Chapter 233 – Adventurer RenRen

AN: Extra Arc “Dungeon Capture”

<The day when I ranked up as an adventurer>

「Eh? Adventurer work?」

「Yes, adventurer work.」

As I said so, Miria, the receptionist of the adventurer’s guild in Einherjar’s capital, rounded her eyes.

Miria shook her distinctive red hair and looked at me.

「Re-Ren-sama? How about your job as a king?」

「I sneaked out. Don’t worry, the lord of the castle will take care of everything.」

「Ah, that beard….」

「Yes, Cartas. He is capable. He can take care of either domestic affairs or diplomatic issues.」

When I told her that, Miria looked at my face ambiguously and nodded. Miria smiled bitterly and pointed at the bulletin board.

Nowadays, there are few adventurers in the morning so there’s no one in front of the bulletin board.

「I already looked at the requests posted there. Is there a request with a little more difficulty?」

「…Eh tto, more difficult than wyvern subjugation….eh? 」

Miria looked at me absentmindedly.

「Yeah, a request that can make me S-rank immediately. 」

「Skipping A to be an S-rank….. Ren-sama is the only one who can say that.」

Miria said so and laughed. I raised my hands to a surrender pose.

「There is no request like that….that’s what I wanted to say but there is a method that can give you that result.」

「What is it?」

When I asked back, Miria smiled fearlessly.


Dungeon Capture?」

「Yes, most dungeons have not yet been conquered. Therefore, if you capture a dungeon, you will rank up without fail! 」

When she said that, I groaned while pinching my chin.

A certain S-rank adventurer ranked up because of dungeon capture. Why haven’t I thought of her?

Dungeon huh….Anyway, a hard dungeon is great. 」

That said, Miria nods with a challenging smile.

「I thought you would say that, Ren-sama!  Therefore, I recommend the underground dungeon of grief, it is rumored to be the worst dungeon! I heard that as soon as you get down the stairs, you’ll encounter a lizard type monster immediately!」

「….Lizard type? Then that means if you go deep enough, you’ll encounter a dragon.」

「I don’t know but probably….no one has searched the dungeon deep enough. In addition, because monsters has not gone outside, there never has been an emergency request issued so it’s a dungeon with few people.」

「Yoshi, I guess I should go there. I want dragon materials. Where is it located?」

When I asked her, Miria’s eyes twinkled then she laughed.

「It’s just around the corner. It’s at the foot of the mountain at the border with the Rembrandt Kingdom. It’s a bit distant but it is no problem with Ren-sama, right?」

「Rembrandt Kingdom? Then, this will be a day trip.」

I return Miria’s joke and we laugh.

「Ahahaha, as expected of Ren-sama.」

This is the first time I felt like I was treated as a rare animal.

Thus, we went to the “Underground Dungeon of Grief”.

At the foot of a mountain where tall trees are abundant, there is a meadow. In the middle of that meadow is a stone square underground entrance.

Its height is about 3 meters but the width is only 1 meter.

「….maybe the reason why monsters don’t come out of here is because of this narrow entrance.」

When I muttered so, Eleanor, who’s accompanying me in this dungeon capture, laughed and sighed.

「fufu, if that is the case, then it means that this dungeon is overflowing with monsters.」

When Eleanor says such a disturbing thing, our other companions laugh too.

「Great. That means we’ll be the first to hunt the dragons.」

「Right. But I’ll be the one hunting them the most.」

Eleanor narrowed her eyes and looked at Lagreat and Sainos.

「Our party is organized in terms of swift movement and extermination capabilities. If we hunt dragons, it will take longer than a day. Also, I’ll be the one who’ll hunt the most dragons.」

Eleanor said that with a smile. Lagreat and Sainos’ eyes shone.

I looked at the three who eyes are shining and take out my sword.

「….It is good to compete but cooperation is more important. 」

After saying that, I stepped on the stone stairs leading to the dungeon.

The underground is dark and I can already hear squeaks. There are no convenient things like wall lights so I used magic.

After getting off of that straight stairway, I reached the first floor of the dungeon. A stone wall blocked my view. The road forks to the left and right.

As expected of an underground dungeon, an instant fork after arriving.

While feeling the damp wind and smelling the moldy smell, I spoke with Lagreat who’s standing behind me.

「Lagreat, make a way. 」

「Oh, you want me to break this? 」

As I gave him that instruction, Lagreat headed towards the wall and punched it.

Though it was just a casual barehand blow, the ground trembled and sound of destruction can be heard as the wall broke into pieces.

On the other side of the wall with a round hole, a huge lizard similar to a komodo dragon turned its head towards us.

「Ah! The first dragon! 」

「No, it’s just a red lizard so it doesn’t count. 」

「Eh? But it looks like an infant dragon. 」

「It wouldn’t matter if we add such a small fry, kukuku….my victory is already decided… 」

「No no no 」

The three of them dived into the hole on the wall after conversing like idiots and advanced to the inner part.

Furthermore, while I was looking around, I kept hearing of the sound of a wall being destroyed.

I became worried that this dungeon would collapse.

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