Chapter 223 – Sage Dragon King and Color Dragons

I looked up at the 20-meter white dragon and rested my sword on my shoulder.

「Sainos, take care of the red dragon. Lagreat and Soarer, work together and beat the other two. I’ll fight against the dragon king.」

When I said so, Aldogarz stared down on me.

「….No way, you plan on fighting me alone? Being hot blooded is pointless. Even an infant dragon can break a fragile human with just a swing of its tail.」

When Aldogarz said that, I raised one of my eyebrows and sneered.

「Don’t you know that there are humans capable of fighting against dragons?」

When I told that to Aldogarz, Aldrogarz narrowed his eyes and removed his gaze from me.

It looked at Sainos and Soarer.

「….beastkins. I was really surprised when I met beastkins the first time last 1,000 or 2,000 years ago. There are only a hundred of them but they were able to fight the citizens of my kingdom evenly.」

Aldogarz said that while watching Sainos and Soarer.

「Hee, if you estimate their ability is only that much, you’ll feel pain in your eyes. Try looking at them better.」

After I said that and laughed, Aldogarz did not say anything and just stared at me.

<Sainos’ Battle>

「Sword intent, the eye of the sword, this shall be…ah tah! Complete sword!」

When Sainos said that, he slashed a sword straight up. Soarer took out a big fan while looking puzzled.

「What are you doing? If I remember correctly, that is something you received from my lord.」

When Soarer says so as she spread the fan in front of her face, Sainos laughs.

「I’m not going to use my usual weapon for this battle. It has been so long since I last use this. Now! Red dragon, are you ready!?」

When Sainos raises his voice and looks up into the sky, all dragons stares at the red dragon.

「….you’re doing that because it’s a color dragon?」

When Soarer murmured so, Sainos nodded.

「Yeah, that’s right! That is my intention!」

Sainos’ laughed as he’s contented in his own show and walked toward the red dragon.

「Now, let’s do it! I’ll tell you now, I’m strong! Come at me with all your might!」

Sainos said that while wagging his tail. The red dragon snorted and turned around.

As soon as the red dragon showed its back, the tip of its tail became similar to a whip.

That casual blow approaches Sainos from the air.

But Sainos dodged its tail and swung his sword.

Sainos easily chopped off the tip of the tail of the red dragon.

The red dragon opens its eyes wide and roars. Sainos looks up at the red dragon in the air while shaking his sword.

「I already warned you….now, fight seriously! 」

The red dragon roared in anger and rushed to Sainos, Sainos smiled wryly. The huge 30-meter dragon showed its claws and fangs as it approaches Sainos.

Sainos jumps to dodge. As he leaves the ground, the mouth becomes more wide open so he flies to the sky.

Sainos, who’s now looking down at the red dragon from the sky, rotated vertically and slashed one of its wings.

One of the red dragon’s wings was cut off from the root and fell to the ground. The red dragon raised a muffled voice.


Sainos gets on the back of the dragon as its stomach slams the ground. He raises his sword in the air.

The red dragon who lost one of its wings turned its head and tried to bite Sainos who’s riding its back.


Sainos quickly jumps down and rolls on the ground to take distance.

The red dragon is now looking at him with bloodshot eyes. It opens its mouth and flickers of red flame can be seen inside its mouth.

「Oi oi, if it does that the dragons spectating….」

I noticed that the red dragon was about to use breath attack so I called out to Sainos.

「Sainos! Don’t let it shoot!」

After I instructed him to do so, Sainos raised his sword and ran.


Sainos shouted and swung his sword horizontally with the ground.

「”100 Icicle Hammer”!」

As soon as Sainos yelled the skill name, his sword emitted pale light and cold air.

Immediately afterwards, countless of ice spikes stick out below the red dragon. The earth shook each time an ice spike shows up and a deafening roar echoed through the mountains.

The red dragon was penetrated by countless of ice spikes all over its body. It fainted while bleeding and stopped moving.

Silence ruled the dragon’s country because of the shocking spectacle.

「Soarer, heal it.」

My words resounded more than I thought because of the silent atmosphere. Soarer replied and walked towards the dying dragon and casted healing magic.

Pale light wraps the body of the dragon and it quickly recovers. The dragon fully recovered in no time and its lost wing grew back.

I looked around the dumbfounded dragons and nodded.

「Yoshi, it’s your turn this time.」

When I said that and looked at the two other color dragons, the two color dragons looked at me silently.


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