Chapter 218 – Dragon’s Country

The dragon country is the country where dragons live and govern. Whether that country exists or not, I’m not sure since there is no evidence backed rumor about it.

A country that only exists in legend.

If a person who confirmed the validity of that country appeared, he would be treated as a hero.

But I already have an eyewitness.

「Umu. It is in the northeast. After passing through a deep forest, you will find the biggest mountain. You have to cross that mountain.」

A huge, more than 30 meters dragon said so. Rugged scale is the feature of an earth dragon.

The earth dragon Ishmugrad sticks his face to the ground while looking at me.

「Fumu, since you know where we’re going, you should come too, Ishmugard.」

When I said so, Ishmugard, whose face is stuck on the ground, removed his gaze from me.

「…I went against my mother’s order and left the country to become independent. It is a little hard to come back home.」

That being said, Ishmugard sighed. His sigh blew away a girl with production job who happened to pass by.

So, you’re a runaway boy.

After making a fuss, we began traveling to find the dragon’s country.

We were on dragon form Lagreat’s back who’s flying in the sky with ease. I looked down at the landscape.

「My liege! I’m looking forward to it!」

Sainos, who’s diagonally in front of me, said that while Soarer, who’s sitting next to me, smiled.


Soarer is leaning on my while muttering that but let’s not touch that topic.

By the way, I have visited each country to inspect them on the pretense of honeymoon.

Setting that aside, it is the dragon’s country.

The country ruled by the sage dragon king, Fafnir. It seems like it is also the name of the country.

I heard that the dragon’s country is beside the cliff of the highest mountain and is being surrounded by a mountain range.

Maa, it is a mountain that you can only go through once you pass the forest where the dark elves live. It is severely difficult for normal people.

While thinking about such a thing, the high mountain that Ishmugard described came into view.

The right words to describe it is beautiful and soaring. There’s no cloud so I can see the summit but perhaps it is usually covered with clouds and one wouldn’t normally see the summit.

The top of the mountain is like a white, sharp triangle. It feels noble and clean. It is called sacred mountain Jormungandr.

「Lagreat, let’s go over there.」

When I said so, Lagreat groaned and flapped his wings.

He rises mightily in the sky to the point that the mountains can now be look down on.

There was a long mountain range that shows its beautiful and harsh environment.

Both high and low mountains are grand and natural since no person’s hand has touched them.

There was an unnatural open space surrounded by the mountains and there are a variety of large and small dragons on that space.

There is a hole that seems to be a large cave on a certain mountain. It probably serves as the entrance.

「So that’s the dragon’s country?」

After seeing that spectacle, I mutter those words.

Anyway, there are around 100 to 200 dragons. What a magnificent view.

「Hou! This is the first time I see a place full of dragons! It’s a mountain of materials!」

When Sainos said that and laughed, Lagreat stared at him with cold eyes.

The high spirited Soarer scolds Sainos.

「Don’t say that. Since they are living peacefully, they are kind dragons. The only time they are hunting is probably for finding food. If we see a beautiful dragon, I’ll keep and raise it.」

When Soarer says so while laughing, Lagreat let out a displeased groan.

Don’t they know that if they seriously made Lagreat angry, he’ll probably toss us?

「Oh, it seems like they noticed us. Some are flying! But their defensive consciousness is too loose my liege.」

「Maa, this is the country of the strongest race, the dragons, so they are not that cautious. But then, is there only one dragon country?」

When I replied to Sainos, Soarer was puzzled.

「Don’t you think so? So there’s a possibility that there is another dragon’s country somewhere?」

「If there are other dragon countries, they will be a little more cautious. If an unknown dragon comes and they don’t know whether it is an ally or not, a group of dragons will probably inquire about his matter.」

When I said that, the two of them nodded.

However, if there is only one country of mighty dragons, it means that their king has that much charisma.

If the dragons only follow the powerful, then the king is the strongest dragon. And, if they respect knowledge, their king is probably the oldest dragon.

「By the way, what kind of dragon will we meet?」

I mutter so while looking down at the three dragons approaching us.

A blue dragon which is about 5 meters and two dragons of about 2 meters are heading towards us.

The blue dragon flies around us first before coming before us. It has a long neck and big wings. It doesn’t have arms.

The blue dragon looked at Lagreat then looked at us next.

「…I thought that it was a dragon that was born outside but it’s just a human pet….according to the regulation of the country….」

The blue dragon said so in a low voice then went back to the ground with the little dragons.

Seeing that, Sainos hits Lagreat’s back with his hand.

「Hahaha! Pet!」

When Sainos was laughing to his heart’s content, Lagreat hit his head with his tail.


I crossed my arms and sighed looking at Sainos who’s holding his head.

「Well…. is that dragon a dragon race supremacist or is it the culture of this country? 」

When I said so, Soarer smiled and looked at me.

「Either way, there is a possibility that they are taking the humans lightly.」

「Fumu, I wonder what kind of treatment will we receive…」

I said so and smiled back at Soarer.

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