Chapter 216 – Wedding: the Inside Story ①

<Eleanor’s Testimony>

I, Eleanor, have now taken the official position called “queen”.


I married master!

Ah, what can I say? Never in my life have I thought that this will really happen…!

Exactly three days before the wedding ceremony.

When I was summarizing the reports about the future business of the country, Mira came to help me.

Right. Thinking about it now, that day was somewhat different.

The workload feels like it came from the future of three thousand worlds.

In addition, when problems occurred that day, I didn’t even have time to ask master and have to borrow someone else’s hand.

Master’s country. It can be said that working for Einherjar is working for master and his future children.

If that is the case, then this amount of work is rather pleasing.

I feel like master is always around me.

I thought that way until I finished my work for the day. I took the document the exhausted sleeping Mira was holding. Unexpectedly, master visited me.

My lips’ shape beautifully changed as if I received a divine message.

「This time, we’ll hold a wedding ceremony. Someone has to make preparations. My partner is you…」

My mind turns pure white.



You mean me!?


Ah, how shameful.

I was so surprised that I stumble on the chair and hit my face against master who’s standing next to me.

「Ooww…! Are you okay? Since you look busy, let’s talk about the details later….」


「Wedding ceremony!?」

When I shouted, Mira opened her eyes wide, raised her face, and looked at me and master alternately.

「Ah, that’s right. Mira too.」


I heard a voice that I have never heard from Mira before.

As expected of master. He knows the right time to hit one with a surprise present.

However, can this be called a romantic proposal?

My face is so hot that it feels like boiling. Looking at Mira’s face, I can see that her eyes and mouth are completely rounded and her eyes are deep red.

Not good.

I don’t want any other job for now except for the preparations for the wedding ceremony.

Yosh, I’ll leave all of my other work to Cartas and Laurel.

Ah, the moon is beautiful tonight.

<Sedeia’s Testimony>

I was surprised.

Even if the world will end, I don’t think I will be as much surprised.

Sunny, who was together with me was dignified, but as for me….

The words that leader said are just……

What I dislike the most is me crying.

After patrolling and a little shopping in the city, I went back to the castle. When I passed by the front gate, I saw Sunny doing something in a place nearby.

As I approach her, I noticed that Sunny is not her usual self. She’s not in her usual robe but she’s wearing a thin green dress that master requested to make for her. She’s also wearing a tiara that increases magical power that she usually doesn’t want to wear.

Looking at her closely, it looks like she’s having trouble on what accessory to wear.

She’s looking at the hole of a ring while knitting her eyebrows and groaning.

「….Are you having trouble on what magic item to equip?」

When she heard that, Sunny spat out a long sigh and stood up.

She looks at me from bottom to top. I smiled daringly to her.

「….I won.」


When I was puzzled by the mysterious words of Sunny, leader came walking from the main gate with Sainos.

I turn my head from Sunny to Sainos.

「You were in the castle?」

「Why! No, I’m certainly not in the castle until a while ago…mumumu?」

The two of them walked towards us while we were having such a conversation. They stopped in front of us.

Beside me is Sunny who finally wore the magic item. She looked up at leader.

「Do you have some business with us, leader?」

When he heard that, leader opened his mouth while Sunny’s eyes are shining mysteriously.

「Ah, we’re having our wedding ceremony so I ask you to prepare.」

「Eh? Leader and Princess Rihanna? After how many months?」

I was surprised to hear that but leader shook his head to the left and right and looked me in the eyes.

「No, it will be held three days from today. Are you and Sunny willing?」

To leader’s words, my mind turned pure white.

As expected of leader, he asked us to marry him like he’s inviting us to a meal.

TN: It is called marriage proposal like a boss.

However, before I noticed it, tears are already flowing in my eyes. I was a bit angry with myself.

Nononono, why am I crying even though I don’t want to?

But, never in my life had I thought that I’ll marry leader.

Since I’m like this, I’m sure Sunny is weeping.

When I looked at Sunny, she pinched the hem of her dress with her fingers and bowed towards leader.

「I am willing….I swear my eternal love to master.」


I only heard those words in soap operas. To think that Sunny just said those words like she practiced it hundreds of times.

Sunny probably heard about leader’s wedding ceremony somewhere.

Because of that, she prepared like she’s one of the brides in case leader asked her.

While I was shedding tears while watching Sunny, Sunny looked at me with a triumphant smile.

This girl….

<Rosa’s Case>

「Rosa, prepare for the wedding ceremony.」

「Who’s going to get married?」

「Me and Eleanor, and Sunny, and Mira, and Sedeia, and Soarer….」

「Ahahaha! Boss is really daring!」

「Ah, how about you? And me?」

「Me too? Great! Ahahaha!」

「Is that so? Doing it with everyone at once is easier.」

「Ahahaha! As expected of boss!」


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