Chapter 225 – The Power of the Sage Dragon King

As soon as I set up my sword, Aldogarz opened its mouth joyfully and lowered its posture.

The inside of its mouth started shining.

…ath, oi!?

I hurriedly jumped away from Aldogarz’ line of fire.

Immediately afterwards, Aldogarz widely opened its mouth and dazzling white light dyed my vision.

That torrent of white light seems to swallow everything including me. The torrent of white light shaved off everything in its path and reached the edge of the crater in an instant.

When the light strikes the mountain covering the crater, it penetrates it without resistance.

That breath is exactly a laser beam.

Even the strongest breath of the color dragons hit me without a barrier, I will survive. But for that one, I’m not too sure. I better evade it just to be sure.

When Aldogarz verified that I evaded, it smiled while white flames leaking from its mouth. It must have been that breath’s remnant.

Fuhahaha! You evade it! Now, continue!

Aldogarz cheerfully said so and white light began to leak from its mouth.

Oi oi…..are you planning to shoot continuously?

I frowned while saying that and started running behind Aldogarz.

Aldogarz opened its mouth and released that white light breath again.

While running, I noticed that the light moved and is aiming at me. Aldogarz turned his neck while spitting breath.

The white light breath draws an arc and hit the wall of the crater.

It seems like it can shoot consecutively and continuously for a long time!

I’m both praising and complaining while evading the breath. Somehow, it seems that Aldogarz can’t properly adjust its aim while shooting breath.

I can still move with leeway.

I kicked the ground with power to avoid the breath attack and sneaked around to Aldogarz in a dash. Aldogarz neck was bent to the limit and it keeps attacking with breath while chasing me.


I spat out a short breath and swung my sword as I approached Aldogarz back.

My sword cuts Aldogarz’ white, beautiful wings and puts a big wound on its back….I predicted so but that didn’t happen.

I felt and heard a sound of glass breaking. A sound of vibration resonating through the air follows.

That instant, I recognized what that unique sound and feeling meant and kicked the ground. The next second, a white flash destroyed the place I was previously standing at.

Magic barrier….!?

I said that and looked at Aldogarz from the sky.

Does this mean that the strongest type of dragon can put up a barrier?

While thinking of such a thing, I attacked from the sky.

Flame tongue!

An attack with my full power managed to destroy 3 barriers but the pillar of flame barely reached Aldogarz.

Though I didn’t manage to damage it that much, Aldogarz looked at me with rounded eyes.

To be able to do that much….!

After it said that, Aldogarz turned around and shook its tail towards me.

However, after breaking two of my barriers, it stopped.


Aldogarz was obviously shaken so I approached it and swung my sword.

Five step slash!

My super high-speed sword technique slashed Aldogarz’ wings from the root.

Aldogarz cried but I did not bother listening to it.

When I tried cutting down its other wing, Aldogarz face turned to where I am. White light leaks from its mouth.


I clicked my tongue and evaded by jumping to the side. Aldogarz breath passed by my side.

The aftermath, one of my barriers broke.

No time is like cheating.

TN: No time means using breath in an instant.

After I said that, I fixed my barrier. Aldogarz opened and closed its mouth several time while looking at me.

It’s trying to do something.

Immediately after I thought so, a familiar white light wrapped Aldogarz’ body.


When I said an incomplete word, the sage dragon king, who just used healing magic, had its wings grow again.

No no no…. oi oi oi….

Though I was surprised seeing it grew its wings back, it can be said that it can’t be helped.

Who would have thought that a last boss monster can use healing magic? That is a blatant harassment.

Moreover, its a healing type with reconstruction effect which can only be used once. It uses much more magical power compared to ordinary healing magic.

While I’m dumbfounded, Aldogarz, who’s wings grew back, roared and kicked the ground while flapping its wings.

Looking at it, I thought that it will just fly at low altitude.

However, who would have thought that it will dash in an incredible speed.

I evaded it by rolling on the ground. I looked back at Aldogarz who just passed by me.

Looking at it, it used the momentum from its dash to fly up.

Looking down at me from the sky, Aldogarz opens its mouth slightly. I bent my knees to prepare flying up in case it use breath.


On the verge of jumping, I noticed the state of the crater.

Though more than a third of its wall was blown away, its okay. The problem is the amount of smoke rising from the ground.

And Aldogarz is going to shoot that heinous breath to this crater.

O-oi! Stop!

When I jumped to the sky while screaming, white light was emitted from Aldogarz mouth as if a signal.

A dazzling flash of light burns in my eyes.

To that gruesome scene, I flew up to the sky at a dash using flight magic and kicked Aldogarz’ head who continued shooting breath.

My missile like dropkick, though looked like impossible because of our physique’s difference, blown Aldogarz away.

At the next moment, a  trembling sound can be heard from the mountain we were fighting at. Then, that happened.

After successive explosions, black smoke and crimson magma blow up in the sky.

Because of that eruption, the sky was quickly dyed with red and black.

While the rocks are flying and dancing in the sky, I yelled at my subordinates who were watching us.


I flew away while shouting. Lagreat’s group also rushed to the sky and took distance in a hurry.

Aldogarz, who was blown away by me, had stiffened for a moment seeing the eruption but soon began giving instructions to the citizens of the dragon’s country.

The eruption’s power increases. The dragons who can’t fly ride the back of the dragons who can fly to escape.

Magma blew out from the crated and lava quickly covered the land where the dragon’s country previously was. The dragons were unable to say anything.

When I was watching the eruption, my subordinates approached.

… My lord, what shall we do?

When Soarer, who has an indescribable expression, asked so, I knitted my eyebrows.

… About the eruption? The eruption is underground magma spewing out. Freezing the surface is impossible….

I mutter so and looked at the dragons who are evacuating to the sky.

I sigh.

… Let’s do what we can do.

Later, I will get scales of the sage dragon king and other various things.


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