Chapter 212 – Mythical Scene

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<Allied Forces Soldier’s POV>

Seeing a lot of magic comparable to natural disasters, we have forgotten that we were at war.

「Set your shield up you fool!」

When we heard the shouting voice from our rear, we, who are presently absent minded, instinctively raised our shield and stabilized our posture.

When I check my far front, I saw that the imperial soldiers all have raised their spears.


I raised a desperate scream after seeing the imperial soldiers moving towards us.

We repel them with our shield then slash them with our sword.

While we normal soldiers are fighting with one imperial soldier each, the beastkin soldiers are fighting two each.

If we lose focus in a moment, we’ll definitely be killed in an instant. Surprisingly, magic was casted again against the imperial soldiers, they were blown off.

Desperately defending, desperately attacking.

How long have I been fighting?

When I thought of such a question, the advancement of the imperial soldiers ceased.

Not just in the place where I am. When I turned sideways, everyone also halted.


I shouted in confusion but then I noticed, the allied forces and the imperial soldiers are looking in the same direction.

Following their line of sight, I saw something like a long hair in the sky from a distance.

I unintentionally held my breath. I don’t know why but my heart was filled with anxiety.

It is something like a shadow with long disheveled hair. It also has an unusually big eyeball in its center.

What is that?

I have never seen such a creepy thing.

We unwillingly stopped moving leaving our swords and shields hanging.

Even though the gigantic eyeball monster was wrapped in flames that cover the sky, it didn’t react much and still glaring calmly.

I don’t remember any myth about such monster. Is that thing can be defeated?

Even though I’m not fighting that deplorable thing, my heart is filled with fear and despair.

However, at that moment, an incident occurred in the western sky.

The monster’s hair extends to the west and a silhouette evades it.

He was emitting golden light. That person is clad in a beautiful and majestic armor that I have never seen before. He fought against the monster and was cutting its spider thread like hair.

The golden light soars into the sky then collides with the monster. Everyone watching hold their breath.


Someone screamed.

Did he lose?

I gritted my teeth to that spectacle.

However, the golden light did not disappear. That person soars in the sky, just above the monster. He stopped then began shining brightly as he jumped down to the monsters below him like an arrow.

He did not bother attacking the hair like thing of the monster and, like an arrow, pierced the center of the monster.

One second, two seconds of match, the arrow brilRiantly penetrated the monster.

Blue light shoots out of the monster like blood. After some time, the monster turns into something like a mist and completely disappears.

No one was able to speak while looking at the scene of the monster disappearing.

It is like, if one would say something, another monster will show up.

However, when the shadow monster finally disappears completely, I saw the golden warrior staying in the sky. I unexpectedly shouted as if all the feelings I have inside me exploded.

Some people shouted the same time as me and it eventually leads to everyone’s loud cheer.

There is no doubt. I just saw a mythical battle with my own eyes.

<Togou’s POV>

This can no longer be called war.

No, perhaps I have even forgotten that we’re fighting a war.

As I watch the person in golden armor floating in the sky, I heard a sobbing voice.

The beastkins are crying. The powerful beast warriors that exceeded my expectations are shedding tears in public without hesitation.

「….Why, are you crying?」

I instinctively asked the nearest beastkin.

Then, the beastkin warrior opened his mouth while looking up at the person in golden armor.

「…. We are descendants of the subordinate of the apostle of god. No matter what Ren-sama say, we will do it with all our heart.」

「…. The person in golden armor is the king of Einherjar…? Thus, looking at him like that makes you unable to hold your tears?」

As he hears that, the beastkin warrior nodded while crying.

「We were able to see the true form of our master. In addition, we were able to fight against an evil god like the true subordinates of Ren-sama….There is no joy more than this.」

「Fumu….the battle of the apostle of god against an evil god.」

When I mutter so, the beastkin warrior looks at me while laughing and crying.

「What…aren’t you crying yourself?」

When the beastkin said so, I noticed a warm tear flowing through my own cheek for the first time.

I scooped the tear with my finger and looked at it.

「….My country, it is said that the last apostle of god spent some time there. Perhaps us, the people of Taki, also possess the blood of the subordinate of the apostle of god.」

I answered so and looked again at the person in golden armor floating in the sky.

<Saharoseteri’s POV>

I want to engrave Ren-sama’s divine form in the sky in my eyes but my tears are flowing like waterfalls.

The visibility is distorted and I can’t see clearly.

「Sa-Saharoseteri-sama….M-my tears won’t stop!」

「M-me too」

I replied to my subordinate while sniffing.

At that time, I heard Ren-sama’s elegant voice as he used wind magic.

<<People of the alliance. And people of the Immenstadt empire. The war is over. The evil god who disguised as the emperor and manipulated the empire, Nyarlathotep, was destroyed. You will no longer be manipulated.>>


Someone murmurs the name of the evil god with dread.

<<The empire is also a victim since it was manipulated by the evil god. Therefore, the international alliance will cooperate with the empire to regain its original form. >>

Original form?

I did not understand what he meant so I waited for Ren-sama’s word.

After a little while, Ren-sama continues talking.

<<…Now. The empire is originally ruled by humans. Since you didn’t know when did the evil god manipulated the empire, you will need a third party’s help to in order to choose the new emperor. Of course, that party should be one that has enough power to resist the evil god. Therefore, with the international alliance’s help, the empire will rise up again. >>

When Ren-sama said so, the division between the allied forces and imperial army disappeared, everyone cheers.


How kind-hearted.

A pure soul that can relieve hatred against each other. Truly god-like.

My sight has become completely invisible due to the large amount of tears.

「…When I return home, this story, to everyone…..No, I’ll write a book about it…!」

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