Chapter 226 – Stop the Eruption

Still, is it possible for human hands to take care of the rising magma?

While thinking of such a thing, I look at my companions.

Lagreat, Sainos, and Soarer.

I regret that I didn’t bring Sunny and Io.

「I am sorry, my lord. However, I will give you all I have without hesitation.」

Soarer said that while looking at my eyes. I smiled wryly and nodded.

「No, the members with me now are fine. I’m not a bit dissatisfied.」

I said that as a follow-up. Soarer smiled and casted support magic to everyone.

She casted three types of support magic: barrier, magical power enhancement, and fire resistance enhancement.

「Yoshi. Then let’s go up in the sky while riding Lagreat.」

When I said so, Lagreat roared and spread his wings.

「I’ll go too!」

「Sainos? What are you planning to do?」

I bewilderedly looked at Sainos. Sainos showed a fearless smile and showed the sword in his hand.

「I’ll cut down all flying objects.」

Eh? Magma too?

I thought of that after hearing something unexpected but I gave up when I saw Sainos’ smiling face.

「….good, then let’s go everyone.」

「I ya hhooww!」

Sainos joyfully jumped.

When we rise into the sky, I was at a loss for words seeing the power of the magma spewing from the crater.

It’s completely different from just watching on TV.

While we are looking at the red magma and black dust rising up, a black silhouette came up from our back.

It’s the black dragon Urmahlullu.

「…Is there anything you can do?」

When Urmahlullu mentioned that with a stiff voice, Lagreat lightly roars.

Hearing that, Urmahlullu rounded his eyes and looked at my face.

「What he say?」

When I asked that, Urmahlullu laughed and spoke.

「I see, it will be all over soon….」

Urmahlullu said the words Lagreat told him. I took out a wand from my item box and points it to the crater.

「That’s right. It will be all over soon.」

After I said that, I casted magic.

At first, I tried using ice magic but it was not very effective because magma immediately melts the ice on the surface.

Then, I tried using wind magic and wait for the right moment where I can see the crater again before using ice magic.

Still, it only froze the surface in a moment.

No, perhaps it is impossible to freeze the large amount of magma which exceeds a thousand degrees to stop the eruption.

In the meantime, while I was thinking of various things to try, a cinder comes flying on us and Sainos cuts it down.

「Eh ei! Troublesome!」

Sainos shook his sword while shouting as his visibility is hindered by the extreme ashy surrounding.

He used a wind style skill. The gust of wind temporarily blows off the ashes and a clear view of the crater can be seen.

I spoke as soon as I saw it.

「Oh! That’s it, Sainos! Tear the magma! Make a way all the way to the crater!」

「Yes! I understand!」

Sainos puts back his sword on its sheath and turns his attention to the crater.

「Nuu! Air shadow!」

「Oi, there’s no such skill!?」

Sainos unsheathe his sword while saying that unknown sword technique name so I unintentionally tsukkomied.

However, Sainos’ sword shimmered in gold and made a semicircular arc wave from the blade of his sword.

「Something really happened!」

I unintentionally tsukkomied again. The wave released from Sainos’ sword rotated at high speed.

Will it be enough? The wave’s width is about the size of Urmahlullu’s trunk and it flew towards the magma.

The wave cuts the magma without resistance but the magma just spread to the left and right at the point where it was cut.

「Nuu! Tough!」

「No, the sharpness is good. However, we need a move that has more destructive power.」

I am impressed by Sainos’ new technique but there is no time to be amazed now so I looked down and call out to Lagreat.

「It can’t be helped. Lagreat, use breath.」

「You want Lagreat to use breath on an active volcano?」

Soarer looked at me as if she heard something strange. I shrugged my shoulders and pointed at the crater that constantly spews magma.

「That happened because of someone who is called the dragon king acted like an idiot. There’s no point in getting worried.」

When I say so, a white dragon came down from above.

「It’s all because of me….?」

「Other than you, who else will it be? Aldogarz, apologize to your citizen soon.」

「.. …. Mumu, I am sorry …」

「Since when did we became your citizen?」

After replying, I shrugged my shoulders and sighed.

Then, Urmahlullu timidly spoke.

「Do not blame the king of our country. If you need breath, I will help.」

「mu, I, me too…」

Aldogarz spoke as it was lured by Urmahlullu’s proposal but I dismissed their opinion and shook my head.

「No. If we add your breath, the crater will spread out. Just look at it quietly.」

When I told them so, the two of them drooped.

「We wasted enough time. Now, Sainos, Soarer, cooperate with Lagreat to blow off the magma on the surface. I will cover the crater.」



Sinos and Lagreat responded to my instructions and took a stance.

「I’ll assist you.」

Soarer casted a support magic that enhances physical ability.

「Nuuoooo! Power! “True Air Slash”!」

The moment he received support magic, Sainos shook his sword and used a technique. A wide wave flew out from the blade of the sword the Sainos swung down.

「Another new technique?」

While I am surprised seeing Sainos’ new technique, Lagreat opens his mouth and shoots breath.

Sainos managed to create a way from the spewed magma all the way to the crater.

Confirming that, I casted ice magic.

A freezing atmosphere goes straight to the crater like a ray. It froze all the magma and ash it met on the way to the crater.

It stained the crater white as magma solidifies like an iceberg.

「My lord, here’s a magic potion.」

「Oh, thank you.」

I received a glass bottle that contains blue liquid from Soarer and drink it.

I grasped the wand again and casted ice magic continuously. I casted two, three and so on magic until the whole mountain, not just the crater turned white.

A few minutes later, the crater that’s spewing magma has become pure white. You can even mistook it for Mount Everest.

I looked down at the white mountain and nodded.

「I unexpectedly managed to do something….though I don’t know to what extent.」

When I said so, Aldogarz narrowed its eyes and looked at me as if in trouble.


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