Chapter 232 – Night with Eleanor

I’m drinking tea while watching Eleanor preparing something cheerfully.

The stars are beautiful tonight so I invited her out. I’m currently on standby while she’s preparing something.

「I’m ready! I am sorry, I have kept you waiting!」

Eleanor said that in a haste as she brought something.

「Hn? What’s that?」

「Ufufu. Alcohol and snacks. Master’s favourite, yakitori, is included.」

「Oh, great.」

「I-i-it’s my duty as a wife.」

「…you can proudly say that. There is no need to be embarrassed.」



We are talking like that while walking at G.I.Jou. We passed by and greeted night shift guild members.

「Oh, where are you going, boss?」

「On the rooftop for a moment, Noah.」

TN: Noah was introduced in extra09

「Can I g…..!? N-no, please don’t mind me!」

「Okay? See you later.」


Such exchanges was repeated several more times but in the end, Eleanor and I went to the roof by ourselves.

The sky was full of stars.

「…a good night. There is not a single cloud.」

When I said that, Eleanor nodded and arranged the chairs cheerfully.

「Yes! It is a beautiful starry sky!」

The slightly cool air is comfortable. I sit on the chair that Eleanor prepared and stretch my spine.

Although Eleanor is fidgety and is looking around restlessly, she sat quietly on the chair next to me and put some food, knife, and alcohol on a small, round table.

「Now, please dig in…」

「Hnn, thanks.」

A cool alcohol. It is a distilled alcohol made with fruits from this world.

The fruit of labor of Camry.

I drink the diluted alcohol and find it to my liking since it is easier to drink.

Even so, I can still taste and smell the alcohol. It is not to the extent of feeling burnt on your throat like strong alcohols but it is enough to make one feel hot.

I breathe out as my lips separate from the glass while Eleanor is watching my while smiling happily.

「Where’s the yakitori?」

「I’ll get it.」

After she replied, she gave me a meat skewer. It is cooked similarly to yakitori. Though there is salt, seasonings like soy-sauce are non-existent in this world.

Therefore, this yakitori is only similar to a yakitori including the sauce.

As I bite it, the fragrant and the sweetness and taste of the sauce spread in my mouth.

I chewed and swallowed it then drink alcohol again.


When I mutter so, Eleanor smiles again.

「You are right. It is delicious.」

「….you’re awfully happy tonight.」

「Really? fufufu」

「… you’re already drunk?」

「No no. Have another glass.」

「Ah, yes….delicious」


Eleanor and I, for a while, looked up enjoyed at the starry starry night and relaxed while drinking.

<Peeper’s POV>

「Kuh….! They’re having fun!」

When Sainos said so, Laurel looked disgusted.

「Why do you look disappointed?」

「Nugugugu….I also want to relax and drink alcohol with my liege!」

「No, next is me.」

Mira looked at Sainos with a grin and winked.

Then, Io pouted.

「Eh, I also want to drink with master.」

When Io murmurs that, everyone looks at her.

Mira knits her eyebrows and looked at the little fairy.

「….Io can’t drink alcohol.」

When Mira says that, Sainos and Laurel nod.

「Yes, it might not be good for you.」

「It’s too early.」

Hearing them said those, Io pouted and got angry.

「……  I am not a child.」

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