Chapter 224 – Lagreat and Soarer Overwhelms Two Dragons

When Soarer steps forward, Lagreat comes down to where she is.

The two dragons were surprised when they saw the two approaching them with unconcerned expression. They stopped just below the color dragons and looked up at them.


When Lagreat roars, Soarer nods.

「Yeah, let’s drag them down. They’ll regret their foolish action of looking down on us.」

After Soarer said that, she casted magic without chant. Lagreat and Soarer were immediately wrapped in white light, then blue light, then white light again, then another light, and another one more.

The surrounding dragons can’t find the words to say upon seeing Soarer casting five support magic in an instant.

Even the two color dragons have widened their eyes.

「Co-consecutive magics with no chant….?」

「That beastwoman, does she have the same power as the elf who came here some time ago…?」

When Soarer heard the conversation of the two dragons, Soarer smiled and hit Lagreat’s back.

「Now, let’s go!」

As Soarer says so, Lagreat spreads his wings and roars. The color dragons floating in the sky tensed up.

I looked at the two dragons who seem to be preparing themselves. Lagreat flew up to the sky.

Lagreat’s jumping up to the sky causes dust to soar the ground. He dashes to the two dragons in a bullet-like speed.

He kicked the chest of one of those dragons and shook his tail towards the other one.

The impacts were enough to shook the mountain. The dragon whose face was hit by the tail wobbles in the air.

Lagreat noticed that momentary chance rushed to the dragon and hit its head three more times.

Meanwhile, the other dragon who was kicked in the chest hurriedly lunged at Lagreat and bit his wings.

It seems to want to seal Lagreat’s mobility after seeing his speed.

However, its fangs were not able to damage Lagreat’s wings beside some minor scratches.

The dragon was dumbfounded and opened its eyes wide looking at Lagreat’s back. Lagreat looked at it and opened his mouth. The next moment, sound of electrical discharge can be heard and a black breath hit the color dragon.

Along with the electrical discharge sound, an explosion sound resounded. The dragon who received that breath convulsed.

Behind Lagreat who just released breath, the other dragon started to attack with Soarer as its target.

It seems like it wants to take care of Soarer who can cast support magic but its attack was warded by multiple barriers.

As soon as the dragon saw that, its eyes turned bloodshot. It opened its mouth and tried to release breath while Soarer slowly opened her folding fan.

Purple light flashed.

Soarer’s barrier can’t withstand a breath attack from point-blank range.

The breath approaches Soarer in no time.

As if a scene where one give up life, Soarer smiled calmly.


Soarer says that as she swings the fan. The fan draws an arc in the air as if the atmosphere melt making a black semicircular membrane in front of Soarer.

The breath hits the membrane and it was absorbed as if it was swallowed by something.


That voice came from the dragon who released the breath as the black semicircular member in front of Soarer emitted light.

The black semicircular membrane became white and thunder was discharged towards the dragon who shot breath. The dragon who was swallowed by the intense electric discharge stopped moving.

The dragon’s eyes turned white while smoke comes out all over it. It falls to the ground.

「Areh? It’s over in one shot?」

I muttered so as I looked at the dragon who just fell to the ground not moving.

The color dragons are pretty strong bosses.  Even I would have a hard time dealing with it in a one-on-one battle. Perhaps the levels of the color dragons here are low.

When I was thinking of such a thing, the green dragon who was fighting Lagreat also fell to the ground and stopped moving.

「Soarer! Heal them!」


Soarer immediately replies to my command and heals the two fallen color dragons.

After confirming that she’d done, I looked up at the dumbfounded Aldogarz.

「Now, let’s go on with the battle of the leaders.」

When I said so, Aldogarz narrowed its eyes and looked down at me.

「…..wh-who are you?」

To that question of Aldogarz, I smiled and stabbed my sword into the ground.

「A human’s country king」

When I told him so, Aldogarz looked at Lagreat.

「….king of humans and his subjects….indeed, we have taken you lightly.」

When Aldogarz said so, it spread its beautiful white wings and roared. Its roar is beautiful but manly and it can shake mountains.

The dragons around regain their composure.

Aldogarz looked at me.

「….this time, I will show you the power of the dragon king.」

After Aldogarz said that, it flapped its wings and flew up to the sky.

I use chantless flight magic and chase after Aldogarz.

「Let’s go to a good place.」

Aldogarz said so and flew towards the top of the second highest mountain. Looking at it, it turned out that there is a crater on the summit of the mountain.

I looked at Aldogarz who went down to the crater without hesitation. I compared the crater to the surrounding mountains.

「Why is it that at this height, it is not covered with ice? Surely, it is not an active volcano that was about to erupt.」

When I muttered so while having a doubtful feeling, I followed Aldogarz who’s waiting on the ground while swaying its tail.

「Now, let’s do it.」

「No, oi. Why is it so warm here?」

When I asked that, Aldogarz nodded.

「This mountain is alive. It is a strong mountain that continues to live in this icy environment.」

Aldogarz said that with an all-knowing face. I knitted my eyebrows and looked at the ground.

The ground is awfully warm. Also, there are smokes in several places. This is no longer just a bad feeling.

「….Did you experience an earthquake recently? Like even you were shaken by it?」

「Yes, it has been shaking frequently for the past month.」


When I asked, Aldogarz nodded.

「Right. Are you worried about this mountain spitting fire? Be relieved. This mountain never spat fire since the day we came here.」

「….It never erupted in thousands of years even though it is an active volcano? No, I don’t know its eruption cycle so I can’t judge….」

Seeing that I was puzzled, Aldogarz lifted its upper body and roared.

「Now, let’s do it. I have not fought in full power for a long time. Though it might be bad, I will fight now to my heart’s content.」

Aldogarz declares so as it spreads its wings. Looking at it closely, it’s even swinging its tail to the left and right.

「….you look like a dog, sage dragon king.」

I muttered so while smiling wryly. I set up my sword.

「It can’t be helped. I’ll just end this quickly then evacuate!」

I yelled that dialogue inside me cause I know it will be misunderstood.


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