Chapter 221 – The Dragon’s Astonishment

「….those words, I cannot overlook it anymore.」

When Aldogarz said, a thumping sound echoed in the castle.

Looking at the direction it came from, a huge dark red dragon sitting next to the wall of the castle is staring at me as it hits the ground with its tail.

「….grand dragon?

I muttered so as I looked up at the dragon. According to the event animation video of the game, this is the largest type of dragon.

A gigantic dragon of 50 meters in length brought its face closer to me. Its mouth, that is big enough to swallow us all, opens.

「With that big mouth of yours, do you think you can beat me?」

The air trembles as it speaks.

I raised my face and smiled bitterly before shaking my head to the left and right.

「I can’t win against you in regards to mouth size. I admit defeat. 」

When I said so and laughed, the grand dragon raised its head and roared.

「….Aldogarz-sama, you don’t have to do anything. I will crush him in your stead. 」

The grand dragon said so and went outside the castle.

「It can’t be helped. This is troublesome but I’ll be your opponent. 」

When I said so and tried going out of the castle, dragon form Lagreat spread its wings to block me.

I looked at Lagreat and he groaned. I shrugged my shoulders.

「Don’t kill him, okay? 」

When I said so, Lagreat roared and went outside the castle.

「My liege! Let’s watch! 」

Sainos innocently said so as he wagged his tail. I smiled and nodded.

「I’ll leave for a moment. 」

I said that to Aldogarz and joined everyone to spectate outside. We left the castle at our own pace. Aldogarz seemed surprised with our attitude and just blinked his eyes.

When we got outside, we saw the grand dragon with its wings spread looking down on Lagreat.

「An infant dragon like you dare to challenge me? 」

When the grand dragon said so, Lagreat groaned while beating the ground with his tail.

Why did the grand dragon called Lagreat an infant? Because of the difference in their physique?

Seeing them, the dragons of the dragon’s country gradually began to spectate.

「This might be good. I’ll crush you without mercy! 」

After the grand dragon said that, it spread its wings and flies up into the sky.

「How did that gigantic body rise with just flapping its wings several times? 」

While feeling the strong wind on my face, I muttered something.

When the grand dragon flies up in the sky, Lagreat flies too. When they are already both in the sky, both of them roared at the same time. It must be their signal to start.

「Do what your heart tells you too! 」

When Sainos was shouting those unnecessary words, the grand dragon expanded its wings and twisted its body. The gigantic dragon rotates in the air causing windstorm powerful enough to break trees.

Using the momentum caused by the wind, it uses its tail to whip Lagreat.

Lagreat hardened his body to be able to withstand the gigantic tail of the grand dragon.

However, Lagreat was still blown off like a bullet and thrust himself on a slope of the nearby mountain.

Dust arises and pieces of boulders roll down from the mountain.

Looking at that scene, the grand dragon roared in a threatening way.

Immediately afterwards, Lagreat spreads his wings and fly out from that dusty mountain.

Seeing that, the grand dragon narrows its eyes.

「You don’t get it, do you? Even if you managed to withstand my tail, you have no chance of winning. 」

While the grand dragon was saying that, Lagreat is flying in its direction in a relaxed manner.

And roared in front of the grand dragon.

「….nani? 」

When the grand dragon asked, Lagreat thrust his head into its belly.

「Guh!? 」

The grand dragon folded its body in the air as it groaned. Lagreat flies this time aiming at its jaw.

The grand dragon was hit by Lagreat’s head uppercut and flipped. It’s like a boxing scene.

If its gigantic body falls down, some small dragons might die.

Thinking of what will possibly happen, I set up a barrier to catch the grand dragon but Lagreat quickly flew and caught the grand dragon by its waist.

Lagreat supports the gigantic grand dragon from below and they stopped falling.

Thankfully, Lagreat managed to lift the grand dragon.

「Guh…..!? 」

When the grand dragon raised such a voice and moved, Lagreat beat the back of the grand dragon with his tail.

He took some distance from the grand dragon who used the recoil from Lagreat’s hit to stand in the air. Lagreat turns around from the grand dragon.

The grand dragon stays to where it is standing still.

「Su-such power in that small body…. 」

When the grand dragon expressed so, Lagreat roared once again.

「Wh-what’s that…!? 」

Seeing that there is something with that roar, the grand dragon wrapped itself with its wings to protect its body.

The next moment, something ruptured the air and thrust the belly of the grand dragon.

The grand dragon was blown off.

Seeing that scene, the blue dragon who had come near us murmured something.

「Im-impossible…. 」

I looked at the blue dragon’s widened eyes and lifted the edge of my mouth.

「What seems to be impossible? 」

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