Chapter 229 – Complicated Feeling of the Sage Dragon King

I asked Urmahlullu where Aldogarz is and he pointed at the top of the nearest mountain.

I took Ishmugard and went there and saw a white dragon before a cliff.

The white dragon is lying on the edge of the cliff while staring at the scenery below it.


When we descended to the cliff, I called Aldogarz out. Aldogarz raised his face and looked at us. Because he’s a dragon, I’m not sure what is his facial expression.

「….Is there something you need? I am….hmmm? That dragon…」

When Aldogarz raised his gaze from me and saw the one behind me, Ishmugard lowered his body and head and looked back at Aldogarz.

「….. No way, Ishmugard? It’s you. There’s no mistake. But why are you here?」

When Aldogarz asked, Ishmugard explained all that happened to him in details.

And apologize in the end.

「I heard that my hometown burnt down. I never knew that something like that happened while I was spending my days lazily….I’m ashamed.」

When Ishmugard said so, Aldogarz held his breath and froze. The way I see him, he looks like he wanted to run away.

Ishmugard seemed not to notice Aldogarz silence. He raised his head before long.

「I am the shameful one who runs away from home so I thought of coming here to help with something. Please let me know if there are any miscellaneous things I can do.」

After Ishmugard said that, he looked at Aldogarz.

「….I’m also a king but why do you speak with him with more regards?」

「Wh-what are you saying? I’m treating you the same…..」

When I asked that, Ishmugard trembled and answered with an obvious lie.

「Really? Then why don’t you continue mimicking Aldogarz’ tone and use it in your everyday conversation?」

When I said that and laughed, Ishmugard twitched and looked at Aldogarz.

Aldogarz looks puzzled.

「Mimicking? Me?」

「Ah, ih, no…A-anyway, what can I do for the rebuilding of the dragon’s country? As I mentioned earlier, I can carry things….」

Ishmugard talked while becoming incoherent and tried to change the topic. I looked down at the scenery from the cliff and opened my mouth.

「Ah, it’s alright. You don’t have to do much anymore.」


I smiled at Ishmugard and said so. He approached the cliff and looked at the ground.

That place is surrounded by mountains. It is a wide space of newly deforested area that is a little distance away from a long river.

The ground is brown and it was dug into a shape of a bowl.

That huge bowl liked depression can swallow a town or two. My guild members are gathered there doing construction works with the help of the dark elves and beastkins.

The country of dragons will be rebuilt soon.

<Mira’s POV>

After looking at the newly constructed castle, I spoke.

「….yoshi. This is good. There’s no error, right?」

Hearing me, Camry snorted and pet his beard.

「Ha! How can I make an error! Even if a drunk dragon enters it, there will be no problem!」

「My bad. Areh? Where’s Dignity?」

「He made a final inspection. If he finds no problem, we’ll proceed with the port town construction.」

「Ah, it will be the water capital.」

After having such a conversation, I raised my face. When I looked up at the completed castle, I felt natural and my mouth loosen.

It is not as strong as master’s white silver castle but it is still a durable castle that uses orichalcum in key areas. It looks like a tall tower considering the size of the dragons that will reside there.

「It is quite good.」

「Maa maa」

Camry and I laughed then turned back. This castle is at the end of the gentle spiral slope. It is in the deepest layer.

Upon climbing the slope there are a number of holes on the wall.

At first glance, it looks like a maze but it is big enough for big dragons to stay in comfortably. There are also big woods that can be used as a bed and pedestals on each.

We checked each level as we climbed up the slope.

There is also a large crystal buried in there that can be seen on the wall and bright light came from it.

I looked at the crystal that sticks out from the ground to the lowest layer and spat a sigh of admiration.

「This crystal is mysterious. If you increase the number of surface, light will be refracted perpendicular to the surface.」

「I don’t know how it works but I know that it’s useful. We can further improve Val Valhalla castle using that.」

「What about G.I.Jou?」

「Can you remodel the supreme castle that boss built…? You understand what I mean, right?」


I chatted with Camry until we reached the ground.

There are various of shapes around the mountain. Countless of dragons are flying in the sky. That scene combined with the magnificent nature will make me feel like looking at something from a myth.

Though the country of dragons is wide and impressive, no one is living in this place yet.

However, since the dragons will be moving here and make this place their new country, I feel energetic…

I’ll be seeing a mythical scenery soon. That made my heart throb.

「When will the dragons emigrate?」

When I asked that, Camry knitted his eyebrows.

「You need to wait a little more. There are still insufficient things. We have made the sewers but we haven’t made a way to fetch water from the river. We also need to create a place where dragons can roast meat.」

When Camry said so, I puffed my cheeks and made a silent protest. Then, Camry looked at me and raised his eyebrow seeing my reaction.

「Oi oi, what’s with that face? Are you sulking?」

「Sulking…!? I’m not! Bearded-oyaji!」

While I was complaining to Camry, the nearby dragons looked at us.

< Moving >

Aldogarz confirmed that everyone emigrated to the new dragon country and finally went to the hole leading underground.

He looked down at the dragon country from the sky and slowly descend.

Various dragons are already walking around each level regardless of their size and those who had noticed Aldogarz lowered their heads.

Even if they are already deep, the dragon country is still bright because the crystal emitted light.

When he reached the lowest level, Aldogarz looked up at the castle where he will now live and stopped moving.

His eyes rounded as he quietly looked at the castle.

「…Splendid. I bet there is no other castle like this.」

When Aldogarz said so, Ishmugard finally arrived at that place too and saw the castle.

He looked at the castle and Aldogarz alternately and seemed to want to say something but eventually decided to shut his mouth.

No matter what, he will not say that the castle of the sage dragon king is smaller than his castle.


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