Chapter 219 – Dragon’s Sense of Value

When we landed in the country of dragons, various big and small dragons looked at Lagreat and us like we were unusual.

I looked around for a bit. There were those who just moved their eyes and sleep again as if nothing happened and there are those who are looking at us like trying to examine us.

But I don’t really know since I don’t understand their facial expression.

「Fumu. There are various types of dragons here! There are wyverns, lesser dragons, and color dragons.」

After being defeated by the dragons in a staring match, Sainos looked around curiously and said those words.

Seeing that, the blue dragon who lead us here looked at Sainos.

「….Human. If you don’t want to die, make sure to not attract attention. Many of us here dislike humans. If you make a noise, there is a possibility of some mistaking it as an insect and shook its tail towards you.」

In response to such warning, Sainos nodded and opened his mouth.

「I see. It is certainly frustrating having insects around. But there are dragons with the same size as humans, have you mistaken them as insects too!」

Sainos said that and laughed out loud.

I think he probably said that with sarcasm but…

I was slightly amazed at how insensitive Sainos can be and it seems like the blue dragon felt the same way. I sighed and started walking ahead.

The destination is a huge hole in a mountain.

I’m not sure how big the hole is until I got closer.

I looked up at the high ceiling of that cave and saw a dragon sitting next to the entrance.

The entrance of the cave is big but the dragon guarding it is also large.

It is probably around 30 meters like Ishmugard. It has black, glossy scales and big wings as long as its body.

「Oh, a black dragon.」

When I mutter so, the black dragon quietly turns his eyes to me.

When the blue dragon saw it, it turns around to me in a haste.

「A-are you stupid….he is not someone a human can casually talk to. Do not open your mouth unless you want to die.」

The blue dragon said that in a loud voice. The black dragon turns his face to us.

And talk to the blue dragon in a low voice.

「… rare. The last time humans came to this place was several hundreds of years ago.」

When the black dragon muttered so, the blue dragon panicked and turned around to the black dragon.

「Y-yes. I went out to meet a dragon from the outside, these people are on his back…」

The blue dragon’s attitude changes completely and bows to make itself look smaller.

Then, the black dragon brought its face closer to us.

「Fumu….So, he is accompanied by his friends. But, I can’t determine his race…」

When the black dragon said so, the blue dragon shook its head and lowered its tail.

「I have never seen that kind of dragon too but he’s probably a lesser dragon that grew up and was able to understand human language.」

When the blue dragon says so, the black dragon tilts its head and raises its face.

「I can’t determine but…since I can’t feel any hostility, I’ll let them pass.」

The black dragon said so and looked at us.


When I said that, the blue dragon looked up to the sky.

「Ga-gatekeeper…? You’re treating one of the strongest dragon here, Urmahlullu-sama, as a gatekeeper….?」

When the blue dragon said so, the black dragon called Urmahlullu opened its big mouth and laughed.

「Fuhahaha! An interesting human! You should stop by again on your way home. Let me hear the story from the outside.」

Urmahlullu says so and shakes its body.

「Hou, they why don’t I show you around? You shouldn’t confine yourself in this mountain forever and use your free time wisely.」

When I said that half jokingly, Urmahlullu laughed so hard that it’s beating the ground with its tail. While the earth is trembling, the blue dragon bows to Urmahlullu and pushes us with its wings.

「A-again, in addition….Hora, just go quickly!」

The blue dragon said so while driving us to the depths of the cave.

「Surely….if I’m not accompanying you, you would have been crushed already. Well, I don’t really care but since you are visiting our country, it is my job to guide you to the king’s place….」

After seeing the blue dragon ahead of us while complaining, Sainos laughed and looked at me.

「My liege, that dragon a while ago was an interesting fellow.」

I nod lightly.

「Ah, let’s go talk to him later.」

When we were having a conversation like that, we saw light coming from the end of the cave.

It is not a reddish light that usually comes from fire like torches but a white gentle light.

Emerging from that place with light is an artificial building.

As we got closer, the cave widened until the ceiling was completely open. It seems like there is a hole on top of the mountain. From there, the light of the sun falls giving light to the cave.

And, wrapped in that light is a huge black castle.

The castle is a boorish square tower. However, its walls and gate have incredibly stunning sculptures. There are also four statues of dragons at the top.

「Is the sculpture on the wall, the history?」

When I mutter so, the blue dragon raised its face and looked at us.

「Hou, it seems like you understand. It seems like humans are smart.」

After the blue dragon said that, I raised my face and looked at the sculptures on the wall again.

A flying dragon that appears to be fighting with a titan, a dragon roaring on top of a mountain.

There are a lot of scenes like that sculpted on the wall.

「Yes, I understand what it means.」

I answered sincerely to the blue dragon.

The blue dragon roared like it was impressed with my answer. It then stood in front of a huge gate that even that black dragon from earlier can pass through.

After squealing once, the giant gate was opened from the inside.

Though it is a heavy double metal gate, nobody seemed to be opening it.

When the door was opened, a hall appeared before my eyes. There are many open windows on the wall that illuminates the castle.

The inner walls and ceiling of this somewhat dimly-lit castle are well decorated.

On the floor are a number of medium size dragons that are about less than 20 meters in length. There is also an eye-catching white dragon at the inner part of the floor.

In that place with little light, the white dragon seems to be emitting light.

The white dragon is about 20 meters in length and though it is not too big, I can feel that this dragon is stronger than the color dragons.

Or rather, this castle is only one room?

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