Chapter 222 – Battle with the Black Dragon

When Lagreat was descending, a black shadow appeared behind me.

「….Surprising. That infant overwhelmed Lindworm just like that.」


I looked back to checked who said that and found that its Urmahlullu. Urmahlullu groaned and looked up at Lagreat.

「You’ve taken my interest. Should I also test your strength?」

「Hnn? Lagreat seems motivated.」

When I said that to Urmahlullu, Urmahlullu opened its big mouth, roared, and spread its wings.

The black dragon covered the sun.

Though a black dragon is a powerful enemy even during the game, I’m sure Lagreat can manage it.

Since I concluded it that way, I called out Lagreat. Lagreat heard me and tried to descend.

「Urmahlullu wants to fight you!」

When I told him so, I heard a loud roar as a reply. The dragons around make a commotion.

It seems like the dragons have been gathering around before I noticed it. I feel like this has become a big event in this country.

Urmahlullu flapped its wings hard and soared to the sky.

The two dragons are confronting each other similar to the match earlier. The noisy spectating dragons gradually became quiet.

「Now, let’s start.」

Urmahlullu said so and thrust its head towards Lagreat.

Lagreat evades the headbutt by flying up.


Urmahlullu roared, flapped its wings and pursued Lagreat. It then used wing attack and tail whip against Lagreat.

Lagreat dexterously evades all its attack and maneuvers in the air to counterattack.

Seeing that, Urmahlullu slightly opens its mouth and growls.

Immediately afterwards, black fire-like thing flickers from Urmahlullu mouth.

Urmahlullu turned to Lagreat who’s flying in the sky and opened its mouth.

With a roaring sound that shook the atmosphere, condensed black flame was fired from Urmahlullu mouth.

It’s a black dragon breath attack. Thought it can be considered powerful, it is an easy to avoid technique since it is noticeable when a black dragon was about to use it and its direction is linear.

However, that shot was not like the one-shot attack in the game. Urmahlullu is firing it continuously.

Beside the obvious about-to-shoot movement, its released its breath attack fifty percent faster than its supposed to be.

Perhaps the difference between the black dragon in the game and Urmahlullu is its accumulated battle experience throughout its life.

Since I have been hunting and killing color dragons, that difference is not something to laugh at.

Lagreat decided to intercept that dangerous blow.

Lagreat spewed the same black breath that Urmahlullu shoot.

However, they differ in something. What Urmahlullu shoot is black flame while Lagreat’s breath attack is black thunder.

Lagreat’s breath is smaller but it broke through the black flame while making a fierce electrical discharge sound.

Right after the explosion sound is Urmahlullu’s scream as it received the black thunderbolt.

After receiving the breath for a few seconds, Urmahlullu’s body tilted as if its breathing stopped.

Barely able to fly, Urmahlullu looks up at Lagreat and growls.

「Wh-what power….To beat my breath head on….」

When Urmahlullu said that, Lagreat descended to the same height as Urmahlullu and opened his mouth.


After Lagreat squealed like that, Urmahlullu was dumbfounded and laughed after a few seconds.

「Fu fu hahaha….! That’s amusing! Ah, my body hurts!」

When Urmahlullu said so and laughed, Lagreat squealed again that made Urmahlullu laughed again.

「If you don’t explain anything we won’t understand!」

Sainos yelled while waving at them with both hands. I also wonder what they are talking about.

Then, Urmahlullu slowly descends to the ground. After folding its wings, Urmahlullu shakes its head lightly and speaks.

「Umu….that young dragon boasted like a child.」

Urmahlullu glimpsed at the descending Lagreat.

「He said ”How’s that? I’m stronger” and “My lord is stronger. You narrowly escaped death by challenging me.”. I have laughed so hard because his childishness does not match his power.」

Urmahlullu said that like a father who’s proud of his child while laughing joyfully.

No no, don’t raise the hurdle. A color dragon is a troublesome foe to fight head on.

While thinking of such a thing while smiling wryly, three black shadows came down from the sky.

When the huge shadows spread their wings while descending, gust of wind blows.

「Don’t laugh, Urmahlullu. They’ll take lightly of our country.」

It was a big, red dragon and it’s looking down at us. The other two are green dragon and dark purple dragon.

They are color dragons with attributes of fire, wind, and thunder.

While I was surprised by the appearance of the four strongest dragon types together with the black dragon, the dragon king, Aldogarz, went out of the cave.

TN: Not sure why it came out from the cave. Maybe it went out of the castle when nobody notices him then came out of the cave because the reinforcements are here. Lol

「…to beat Urmahlullu, what a frightening child. I’m interested in your power too.」

When Aldogarz said that, the color dragons other than Urmahlullu roared.

「…Four of you? In that case, we’ll join.」

I said so and brought out my sword.


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