Chapter 211 – Irregular

「Sedeia, Rosa! Try cutting the tentacles that stretched out while evading them! Sunny, Io, cast attribute magic in turn! Look for its weakness!」

「My liege, how about me!?」

「Stand by!」


I sneaked around behind Nyarlathotep while giving directions to everyone.

However, Nyarlathotep always follows me with its eyeball. It also attacks me with tentacles without rest.

I judged that it will be impossible to dodge all those tentacles in a melee battle so I had my melee fighters on standby.

Boss! I can’t cut it!?」

「I already tried all attributes but nothing seems to be effective….?」

I received everyone’s report one after another but all of them has no good information.

All of its attacks are concentrated on me, what a bad guy.

While running, I tried cutting its tentacles that are attacking me with my sword.


I feel like I slashed some sort of invisible wall.

It must be some kind of barrier that is different from what we are using.

「Then, how about some thermal power!」

When I mutter so, I took some distance from Nyarlathotep in a dash.

Although the tentacles can extend, it takes time to return to it and have it attack again.

I took several kilometers away from Nyarlathotep then stopped.

Did he predict my intention? Laurel is already holding his shield against the tentacles, trying to buy some time.

「Ah, he was blown away.」

When Laurel was blown off, Sainos took his spot, then Lagreat.

I took out some equipment from the item box in a haste and arranged them on the ground.

It is a gold and silver full plate mail that I usually don’t use. It has big golden wings on its back.

「This really looks awful.」

While I was murmuring, tentacles extend to me but I managed to evade.

Furthermore, I took out golden earrings, bracelets, and rings that improve physical ability.

While avoiding the tentacles, I’m wearing armors to my hands and feet, to my waist and torso.

It was surprising that I can do that but these items are as light as cardboard.

I’m now putting on the shoulder guards that has a blade attached on it. I also wore a round helmet.

There is only one thing on my hand now, the coupon sword. I opened my mouth while avoiding the tentacles.

Rough vortex

I casted magic and swung down my sword to the tentacles that I had just evade.


TN: Chinese sword technique.

At the same time I said the skill name, the blade of the coupon sword emitted light. Tentacles were cut off as I swung my sword down.

Those tentacles that had their tip cut off immediately returned to the main body.

「Now, the counter-attack will start.」

I turned to the direction where Nyarlathotep is and kicked the ground.

With a body that became as light as a feather, I dashed targeting Nyarlathotep.

I saw tentacles approaching one after another.

While running at full power, I evade to the left then to the right. When five tentacles approached me simultaneously, I jumped.

As I flew to the height that I could look over the battlefield, I began to see the extending tentacles like rain.


I moved using flight magic while parrying the tentacles with my sword. I flew towards the sky.

As I evade the tentacles as if I’m dancing in the sky, I twisted my body and slashed Nyarlathotep’s tentacles with all my might.

I slash while evading to the left and right, parrying while evading.

Since it has become an aerial battle, I moved right above Nyarlathotep.

I should have cut down a lot of Nyarlathotep’s tentacles but it doesn’t seem like decreasing at all.

「… OK, let’s go」

After evading another tentacle, I muttered so as I breathe shallowly.

I’m now fully prepared.

「Sword dance」

When I used the skill, I started falling on to Nyarlathotep.

I did not fall into a straight line. I am complicatedly moving in a circle as I evade the tentacles. I’m also swaying my sword in a speed that can’t be seen with naked eyes as I go down.

One blow after another, Nyarlathotep’s tentacles were being cut off without problem because each of my blow is equal to a blow with all my might.

My sword will reach Nyarlathotep’s main body soon.

At the same time I thought of that, Nyarlathotep fully opened his round eyes and a large number of tentacles began coiling around its body for defense.

I continue the “sword dance” and cut through the bundle of tentacles.

「…….irrregular…..creatures always commit mistake…..however, they are all dependent on the hands of the administrator…..everything converges towards the same outcome….」

The voice of the Nyarlathotep echoes in my head.

I did not stop my hand and cut away the tentacles in pieces. I ripped the tentacles that it bundled one after another. I tore the tentacles it is using as protection.

「…….why did you appear….why did you disturb it….why are you fighting against it….」

Nyarlathotep’s voice gets louder and louder. I opened my mouth while continuing swinging my sword.

「Because I hate not being able to decide for myself.」

I say so while cutting off several tentacles. Then, at last, I was able to see Nyarlathotep’s eyeball again.

The eye of the Nyarlathotep is wide open. My whole body is being reflected in its cloudy yellow eyes.

「….Person who exceeds god….. Person who destroys order…..Irregular, this world does not need you…..」

「It’s none of your business.」

After replying to Nyarlathotep, I thrust my sword toward it as tentacles approach me.


TN: some sort of sword technique. Just like the first one, this is chinese.

The moment I said that, my sword emitted pale light and pierced Nyarlathotep’s pupil.

Though it is an eyeball, I felt like I pierced a stick into a hard soil. I twisted my sword to have it pierce further into Nyarlathotep’s eye.

The next moment, light particles came out from where I pierced my sword and spread to the surrounding. Nyarlathotep deteriorated to the point that it became ash and collapsed.

The collapsing Nyarlathotep turn its eyeball to the ground as it loosely lowered its tentacles.

「……..interesting…..will this world really deviates from god’s planned path….I wanted to see its future but it will not come true….」

After saying that, Nyarlathotep totally became ash. It crumbled then disappeared.

I was left alone in the air. I looked at my coupon sword that is gradually losing the light its emitting.

「……..I have broken through the limit and leveled up.」

The moment I said that, great cheers as if the earth is rumbling came out from the ground.



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