so while moving its eyeball.

I checked the surrounding if the people around were lured by Nyarlathotep too. It seems like, at the distance of several kilometers to the north and south, the war stopped.

Now, hundreds of thousands of people are witnessing the existence of a large eyeball in the sky called Nyarlathotep.

There is no doubt that this existence will become a myth in later generations. Those people who witnessed it will surely talk about it every now and then.

「….2,000 years….there is only the human race living in this world….however….because there are different races in this world now….humanity will be extinct 10,000 years later….」

***TN: Humanity here means all race.****

「They will be extinct!?」

I instinctively asked so.

If it is already planned to be extinct after 2,000 years, what will the long-lived race like high elves will die from?

TN: Not sure if Ren is listening. Nyarlathotep said 10,000.

Meteorite? Meteor shower?

While thinking of what will happen in my head, I realized something.

The apostle of god.

Perhaps, it is because of the existence of the player who was transferred to this world before me.

The apostle of god and his followers. There is a possibility that the elves and the beastkins were not originally from this world.

Are they the reason for this world being altered?

While thinking of such a thing, Nyarlathotep’s eye stared at me.

「…If the cause of the alteration was removed….the world will run in its course again after 56,000 years…」

「No no, that is too much price to pay. Let’s have a long conversation about it….Hn? There is no way to remove the cause…」

When I knitted my eyebrows and looked up at Nyarlathotep, Nyarlathotep opened its eyes like a plate.

「….Irregular… existence unnecessary for this world….disappear, irregular…..

After saying those words, Nyarlathotep’s tentacles wiggle.

The long tentacles that were drifting in the air like hair underwater all extends towards me.

To that sudden attack, I jumped horizontally in a haste to evade.

A loud sound similar to a sting piercing the sand echoed continuously. Tentacles extended again from the place I was.

Though they are considerably fast, it is possible to evade. I thought about creating barriers but I intuitively know that it was impossible to defend against it.

「My lord!」

Soarer looked at me and shouted but I told her 「Don’t come」while avoiding the tentacles.

Looking at the ground where the tentacles struck, only deep holes remained. There were no cracks around.

One tentacle blow is about equal or stronger than my sword blow. It will break my barrier it hits it several times.

It is dangerous to approach a large number of tentacles that looks like a bundle of hair.

Because of that, I decided to take out my mythril wand from my item box and opened my mouth.

Crimson Explode

As I mutter so, a red sphere of light floats around me and flies towards Nyarlathotep.

The next moment, a fire explosion covers the sky.

Those who heard the blast instinctively ducked as if they knew that it will blow them away.

I did not go against the impact, instead, I lightly jumped backward and ran around to the back of Nyarlathotep.

Flame and explosion.

Those can prevent both vision and hearing. If it was the usual enemy, it would have lost me but this opponent is a completely unknown existence.

I can’t afford to let my guard down.

Rough vortex

The moment I said it, wind wrapped around my body making my body lighter.

I improved my physical ability. Then, the tentacles attacked me at the timing as if it was calculated.

The explosion that had dyed the sky red has weakened and it should be hard for it to find me who was moving at a high speed.

In other words, Nyarlathotep has an unusual sensory organ to know where I am even with the flame explosion.

While thinking about such a thing while evading the tentacles, the sky returned to its original color.

The black object with eyeball is still floating in the sky where the flame explosion disappeared. Though the length of the tentacles had shortened, it doesn’t seem to be much affected.

If the tentacles shorten, what will happen if I shoot it continuously? When I thought so while grasping the wand, Nyarlathotep’s eye closed and opened as if it blinked.

After that, all of Nyarlathotep’s tentacles extended and slid together.

「I-I had a bad feeling about this!」

I instinctively shouted because Nyarlathotep’s tentacles look like snakes now. It sends shiver down to my spine.

「Trueno El Hitan!」

At that time, a voice of a girl echoed and light flashed in the sky. The flash swallowed Nyarlathotep and it generated an explosive sound that shook the atmosphere.

It is the highest tier lightning magic. I turned my eyes to the source of the voice.

Looking at it, I saw Sunny holding her wand. The others are also around her.

Sainos steps forward before everyone while wagging his tail. He opens his mouth.

「My liege! Please leave it to us!」

When Sainos said so, every one of them looked at me with eyes full of determination.

I guess they gathered here because the assault of the imperial army stopped.

It seems like they left Laurel to take care of the headquarters. The real target of the enemy is the headquarters after all.

I instinctively laughed and issued an order.

「It can’t be helped. I’ll let you help me a little.」



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