Chapter 228 – The New Dragon Country and Ishmugard

Before making the new dragon country, I went to a certain place.

「You’re energetic.」

When I said that, Ishmugard, who had been sleeping like a cat, raised his face in a relaxed manner.

「Nuu…what are you here for good sir?」

The sleepy Ishmugard said so. I nodded while smiling wryly.

「Ah, I want to chat with you. Ishmugard, before coming here, you were from the country of dragons, right?」

「Mou, about that? Good sir went to the dragon’s country? Good sir, the dragons there are living peacefully so I don’t think you need to be anxious.」

「Ah, so it is a peaceful country….」

I replied ambiguously to Ishmugard while smiling wryly. Ishmugard shook his tail and moved his head up and down several times then spoke.

「Fumu….I remember when I was still young, the dragon’s country is a place where time peacefully flows. However, because almost all dragons are gathered in the country, there were almost no dragons outside of it. Maa, and I’m one of those….I was born in the country of dragons, raised in the country of dragons but dying in the country of dragons without knowing anything made me feel extraordinarily fearful.」

「Are you really scared? Or are you just bored?」

When I asked him so, Ishmugard slightly turned his face away from me.

「….might be the arrival of my youthful passion. I thought my life is meaningless like that, just waiting for my body to rot there. However, thanks to the country, I gained a lot of good experiences. I’ve seen various sceneries under the sky. Lived in a lake where there are no other dragons. And, though suffering some hardships, making this forest my territory….I would never experience all of these if not for that country.」

Ishmugard murmured so while rocking his tail.

His opinion is more positive than I thought so I raised my face and nodded.

「Is that so? Then, what do you think about the dragon’s country…For example, do you feel homesick?」

Thinking about it, Ishmugard is an earth dragon who built a solid position in the forest of abyss after leaving his country. He might even say something effeminate.

Thinking about it with confidence, the earth dragon exhaled and narrowed his eyes.

「….well, recently, I thought of the dragon’s country. Is the sage dragon king doing well? Good sir, have you met him directly?」

「O-ohh….H-he’s well.」

「There are variety of thing I remembered that made me feel nostalgic. For once, I would like to see what he’s doing.」

To Ishmugard who seemed to be really feeling nostalgic, I sighed and shook my head to the left and right.

「….. Actually, Ishmugard. The dragon country, Fafnir.」

When I cut out to the subject, Ishmugard turned to me.

「Eruption….No, the mountain spewed fire. It was swallowed by fire.」

「….nani!? I have seen mountain spouting fire several times but, what has become of the country of dragons? Is everyone okay?」

To the disturbed Ishmugard, I raised one hand and spoke.

「Calm down. Everyone safely evacuated. I am now giving them a hand in reconstruction.」

When I said so, Ishmugard vomited a deep sigh.

「I-is that so…? No, thank you. As a citizen of the country of dragons, allow me to thank you.」

Ishmugard said that and deeply lowers his head.

「N-no, don’t mind it. I feel that it is partly my fault….」

「Hnn? Did you say something?」

「No, nothing.」

「Is that so?」

Ishmugard falls silent as if thinking about something but speaks before long.

「….Can I also help the revival of the dragon’s country? I am even willing to carry things.」

I deeply nodded seeing Ishmugard’s spirit.

「That’s right. Then, let’s go now to the new dragon’s country.」

「Mou? Now?」

「Ah, we’ll arrive there fast.」

「I can’t fly fast….」

「Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon enough.」

「I-is that so? Then, let’s go.」

After talking like that, Ishmugard and I went out of the castle.

We soar in the sky and I lead Ishmugard to a certain direction.

「Good sir, the dragon’s country should be in another direction.」

I shook my head, pointed to the north, and speak.

In a distance, a crowd of dragons is dancing in the sky like flocks of birds.

「There it is.」

When I answered so, Ishmugard opened his eyes wide and hardened.

「There lies the new country of dragons.」

When I speak again, Ishmugard moves inconspicuously like a machine that has run out of oil and turn his face to me.

「…over there….no way, isn’t the place beyond that mountain a deep forest?」

「Oh, you know it well. As expected of the former lord of the forest of abyss. There are two huge mountains there to be exact. Between those mountains are the place we are currently remodeling as the new dragon’s country.」

I answered so and looked back at Ishmugard who can’t find a word to say.

「Isn’t it easier to help someone close?」

「….it’s too close」

Ishmugard answered bitterly to my follow up.

「Oh, king of humans! Your companions are truly amazing! They were able to build buildings in no time!」

As we flew down to the new dragon’s country, the black dragon Urmahlullu came to us and said that.

「Oh, you look fairly happy about it.」

Urmahlullu laughed while wagging his tail.

「Ah, peaceful days are good but seeing stimulating scenes like these is also interesting. I’m already impressed seeing how dextrous the dwarves are but seeing how these buildings are built is something else. It is truly interesting.」

Urmahlullu looks at my guild members who are digging underground and says such a thing.

I cough once and call out to Urmahlullu.

「I came with a guest today.」


Urmahlullu looks puzzled while saying that so he turns his face to me.

And lifted his face a little to look at Ishmugard.

「Hmm? You are….No way, naughty boy Ishmugard?」

「P-please stop calling me that.」

Urmahlullu who was not able to hide his surprise said those words and Ishmugard complained instinctively.

Looking at Ishmugard who looks uncomfortable, Urmahlullu spreads his wings and leans towards him.

「You’re alive! You went out when you were still small so we thought you died because you never came back….Surprising. But, why are you here? We tried to find you many time but unable to. To think that you are living in such a faraway place.」

「Y-yeah, I made this forest of abyss my territory and currently living here.」

「Naughty boy! Don’t give me that front!」

「Sh-shut up! Urma-oyaji, don’t you know that you are being called annoying by the young ones!」

「What!? Who said that I’m annoying!?」

Looking at their turning excited conversation, I nodded quietly.

This seems to be okay. Ishmugard will be able to get along with the dragons of the new dragon country.

However, there is something I’m concerned about.

「….Urma-oyaji, naughty boy Ishmugard….do the others have nicknames too….?」

I mumbled and tilted my head.


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