Chapter 217 – Wedding: the Inside Story ②

<Soarer’s Testimony>

When I was walking on the corridor before the throne room before the sun set, I noticed someone walked out of the throne room.

「Oh, Soarer. I was about to look for you.」

As he told me that, I deeply bowed then raised my face and looked him in the eyes.

「Yes, I feel that you’re going to look for me so I’m here.」

When I said that as a joke, my lord’s eyes rounded and looked at me with a surprised face.

「Amazing. Is that a woman’s intuition? To think Soarer is this sharp.」

「Maa, it’s, it’s…I totally expected that reaction of yours.」

When I said so and smiled, I laughed like I’m in big trouble.

「Ah, I’m not sure if you expected this too…」

When my lord said so, he touched my cheek with his hand.


Wait, something is different….

While thinking so, my heart began to throb.

And, my lord opened his mouth.

「Marry me, Soarer.」

I’m not sure if I heard those words correctly.

No, my memory told me so so I guess those really are the words.

Or maybe just a by-product of my surprise and confusion. Of course, I returned my answer immediately with a hot kiss and embrace while tears flow out my eyes….did I really do that?

I remember that my brain stopped working as my mind turned pure white but I don’t think there was a physical contact.

I finally regained my consciousness and opened my mouth towards my lord.

「Yes….please take care of me from now on, husband.」

I intended to say those words but the truth is, I was not able to speak properly because of tears and runny nose.

It is a disgrace of a lifetime.

However, this moment of my life will never disappear from my memory, it won’t even fade.

Ah, as expected of husband.

Every time I go through this corridor to meet husband, my heart throbs and dances.

I, Soarer, will dedicate my everything to husband until my body falls to ruin.

<Sherry’s Testimony>

On the day I was eating dinner at the castle with my father and mother.

Even though it hasn’t been long yet, I felt like that battle was like a dream.

I sometimes recall that battle. When we came back to the castle after that battle, I was surprised to receive everyone’s blessing.

I still sometimes become absent minded thinking that day.

Because aside from the juusha-samas, my father and I also had bronze statues since we fought together with the braves.

I still can’t believe it.

I wonder what will my former self when I was still in the magic academy say if I tell her this. She’ll probably laugh to her heart’s content.

I noticed myself smiling while eating and listening to splendid music. Getting used to things like this is scary.

I checked the time. It seems like it is the time for the performing musician to change.

Linshan, who came from the country of beastkins, will now perform. She improved a lot and we’re evaluating her performance.

My life these days is far more gorgeous than any nobles or royal family of any country. These days are also peaceful and calm.

While spending days like this, there are times when I think that everything was just a dream and none of these happened.

Perhaps I’m already dead when I tried protecting mother and father that time and I’m in heaven right now.

Such a sad imagination feels more terrible than reality.

Well, I hope days like this will continue….I often prayed of that.

On that day, while I’ve been thinking about such a thing, my conversation with my father and mother was interrupted.

Ren-sama casually visited the table where we sat.

I, who thought something’s strange, stared at Ren-sama.

He’s really manly but he’s beautiful. Though he is somewhat slender, he has the power that can overwhelm gigantic monsters bare handedly.

He really the mythical hero that slipped out of a book.

「May I disturb you?」

「There is no way we can refuse. Please sit down.」

Father immediately replied to Ren-sama.

Since there is a vacant chair beside me, Ren-sama sits down beside me.

One night, we went to Ren-sama’s bed room and do it with him.

I visited Ren-sama’s bedroom several times together with Rihanna-sama but I can’t really say what’s inside of me.

I don’t mind speaking with him with someone else but I can’t speak with him one on one.

While I was staring at Ren-sama’s profile, Ren-sama looked at mother and father and lowered his head.

「Sorry. Though it’s a bit late to say it, Sherry and I are in a relationship that can be considered as a relationship between a man and a woman.」


What did Ren-sama say just now?

I dropped my fork and gave out a strange voice.


While I’m picking up my fork in a haste, Ren-sama looked at father and mother and opened his mouth.

「I intend to marry Rihanna. That time, if Sherry is fine with it, I would like to take Sherry as my bride as well.」

When Ren-sama continued, this time, mother and father dropped their forks.

Somehow, while I’m still confused, I also picked the forks of the two.

「Will you permit our marriage?」

I, who’s under the table, heard Ren-sama said that.

「O-of-of course. Please continue taking care of our daughter. Hey, darling wh….Sherry? What are you doing?」

When mother said that, I stood up immediately and hit my head on the table. I crawled out from under the table.

「Are you alright?」

When Ren-sama said that with full smiles, I stand up quickly and lower my head.

「P-please take care of me!」

That was all I could say.

I’m so useless. My face is so hot.

Every time I recall that time, I panic.

This must be a dream. If it is not, then I’ll be happy till the day I die.

<Rihanna’s Testimony>

I have cried so much on the day of our wedding which is very unprincess like. I still can remember the day before our wedding like yesterday.

That day, Ren-sama told me.

「I must meet Creivis and inform him about my wedding.」

I instinctively asked back.

「Eh? You’re getting married?」

Ren-sama looked at the surprised me as if puzzled.

「I have no intention of not taking responsibility after I laid my hands on his treasured princess….or, could it be that you don’t want to marry me?」


Keira, who’s behind me, said that in a low voice to Ren-sama’s remark.

I looked back at Keira and she’s terribly upset.

「Wa-wait a minute! You got it all wrong!」

I instinctively said those words of denial. It is due to confusion. It is something unavoidable.

However, both Ren-sama and Keira’s expression changed.

「…he just said it. This is a scandal princess….Such a dangerous story will harm you….」

Ren-sama looks puzzled while Keira looked at me with freezing eyes.

「Princess…no, Princess Rihanna…you shouldn’t do that unless its the person who’ll be your lifetime companion….」

「N-no! I never had such a frivolous feeling….! Besides, Ren-sama is going to marry me….!」

I made some excuses with matching hand gestures but temperature did not return on Keira’s eyes.

「….strange. Ren-sama taking responsibility, do you know what that word means?」

「Eh? Of responsibility? What do you mean?」

「….there is more of it than making the princess a damaged article.」

When Keira said that, Ren-sama frowned and opened his mouth.

「Oi, say it…」

「Please excuse me. Apart from the responsibility of taking her virginity….」

Keira said several words to Ren-sama. After their exchanges of words, Ren-sama looked at me and I looked down.

How do I say it?

I was driven to the point that I wanted to disappear in this instance while Keira keeps talking with a blaming tone.

「Thus, since you didn’t speak anything regarding Ren-sama’s proposal….could it be that you want to refuse it? 」

「I will not do such a self-destructing thing! Of course, I will marry….!? 」

「Then, it’s like that. Ren-sama, I wanted to directly report this to His Majesty tomorrow, will that be alright? 」

As soon as I heard those words, I reflexively said that but Keira interrupted me and turned to Ren-sama.


When I thought of that, I looked at Keira’s back with a sharp gaze. The flow of our talk has penetrated my head.


Ren-sama and I?

You’re going to meet father to pay respect?

Eh, tomorrow?

「Ren-sama and I are going to get married? 」

When I instinctively confirmed it, Keira’s cold gaze turned to me again.

「O, oh. That’s right, Rihanna. Let’s hurry and report it so that Ren-sama will not have a change of heart!」

To those words of the puzzled Ren-sama, I clasped my fingers in front of my chest and raised my face.

「Then it’s decided! I will see my father now!  」

When I excitedly said so, Keira narrowed her eyes and looked back at me.

「It is already night, princess. Let’s take a good rest tonight and prepare tomorrow morning before heading out. 」

「Ah, th-that’s right. Then, I will do so. 」

I said that to Keira and took a deep breath.

Even so, why did Keira had taken such a cold attitude? She’s a gentle person who will cry in my instead.

Ah, by the way, what is Keira’s relationship with Ren-sama…

TN: Confusing right? Now, forget about the time Ren woke up with Keira and Rihanna on his bed then imagine that Rihanna managed to slip on Ren’s bed only with Sherry and Keira doesn’t know anything about it. Read <Rihanna’s Testimony> again and feel the difference.

By the way, the next day when I went to father to report about my marriage, father said some words and nodded.

「Oh! You’re getting married? You did it, Rihanna! 」

There are ministers around so please congratulate me without lifting me. Even though I looked like I dislike it on the outside, I did not struggle cause I’m happy on the inside.


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