Chapter 234 – Fastest Capture

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I can hear intermittent earth-shaking, deafening impact as I advance through the now dusty dungeon.

I climbed over the crushed walls and evaded the corpses of monsters that died in various ways.

「….Is this really how a dungeon should be captured?」

With such question in mind, I descend the stairs leading down to the lower level. Although spears suddenly pop out of the wall and arrows flies every now and then, I casually walk since they can’t get through my barrier.

Sounds of destruction and cries of death from monsters are ongoing in this second floor.

Mumumu. What’s with this?

I don’t feel like I’m capturing a dungeon at all.

I thought so and increased my walking speed.

Ah, there’s a sound of someone going downstairs on the right. I don’t know who it is but the person on the right is on the right path.

As I pass through another wall, I met the running Lagreat.

「….Is this really how a dungeon should be captured?」

「Sainos went ahead! 」

「Is that so? It’s still a long way to go so slow down. 」

「Yeah, I will!」

After replying, Lagreat ran away. I follow the direction he ran to for a while and reached the stairs that go down to the lower level.

That same thing happened again and again as I go deeper underground and before I noticed it, the size of the monsters had become bigger.

However, it didn’t matter much.

「Another one!」

I heard Eleanor’s pretty voice as she decapitates the neck of a small flying dragon.


When I said so, Eleanor gave me a shining smile as she nods.

「Eeeehh. I will best them all so look forward to it.」

After saying that, Eleanor runs to the inner part.

I followed her and got down on another stairs. There is a wide straight road and a river in the middle.

「Fascinating….if only this scenery is not littered by corpse….」

I climbed upstream that mysterious river.

I thought that I will see a stair going up but the end was a waterfall.

Below the waterfall is a round pond and there’s nothing strange about it. Looking above, I can only see a small hole where the water comes out. There is no way a person can fit on that hole.

「The correct answer is surely the back of the falls.」

As I said so, I walked around the pond and, as expected, found a cave on the back of the waterfalls.

It’s a rough, rocky cave.

After entering, I went downhill this time and the slope is steep. The rocky ground is wet and slippery. It even looks like a waterslide.

「….this is the scariest part.」

I increased my lighting magic to two and slid to the waterslide.


I unintentionally shouted.

I gained speed because of the steep slope and my body floats because of centrifugal force when I passed through a curve. It is not straight so it is pretty scary.

I feel like I’m bobsledding.

I thought the possibility of colliding to something so I maximized the power of my barrier.

And, I can finally see an open view. I slid through water and my great speed was caught by it.

「Underground lake?」

There is light in this area so I can fully view everything while floating in the water.


The ceiling was so high and the area is quite wide. The whole area of the water surface is probably as wide as the area of all floors of this dungeon combined.

Where are my subordinates?

While thinking about it as I looked around, I felt that the color of water changed. Its clear blue color suddenly becomes deep and dark.

No, something’s not right.


I used both of my palms to touch the surface of the water and casted wind magic. Water splashed and my body flies up.

I fly up while keeping my face looking below.

There were countless of white fangs lining up on the surface of the water. The fangs are lined up in a gigantic oval shape and it is obvious that it is a monster’s mouth.

The mouth rises up from the water surface. The monster shows up.

It is a fish type monster that looks like a catfish. It looks really ugly but it is so huge that it probably can swallow buildings.

That big monster took a leisure journey into the air as if standing on the water.

Though it looks extraordinary, I’m thankful that it volunteered to come out of the water.


I shoot fire magic into the mouth of that huge catfish. It cried but I pay no heed and cut it with my sword.

I cut it into pieces in no time.

When I looked around again, I saw a hole that looks like a passage to an underwater cave. I did not see anything else so I go there.

I went and checked that hole and found that it is completely submerged in water.

….I suddenly recall Tomb Raider. There is a part there where there is an endless cave similar to this one.

I went in and gradually heard a violent sound.

「Waterfall again」

I was sucked by the waterfall and suddenly felt a falling sensation.

This waterfall is considerably high. The place where the waterfalls is also a wide underground space.

What is this area?

I fly and slowly descend. In this underground space, the ceiling and walls are emitting light so it is bright.

There is a river in the middle and monsters are also living here.

A mysterious space.

When I was looking around, I heard a familiar voice.

「My liege!」


The three of them are standing in a prairie-like area. Looking at it, there is a big bonfire of trees in the middle and the three of them are wet.

The question, did these three remember that they are here to guard me?

「I got 16 dragons!」(Sainos)

「I only got 15.」(Lagreat)

「It’s my win, I got 18!」(Eleanor)

As soon as I arrived to where they are, they announced the result of their dragon hunt.

「Don’t say it like you had a fishing competition.」

I muttered so while smiling wryly.


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