Chapter 220 – Dragon King

Following the blue dragon towards the white dragon, the white dragon whose face is on the floor had its eyes half opened.

Before going up to the floor where the white dragon is, the blue dragon stopped and bowed.

「Aldogarz-sama, we have visitors from the outside.」

When the blue dragon said so, the white dragon Aldogrz raised its long neck.

「….from the outside?」

Aldogarz said that with a low, heavy voice and looked at us while narrowing its eyes.

「….unusual. It’s a dragon type I don’t know of and human….This is the first time it happened after a thousand years. I haven’t seen a human for a long time…」

Aldogarz gently said those things but he’s not talking to us.

To that, the blue dragon nodded without saying anything. It seems like the blue dragon should not speak unless Aldogarz asked something.

When it became silent for a while since their king is pondering, a sweet voice echoed in the castle.

It was Sainos who’s giving Aldogarz a puzzled look.

「My liege! It is not a color dragon. What kind of dragon is it?」

When Sainos speaks like that, the blue dragon looked back at Sainos with eyes that seem to have just witnessed something unbelievable.

Sainos paid a little attention to the stunned blue dragon and turned his eyes to Aldogarz again.

「This white dragon is a little small….I feel like if it isn’t a white dragon, I wouldn’t consider it beautiful.」

Sainos said that and pinched his chin with his fingers while looking puzzled.

「Y-y-you!? Can’t you behave yourself!? Is it too hard for you to stay quiet!?」

The blue dragon speaks loudly. Because of that, the dragons inside the castle raised their faces and turned their eyes towards us.

「Aren’t I quiet? Tell him that.」

I said that and pointed at Sainos. The blue dragon narrowed his eyes and sharply glared at me.

「Bullshit! That’s not the problem nai wa! You should receive the capital punishment and have your body tore apart!」

When the blue dragon said so, Lagreat groaned and raised his head. And, expressions left Sainos and Soarer’s face.

「…kill us? Who will do that? You? Or is it the white dragon? Or will it be your whole dragon race? If you really want to be annihilated then please try.」

When Soarer said that in a low voice, the blue dragon opened and closed its mouth several times while looking at Soarer.

Was it intimidated by Soarer’s power? Or is it too amazed that it was not able to say anything? When the blue dragon was not able to say anything in return, Aldogarz, who was watching us, opened its mouth.

「These humans can really talk big….and to think that the young dragon over there will be overwhelmed by a human’s bloodlust….」

After Aldogarz said that, he stood up.

「….interesting, amusing humans. However, this king cannot overlook your attitude. Well, I will not kill you but you will lose one arm or leg. Or, you can pay up if you have enough gold to cover a dragon….choose whichever you like.」

Aldogarz said that and observed us. It is looking at us full of curiosity.

I looked back and raised the edge of my mouth.

「If I say neither, will that be a problem? I neither want to lose an arm or money. However, that is not an interesting thing to say.」

I said so and walked before everyone.

「I want to hear, if the other party is also a king of a country, how will the dragon’s country respond?」

When I asked, Aldogarz moved its tail and narrowed its eyes.

「…Fumu. I have not thought about it. However, I also want to hear why do you speak like a king of a human country is my equal…? Do you really intend to treat me, the king of dragons, one that had lived more than ten thousand times compared to a human king, the same as a human king….?」

When Aldogarz said so, the dragons in the castle started to stand up.

And the blue dragon sharply glared at me.

「Retract what you said, human. Know that it is impudent of you to compare yourself to our king.」

When the blue dragon said that, I shrugged my shoulders.

「Why? Just because your dragon king is a rare type you’re going to say he’s great? What an interesting criteria.」

When I answer so, the blue dragon brought its face closer to me and opened its big mouth.

「I-idiot! Superiority and inferiority are not determined by rarity! Roughly speaking, you need to admi….!」

When the blue dragon shouted, a heavy impact that can shake a belly echoed inside the castle.

Looking at the direction where the impact occurred, it looks like Aldogarz shook its tail.

「…Then, let me ask you. How are you going to compare the king of dragons and the king of humans? Humans are weak, have lesser magical power, and only has knowledge of a hundred years. For you, what is the qualification of a king?」

Aldogarz said that in a coercive manner.

I see. Even though the other party was a bit impolite, he did not get angry and inquires about the other party’s opinion.

Aldogarz only hit its tail on the ground once and the other dragons have shrunk.

And, it’s also proud of its 10,000 years of wisdom.

It definitely is qualified to be a king.

However, I shook my head and looked up at Aldogarz.

「The king of dragon has knowledge in addition to its power and magical power. You are certainly qualified to be a king. However, it is also essential to be interesting.」

When I told it so, Aldogarz stopped moving and stared at my face.

And, lifted its face and laughed.

「Human. I’m not sure if you are courageous and gutsy or an ignorant fool. However, you surely are interesting. If you will be able to show me your qualification as the king of humans, I will recognize you as the king of humans!」

When Aldogarz laughed, the trembling dragons in the castle looked at each other. Then, Soarer sticks out her well-developed chest and raises her face.

「It’s natural. Ren-sama is more kingly than you are since he is my h-husband.」

When Soarer said that, she became bright red.

Was that information necessary? I tilted my neck then looked up at Aldogarz and opened my mouth.

「Even if my companions are convinced, the dragons are not. Therefore, let’s compare each other ability to those qualifications you boast of.」

When I said so, the dragons who had been making noise until then gradually calmed down. Aldogarz narrowed his eyes.

While feeling the sign that everyone is listening to my words, I sneer.

「Aldogarz, let’s have a match. If I lose, I will admit that you are a king superior to anyone. But if I win, I want some of your scales.」

「….scales, why?」

「Ah, this is the first time I’ve seen such material. I definitely want it.」

When I said that their dragon king is a material, the air inside the castle froze. Well, there’s no point in telling a lie so I don’t regret it.


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