Chapter 230 – Sightseeing in the Country of Dragons

Eleanor looked down at the freshly made country of dragons from the sky and raised a voice of admiration.

「This is really vast…! This is the country of dragon that master made!」

「The country of dragons is populous so the city needs to be built that big.」

Just as we descend to the entrance, Sunny speaks joyfully.

「….so much material….」

「No no no no, don’t say that. Absolutely don’t hunt, okay? 」

I panicked when I heard Sunny’s remark so I scold her.

「I know. I’ll use a high tier technique called acting. No matter how much they investigate, they’ll never find me out…!」

「DON’T! Seriously, don’t. No hunting, okay?」

「….on this place, right?」

「You’re already using acting with that nod of yours…..」

While I’m wary of what Sunny is planning to do, I looked at the ground.

It is unlikely for monsters to attack the acknowledge strongest species called dragons so there are no walls in this city. There’s only an open piece of land surrounded by deep forest here.

In several places on that open piece of land, dragons are gathering and breathing red flames together.

Looking at them closely, they are roasting monsters like giant wild boars.

「We grilled meat for them before as experiment, who would have thought that it will be this popular?」

「Eh? They don’t cook?」

Eleanor was surprised and stared at the scene of dragons roasting meat. On the other hand, Sunny smiles fearlessly and nods..

「Weak flame. I can reduce it to ash whenever I want.」

「They are cooking. There is no point if they turn it to charcoal.」

Is it because she was not able to accompany me for a long time? Why did Sunny become this senile?

While I’m thinking of such a thing, Eleanor raised her voice.

「That small dragon is jumping up and down while holding a barrel!」

Seeing Eleanor looked at the small dragon full of interest, I gently nodded and answered.

「It’s shaking salt. That is also a result of our experiment of making a barrel as a salt shaker.」

「Eh! They even use seasoning!?」

「We certainly taught them to and it has now become a practice. Ah, the others are also shaking salt. 」

Seeing the small dragons season the meat they are roasting, Eleanor was surprised.

By the time we arrived in front of the entrance of the country of dragons, we can already smell the delicious scent of roasted meat.

Sunny watches a massive dragon chew off the belly part of a roasted meat.

After chewing the biteful of meat and bones, the dragon smiles.

「…umu, delicious. To think that the taste changed this much….」

That said, the dragon bites the meat again. Seeing that, Eleanor laughs.

We set foot on the dragon’s country.

As we go down to the gentle spiral slope, Eleanor and Sunny become absorbed with the scenery.

Light coming from a crystal that illuminates every level, waterway where water flows down to the deepest level.  There are also the huge residences that even large dragons can fit into.

「It’s a beautiful city. I can’t believe that it is underground.」


Sunny blinked her eyes seeing the big trees, flowers, and plants growing on the walls.

「Ah, there is vegetation here since there is sunlight. Some of them can also be eaten.」

While having such a conversation, we descended to the deepest level. We heard sound of wind and water, and a cry of a dragon.

We advance and finally saw the roof of a castle.

When we look up above, the ceiling seems so distant.

「Mou? Oh, king of human, do you have some business here?」

A black dragon came out from above.


After calling the name of the black dragon, I lower my line of sight.

It looks like he came from a level above. Various color dragons are living in this level and that black dragon Urmahlullu is one of them.

「Maa, if it isn’t a black dragon? For master’s new equipm….mugugugu」

I blocked Eleanor’s mouth who’s saying something frightening with both of my hands. I raised a dry laughed and looked at Urmahlullu.

However, I noticed a big mistake. Why did I use both of my hands to block Eleanor’s mouth? Sunny spoke.

Master’s favorite material…! I’ll present it to you!」

「Please don’t! We still have plenty of stock….hah!?」

My mouth slipped. I froze.

Although I have been able to build a good relationship with them, with this, the country of dragon will become hostile….

While thinking of such a thing, Urmahlullu narrowed his eyes and looked at us.

「….King of human. Have you exterminated a number of our brothers?」

「A-ah, well, that….my bad.」

Though it was still during the game, I have to apologize for the sake of our relationship. Urmahlullu widened his mouth and raised his face.

「Fu….hahaha! To think you overwhelmed our brothers with that small body! The thing you’re wearing is certainly from one of us! I already thought about it when you fought with the sage dragon king but you are really powerful!」

Seeing Urmahlullu laugh, I knit my eyebrows.

「….you are not angry?」

When I asked, Urmahlullu snorted.

「If you lose a battle, you should follow the winner. Life and death is also decided by the winner….I think that way, the others probably think like this too.」

「Th-that’s right. Shall I bring some good sake and meat next time?」

「What? I’ll accept it by all means!」

「Ah, please look forward to it.」

「Umu, I’m already looking forward to it.」

I said those as an apology and Urmahlullu was rather enthusiastic about it. He’s even wagging his tail while humming.

When we bid farewell to Urmahlullu who was now a good mood, we headed further down.

I climb down the slope and look up at a beautiful castle soaring at the bottom level.

「Is that the castle of the dragon king?」

「As expected of Dignity, Mira, and Camry. A splendid castle.」

While Eleanor and I are having such a conversation, Sunny saw the place where grass and trees grew.

「….to think there is a lake and forested area here, calming.」

「….those are the only greens here.」

After hearing Sunny’s remark, I nod then turn my gaze to the gate of the castle. It is a big double door gate. Considering the size of a grand dragon, the height of the gate is 50 meters.

I approached the huge gate and apply power on the palm of my hand. Innumerable lines of pale light appear on the surface of the door. The gate opened slowly without making a sound.

The door opens and white light as bright as the light outside overflows. The light gets dimmer as we descend but here is very bright.

At the center of that light is a white dragon with beautiful scales that reflects light.

The sage dragon king, Aldogarz.

Aldogarz lifts his sleepy face and looks at us.

「Oh, king of human. This castle is splendid. I unintentionally slept for two or three days. Meat and sake are also delicious. Everyone seemed satisfied. As the representative, allow me to thank you.」

When Aldogarz offers such a word of thanks, Eleanor lifts one of her eyebrows and step forward.

「That’s natural. This castle is something master has worked on. Besides that, come down here and speak with us with the same eye level. Master is kind so he will not say anything but I will not permit such impertinence.」

When Eleanor said so, Aldogarz blinked his eyes for some time and looked down at Eleanor.

He comes down to where we are and laughs.

「This human female, is she your wife?」


When Eleanor heard Aldogarz question, she got flurried and became bright red.

Eleanor straightened her back and stiffened, I smiled and nodded.

「Yes, they are. This is Eleanor, and this is Sunny.」

「Hi yoe!?」


After Eleanor and Sunny reacted respectively, Aldogarz looked at them.

「I can’t find the female beastkin that was with you before. Humans increase their numbers fast. We must learn it too.」

Aldogarz said so and laughed. Sunny, on the other hand, stretched out her chest and spoke.

「I have never seen such a dragon like you. What is your race? I want your material.」

When Sunny says so, Aldogarz narrows his eyes while looking at Sunny.

「I have lived for so long but I think I am called white dragon….No, I should be called an ancient dragon. I too have never met someone like me. You can have materials from me as long as its only scales but I can’t give you my fang or horn since I can’t grow them back.」

「It can’t be helped. I’ll let you off with just the scales.」

「Fuhahaha! I am grateful. I appreciate it.」

Sunny and Aldogarz had such a conversation and laughed in the end.

It’s good that they became friends.

I raised the edge of my mouth and looked at them.

Our relationship with the country of dragons seems to be okay too.

Perhaps it is time for me to go to a new place.

Thinking about my new journey, my smile deepens.


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